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Pam F, Nov 2013 via facebook"Caryl Productions is a great resource for learning about the harmful & dangerous influences and effects of the Hollywood culture in both our own lives, our children's & our culture as a whole. In her DVD-"Wide is the Gate" Caryl examines & addresses the true intent, deceptions & dangers of becoming rooted and caught up in the Emergent/Contemplative Prayer/Kingdom Now/Purpose Driven/Christian Yoga-Eastern Mysticism movements that are taking America by storm. If you are interested in learning more...take a look & hopefully, a listen. Things are not what they seem..."

YouTube viewer, June 2013:  I had this in my heart too as I see what christianity has become, thanks for speaking it out. If only people knew the freedom we have in Christ, they won't knock to other doors......

YouTube viewer, April 2013:  A Very Telling Explanation...Wonderfully Eye-Opening Video! If you believe the preacher/teacher/minister you listen to and learn from is staying with [in] GOD's Word...listen to this!! Followers of CHRIST are to die to self and Live in HIM and HE in us!! There is NO COMPROMISING of the Words of GOD!

YouTube viewer, Mar 2013: Thank you for this video. I do so appreciate people showing the differences between the two paths. My mother told me a story of two children that two paths they had to choose to walk. The little girl chose the narrow road, the hard road and the little boy chose the easier path. Well the boy ended in hell the girl ended up in heaven. She was not even a Christian when she told us this story but it always stuck with me. It is a hard narrow way but I do so want that way. The other way feels so dirty. When I am around seducing spirits I feel dirty. It is strange to say the least but when the true Holy Spirit is there which might I add is a real rarity, It is so pure so clean so holy so beautiful.

Karin J, Oct 2012: "In today's search for 'spirituality' the DVDs Wide is the Gate and Falling to Peaces are a MUST WATCH for all believers who want to avoid heresies and abide in Truth! I whole heartedly recommend showing these in Bible study groups and prayer groups! We have a group that meets together for Bible study, prayers and fellowship in Sweden. This summer those in the group who could understand English watched Wide is the Gate and were very blessed by its message and stand for Truth! I have recently finished watching Falling to Peaces – I truly enjoyed it all and can't wait to show it to the English-speaking group in Sweden; Dana speaks and reads so clearly and it is SO EASY to understand the message – even for a Swede! I thank our Lord and Savior for these DVDs being available and pray many shall watch and be warned and take heed!"

Unknown, July 2012: Caryl, I just finished watching Wide is the Gate, vol. 1 this week, and I feel this is one of the most definitive resources available at this time on the roots of the "New Christianity" and the New Age both of which I think most traditional, mainstream pastors know nothing or very little. Caryl, I can't thank you enough for helping us out on this! The Lord has given you such an amazing gift of teaching and production skills, and time is so short. I can't even imagine the spiritual warfare you and the others face. May our Lord, Jesus Christ, bless you and keep you. I am adding you to my prayer list.

Greg and Nona C, July 2012: Dear Caryl, We received the two DVDs, "Wide Is the Gate" Vols. 1 and 2 today. We want to thank you very much for your generious donation of your materials. We have already watched the first DVD and was even more amazed at how far off the church has gone. We will have to watch it a couple more times as there is just too much informatin for only one pass. We praise God that He has kept us from all these false teachings. He lets us know in our hearts when something isn't right, even if we can't quite put our finger on it at that moment. But He always shows us later.
We want to also tell you how good the production quality is. You did a most excellent job on it. The Lord has given you a tremendous gift in research, teaching, as well as a producer. Very excellent quality.
Again we thank you so very much for helping us. God bless you and your important ministry richly. Yes, sister, your ministry is "most" important in these final hours before the Lord calls us home.

Marlene E, July 2012: Dear Caryl, I loved your first volume and am looking forward to viewing volume two, which I received. I got a chance to see you on Lion & Lamb Ministries also. You have helped me to understand some of the new age deceit that has infiltrated our churches today. Thank you! Keep up the Lord's work and touching lives like you do. Thank you and God Bless your ministry.

Linda, YouTube, May 2012: I just got done watching volume 1 that I purchased. Every Believer needs to watch this because apostasy has run amuck in so many mainline Christian churches now. Church is not a safe place anymore, especially for the baby Christian who is seeking to grow in the Lord. Who would have ever though that the most dangerous place a person could be at would be a Christian church. We are most definately in the time of the end as Daniel and others have prophecied about. Thank you so much.

Ron S, May 2012: I just finished Wide is the Gate, it is a real education for believers. I am going to share some of it with a few people. This is a confirmation to a lot that I have read. I am glad that I am not the odd person in my beliefs about all the fake Christianity being taught in churches. Thank you for your excellent production.

