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  • ISRAEL: A Nation Is Born DVD

    Five Part Historic Documentary
    by Jeremiah Films

    Witness the rebirth of Israel as a nation. Watch modern-day prophecy fulfilled! This visual anthology chronicles Israel's struggle for birth, survival, and independence: from the 1917 signing of the Balfour Agreement to the Arab/Israeli peace talks of 1992. An educational treasure of rare archival footage. The world waited nearly 3,000 years for this event. Five Part Historic Documentary series.

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  • Lest We Forget DVD

    A Documentary of Anti-Semitism Past and Present

    Only some 60 years ago, six million Jews—men, women, and children, were brutally murdered by the Nazis, just because they were born Jewish. So soon after, the world seems to have forgotten what happened.

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  • Understanding Christian Zionism BOOK

    Israel's Place in the Purposes of God
    by Paul R. Wilkinson

    Formerly titled, For Zion's Sake,

    Christian Zionism has been described by Hamas as "the greatest danger to world truth, justice, and peace" and by the church as "a powerful force" that "fuels the Arab-Israeli conflict" and "encourages the destruction of millions of people" with its "Armageddon theology." It has also been denounced as "pernicious," "biblically untenable," "anathema to the Christian faith," and "one of the most dangerous and heretical movements in the world." How sustainable are these charges, and is there a case to answer?

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    A Biblical Perspective On The Relationship Between Israel, The Church and The Arab World

    This WIDE IS THE GATE EXCLUSIVE FEATURE unravels the increasing anti-Semitic factions intensifying throughout mainstream and Evangelical Christianity.

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  • The Battle for the Temple Mount DVD

    DVD Teaching Session with Randall Price

    Randall Price (Th.M., Ph.D.) explores the explosive nature of the Temple Mount and explains how the current conflict between Jews and Muslims threatens to engulf the Middle East in a holy war, setting the stage for the fulfillment of endtime biblical prophecies.

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  • Jerusalem In Prophecy DVD

    by Randall Price

    God's Stage for the Final Drama

    Jerusalem has a rich, fascinating history spanning more than 3,000 years. But the city's most significant days are still to come!

    Today, however, the city's future looks grim.  Tensions are escalating to the breaking point as Israelis and Arabs claim sole rights to the city and, more importantly, the Temple Mount.  Each day, the Middle East conflict seems to spiral more and more out of control..

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  • Israel, Islam and Armageddon DVD

    DVD by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call

    Overflowing with powerful fast-moving visuals spanning centuries of history and biblical prophecy to clarify current events and future prophecies. Great contemporary tool for evangelism. Pastors across America are showing this thorough documentary to their churches. A gigantic history lesson compressed into one hour!

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7 Item(s)

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