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World Domination

World Domination - Ummah Through Polygamy?

Peter Hammond warns, “Muslims are increasing in number twice as fast as other religions. This is due to birth control and abortion in the West and polygamy in Muslim lands. Muslims are not increasing much by missionary (Da’wah) outreaches but by having many children. Polygamy has become one of Islam’s most effective weapons for Holy “jihad” War, providing Islam with a disproportionate numerical advantage.

In my February 18th  article, “Britain’s engagement with Islam, Daniel Pipes speaks to the on-going process of Islamic conquest of Europe. Britain, France, the Netherlands (among others) that are already reaching a “critical mass” of in-migrating Muslims and slowly achieving the Muslim goal, as dictated by the Quran and Mohammed’s teachings of Global Domination for a World Caliphate of Islam. (Calipha, also spelt Khalifah, is Muhammad’s succession, the spiritual and political leadership of the whole Muslim community worldwide)

Daniel Pipes reports on the culmination of several years of Islam evolution in Britain and the absorbing of aspects of Sharia. Today’s British government recognizes polygamous marriages and have changed “Tax Credits (Polygamous Marriages) Regulations 2003″: previously, only one wife could inherit assets tax-free from a deceased husband; this legislation now permits multiple wives to inherit tax-free.

Pipes continues in a related matter and explains Britain’s Department for Work and Pensions began issuing extra payments to harems for such benefits as jobseeker allowances, housing subventions, and council tax relief. After a year-long review, four government departments (Work and Pensions, Treasury, Revenue and Customs, Home Office) concluded that formal recognition of polygamy is “the best possible” option for Her Majesty’s Government. Can America withstand the pressure of compromise and will it too accept Sharia? For eye-opening information on Islam’s encroachment see our DVD ISLAM RISING: A Call To One World Ummah.

The advance of militant Islam in England through cultural jihad has been a method forced on gullible westerners over the past few decades and now marches in to the heart of America. A recent target was in Central Florida in a public school classroom when three Muslim missionaries taught the tenets of Islamic religious and political doctrine under the guise are spreading through the U.S.A which Muslims know as the Great Satan.

For a similar situation of Islamization in a Minnesota public school see the May 20, 2008 WorldNetDaily article. And Olive Tree Ministries, Jan Markel’s “Update on the Islamic Schools you pay for." 

Local communities across America must wake up and recognize Islam’s threat to national freedom being taught in American mosques nationwide, effectively being advanced by local grassroots organizations. It has been rehearsed with successful aggression in Europe and now polished efforts of a “cultural diversity” program.

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