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Wide Is The Gate VOLUME 2 A Review by Discernment Ministries Inc.



The Emerging New Christianity



This review was published in Discernment Ministries Inc. July/Aug 2012 Newsletter


"Caryl Matrisciana has masterfully pulled together research from 1908 through the present which shows how the Evangelical church has been influenced by the cry for "unity".

There are many Christians who feel alienated from their churches.  They don't understand the transformation that has taken place in what were once solid Bible believing congregations.  The organ has been replaced by drums and acoustic guitars.  The altar has been replaced by coffee bars.  Signs and wonders have become the focus and ecstatic experiences the norm.  But most seriously, the Gospel has been replaced by anecdotal stories and "feel-good" messages that entertain and please the congregants.

Caryl shows how there have been strong forces at work to bring about this change.  Most seriously, there has been a deliberate attempt to undermine Biblical teachings in order to present a New Christianity for a New World.

From 1908 when the Federal Council of Churches of Christ met to promote the spirit of fellowship and cooperation with leaders working together who held different interpretations of the BIble to April 1942 when less than 150 Evangelicals came together to "unite"  as the NAE just as the Federal Council of Churches had united the Liberal churches.  Then in the 1960's the Catholics formed Liberation Theology which meant that the church at large needed to help "set free" the poor nations.  The Roman Catholic church has used he World Council of Churches to forward it's own dogma and also ecumenism with other religions.  As the result today a New Christianity has been formed for a New World.

You will sit spell bound as you realize that the cultural mandate is blending church and state.  There was a "plan" to unite all Evangelicals in the guise of total evangelism of the world.   Naive Christians met thinking it was a strategy for the Gospel.  Instead it was a mobilization to promote new evangelism.  The "so-called evangelism" was about a promotion of a Christian heritage and political correctness.  It focused on representing Christian moral behavior.  The Gospel was considered to be divisive.   Because of this unity - the church has switched from "salvation" to a mandate to go out and win the culture and get entire people groups to "change" their beliefs.   The message is not about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which is the power of God unto Salvation) but Dominion Theology as the "church" rises to build "the Kingdom of God" here on the earth.

This film should be watched several times and then shown to friends and church groups.  It will make a wonderful spring board for in-depth discussions."


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