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Will American Culture Survive Islamization?

This month our June e-newsletter will discuss Islam's global agenda to dominate the world with Ummah - a worldwide community of Islam.

Islam means submission to Allah, and Islam's one god is not synonymous with the Bible's God despite what respected political and religious leaders and media say. Islam teaches its submission will bring the world much needed peace but the Word God sent to the children of Israel was the preaching of peace through Jesus Christ, He alone is Lord of Peace. (Acts 10:36)

Submission to Sharia Law is an integral part of Islam and Sharia is a constitution: an entwined system of politics, religion and control over every aspect of one's daily life. Sharia's legalism is based on the Quran and the Hadith, the latter is a collection of traditions about the life of Muhammad, Islam's Founder and Prophet.

Islam claims to be a religion of peace but its methods of forced submission through dictatorial tyranny clash with Western civilization's ideals for personal freedoms and the equality of all people. By the 10th century, Muslims had annihilated 50% of all the Christians in the world of that time. Today, repression of Christians in Muslim lands continues. Fourteen hundred years of Islam aggression and intimidation by the sword and jihad (religious fighting in Allah's cause) proves the fact Islam is no champion of peace. Jihad is the sixth pillar of Islam and was so important to Muhammad that he declared it to be the second most important deed in Islam, the best being belief in Islam's Allah.

As will be explained in our Fall 2008 Release DVD on Islam there are eight types of holy-Jihad-war and one is the Jihad of Polygamy which will be the main content of this month's newsletter. (All aritcles are archived under "ISLAM").  Polygamous marriages, illegal in the West, are one of the means being used to conquer the west for Ummah. Muslims are increasing in number twice as fast as other religions due to birth control and abortion in Western lands and polygamy in Muslim lands which is today being promoted amongst Muslims in the West.

Islam's "missionary" religion, intent on conquering the world for Allah, is taking gigantic steps in Europe and now walking all over America. While Muslims are permitted to propagate their message of Islamic so-called peace in Europe and USA, Muslim lands deny a Christian presence in their countries. Lavish Mosques are being built (and must tower above existing Christian churches in the West to flaunt their presence and superiority) yet churches in Muslim lands are deliberately being destroyed and their repair is illegal by Sharia.

Islam is the greatest challenge to the whole Christian Church today as it seeks to convert Christians to Islam. One out of every six people in the world is a Muslim. I,200 million people from the Philippines to the Atlantic coast of the Sahara Desert live under the control of Sharia Law. The following articles illustrate our Christian environment is allowing Sharia and polygamy to gain access in our courts and society. Unless Christian love and respect is proclaimed alongside the saving truth of the Gospel message: repentance of sin and preaching the Lordship of Jesus Christ, (2 Cor. 4:5)  Western civilization could be strengthening anti-Christian forces and may loose its cherished freedoms to 7th century Arab Desert culture.

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