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On October 17, 2011, the KAPOW Radio Show interviewed Caryl on the topic of Christian compatibility with Yoga practice (click here to listen to the show). Caryl is unsurpassed in the field of expertise, research, experience, and Christian-Pagan worldviews. The hour-long show touched on many aspects of the post-modern-neo-pagan Christianity practiced by many today, and her DVD documentary "Yoga Uncoiled: From East to West" explores deeply into this topic.

The DVD, "Yoga Uncoiled" asks the question, "Can a Christian practice Yoga without consequences?" This is a spoiler-alert, but the answer is, "No!" Yet, do not stop here, but understand the reasons, support, and defense for that answer given in this excellent documentary. Eventually, you are going to run into someone struggling with this question, and you want to be able to give a good defense for your Biblical answer. Watch this DVD (over 80 minutes) and you will be prepared.

Did you know that "Yoga" in Sanscrit means "Union?" It is union with the Hindu idea of deity which is an impersonal consciousness known as god-consciousness. Did you know that Yoga's goal is to stimulate "serpent," "cobra," or "kundalini" energy or wisdom that is believed to be coiled within each person? Did you know that repeating "mantras" (repeated names of the Hindu deities) calls on those deities to enter the Yoga practitioner's body, mind and soul? Did you know this practise is presented in what so-called Christian Yoga terms as "christianised" methodology which attempts to bring the Christian Yoga practitioner into the presence of the "deity" they're inviting to enter them? The Christian, wittingly or unwittingly is inviting a supernatural being into their lives, a being the Bible identifies as a demon. Did you know that Yoga practice replicates death, by shutting down a person's central nervous system – just like a drug? This DVD explains and explores so much more.

My older sister was a hippie in the 1960s, and after years of acid trips and drug abuse, she returned home. I remember my father telling her it was the "Beatles" who were ruining this country. Every one laughed at him. However, after seeing this documentary, and the examination of the history of the New Age invading America, my father was right!

What you need to know is that Yoga's physical practice cannot be separated from its Hindu rooted spiritual philosophy. There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga. It is a practise designed for the worship of Hindu divinity which is understood to be a part of everything and everyone, its known as pantheism. Yoga is propagated as personal health giving wellness, exercise and "self-realization," but the Bible teaches that we need less of ourselves and more of Jesus Christ. This documentary will give you the knowledge to inform yourself or others who may have been deceived by demons.

-Paul and Linda Villanueva

KAPOW Radio Show

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