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Dec 2014 - Zoe, Australia: The first two Wide is the Gate DVDs, as well as Falling To Peaces, are doing the rounds in NSW and Victoria among my friends. People in Australia generally have no knowledge of the Emergent Church Movement. And when I tell them, they think is is just a passing American phenomena.

It took me and my husband four years of intense research to find out what was going on in our church, during which time I became aware of, and then very knowledgable about, New Age Spirituality theology. In our case not based on mysticism, but on an evolutionary-panentheistic theology that was very sophisticated – from the unbiblical teachings of Karl Barth, Thomas Torrance and Baxter Kruger (incarnation trinitarian theology). At first this theological perspective just seemed like a muddle and so confusing ... but with God's continual guidance and enormous effort on our part, we eventually managed to "untangle" these intellectual doctrines of demons. (Only 20 per cent of our local church membership could see what we had uncovered, and only 10 per cent of those acted on it. The others are just too connected to other members and too comfortable to leave.)

Books and videos by Warren Smith, Johanna Michaelsen and Caryl Matrisciana were the first people God lead us to to enable us to "break the code" so to speak. Many thanks, Zoe

Feb 2014 - Samuel M: Praise God for you. I was just blessed by Volume 2 of Wide Is The Gate. I was such a fan of Francis Chan, John Piper etc. Then I saw truth in your program and showed to my family and we have cleansed our houses of such Authors and heresies. Thank you so much for your intense research and true biblical knowledge to discern these false prophets. God bless you.

Jan 2013 - Linda C:  
Every Believer, Christian needs to be aware of these deceivers.
Thank You for your Love for THE WORD and OUR Lord and Savior forever JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!

Oct 2012 - Pastor Larry D:  Caryl,  Just a quick note to say how very much my wife and I have enjoyed your latest "Wide Is The Gate" video. As with Volume 1, we have set aside 5 Sunday evenings to show this video in it's entirety and the response has been tremendous. As well, we make every effort to be sure that these showings are printed in the local newspaper. Comments such as, "Man, I had no idea that this stuff was going on," to comments like, "Thank you for presenting this material to us," and other comments along the same line. We are looking forward to Volume 3 to further enlighten us about the continuing invasion of the enemy into the church world.
Since seeking your permission to copy your articles from you web site to send to our congregation via e-mail, there has been an increased interest in becoming more aware of what the "noted" so called, "Christian leaders" are up to with their ministries.
We so appreciate your courage and those of your guest speakers on these videos, for taking a stand and exposing the heresies being presented as truth. Please know that we pray for you and your ministry that you will enjoy great success and, as well, that you will enjoy the protection of the Holy Spirit in your endeavours.

Sep 2012 - Jewl, YouTube:  the "accusations" are documented truth, these people named HAVE gone against scripture. I came out of a branch of this movement, and my view on God was not biblical. Being in the Bible is not enforced in this movement, its by "experiance". Do some research, seriously, and you will see, these are factual not just allegations.

Jaylasplenty, YouTube: I think people are just in pain and desperate for something and answers. I hate that there are people who take advantage of broken hearts and people who need real help. They use the feel good stuff to lure them in and then they deceive them with false doctrine or depriving them of the word of God by telling them it is impossible to understand. That is the greatest lie. God is always willing to give understanding to those who want to understand his word, no matter their intellectual level.Love.

Aug 2012
Outstanding! When someone speaks the truth about what is going on today, I give that person full credit. The sad thing is that most people are blind to all these occult things. You need to stay focused on God's Word and stay there. Anything else is false. It's as simple as that.

Pastor Bobby, Kingdom of God Ministries, Atl, GA: " I just want to say we were really blessed by Wide is the Gate volume II, I would recommend everyone, pastors, layman to get a copy of this video. God has really used Caryl, an anointed women of God to expose the wolves that have crept into the Body of Christ."

Discernment Ministries Inc. July 2012: "Caryl Matrisciana has masterfully pulled together research from 1908 through the present which shows how the Evangelical church has been influenced by the cry for "unity". Read full review...

Mark S, July 2012: Grace, mercy and peace to you. I just viewed your DVD Wide Is The Gate 2, and was simply blown away by what i saw-- the information put forth was very revealing and you and your staff did a fantastic job. As someone who came out of Hollywood, i know a quality production when i see it, and this was first rate. Your videos have been a blessing to me for years, and i would be honored if you would consent to do an interview with me for my YouTube channel.

peachbeachsouth, YouTube, July 2012: Read the Bible and know the truth. Know the person of Jesus Christ and defend these truths instead of denominations and institutions. Know Jesus Christ and the word of God, otherwise you will be deceived!

Joyce C, July 2012: Caryl - Just finished Wide is the Gate #2 - I tried to take notes of every word --took me a long time...but I wanted it down. Now will go back and watch them over and over. Thank you so much -- I have learned so much and I believe that all serious Christians should get a copy of this...how many false teachings there are - I don't think our churches are teaching these things. Now I will have to save money for your #1 which I haven't gotten yet. Thank God for you and your talent! So thankful to be taught by you.

pearlofaguitar, YouTube, June 2012: I hope the Church wakes up soon! Jesus IS coming soon obviously all the signs are right before us!

histrav, YouTube, June 2012: I have seen a Christian seminary chapel with icons of Hindu deities for a special India theme service, with Christian seminarians gladly wearing the "third eye." I shuddered and turned the other way when I saw it.




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