Pastor J Smith, May 2012: Caryl writes...A pastor wrote to us recently asking permission to show all 5 Parts of Volume 1 of Wide Is The Gate DVD as a video-based Weekly Bible Study at his Church. We've had many such requests and encourage any of you who have the ability to organize such studies either in your church or home Bible Study to do so. This multi-part series has opened the eyes of many hundreds who have taken up the challenge and are now crusading across the globe against exposing the apostasy deeply entrenched in our church and the false teachers who are spreading heresy to hundreds of thousands of Christians. Thanks for your part in co-laboring with us to fight the good fight and earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the Saints. (Jude 1:3). Here's what Pastor Smith had to say.....

"I felt an urgency after watching Wide is the Gate that those in our local church needed to see this right away. Believers who hold fast to the Word of God need to see this video, as well as those who are going in the direction of the new spirituality. Even though I was aware of some of these things, after watching this video I have a new seriousness about the work Satan is doing, "For we are not unaware of his schemes" (2 Cor. 2:11). What really helps is that the interviewees do such a great job explaining the people, practices and philosophies of the Emergent Church, the New Age, eastern mysticism, etc. The insights of those like Caryl Matrisciana, Warren Smith, Brian Flynn, Johanna Michaelsen and others helped highlight the terminology, teachings and techniques creeping into the Church that they recognized from their former involvement with the occult and new age. I am now convinced that there is no such thing as "borrowing" from other religions and "making" it Christian. While exposing the shift within Christianity from the Bible as the measure of truth to experiences, it becomes obvious from watching the video that this is a huge problem leading much of the Church into apostacy and accepting the doctrines of demons (1 Tim. 4:1). Every believer needs to be equipped with the knowledge like that contained in this video to not only discern the days we live in but also to test the spirits. As Warren Smith says in the video, "Not everything that is spiritual that comes at you is from God". This video will bring out the Berean in you (Acts 17:11). So be noble, be a Berean, and test everything by the inspired, authoritative, infallible, unchanging, sufficient Word of God."
Your brother and co-laborer Pastor J. Smith

YouTube viewer, April 2012: I truly appreciate this video and the defense of true Bible teachings.....

Steve, April 2012: Greetings Caryl, Just finished your remarkable dvds, "Wide is the Gate" and "Islam Rising."

Here, I will focus on the first one. I am amazed at the amount of information you have compiled in these films. They are astoundingly brilliant, with excellent speakers and great backgrounds. Everything ties together so well for the discerning eye to see. I can't wait until the sequel to Wide is the Gate comes out. I wish you could just ship it to me when it comes out - but naturally i will order it as soon as I am made aware it's out.

To the point - I am much more amazed - to the place of being flabbergasted at the "dove tailing" I mentioned, even before I viewed the film in it's entirety. In studying the origins of Bible versions and how Westcott and Hort (the two men I spoke of) conspired secretly to write a "New Greek Text" and how it was done and then foisted upon an unsuspecting public, fathering multitudes of new versions, like right "off the grill," so to speak - I found they produced an academic and scholastic magnet that has drawn no telling how many conservative ministers and many, many more lay persons to believe something false - that the King James Bible is "riddled with errors," and that they needed all the new versions to really know what God has said to us. This is 'modern textual criticism' from the halls of 'infidel rationalism,' plain and simple. (All I say is documented information.)

Most amazing is the obvious "dovetailing" of Westcott and Hort with Charles Darwin and H.P. Blavatsky. They were contemporaries and shared many values and beliefs (especially Westcott, Hort and Blavatsky) that are apparent within the new bible version themselves.

More "dovetailing" is readily seen with the 'philosophy' of the "Emergent Church" and the infection of "new age" thought and lingo, and "changed scriptures" to reflect this 'new' philosophical thought .

I will be going back through your dvd to take more notes and will get back with you on many of the connections that are apparent to me from my studies on bible versions. Also, I will send you more information on Westcott, Hort and Blavatsky.

Thank you for all you've done, are doing and will do in the future for His Kingdom!

Kerbs777 - YouTube, Mar 2012: religion!!Jesus hated religion!!live your life with Jesus as God,i ask right now in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit come and show u the truth through His word.simple...stop trying to figure everything out,just get on with it,sort it out bruv and sis...bless ya

Kathy M, Kingdom of God Ministries, Feb 2012:Hello Caryl, I wanted to let you know that I received the Wide Is The Gate DVD and I must say we were truly blessed by this valuable information. This message has got to get out to the mass of people who are being deceived. It is a great honor to have you on the show March 23rd. I am spreading the word to let everyone know to tune in. I will be ordering volume 2 of Wide is the Gate. Be blessed, Kathy.

Reed R, Jan 2012: Dear Caryl,Thank you for the DVD you produced. I enjoyed it.

Michael B, Jan 2012: I am an Elder in the Christian and Missionary Aliance church in Apple Valley Mn and enjoy very much your films. I believe they do a great job of helping us contend for the faith through exposing some of the lies and heresy that is so prevelant in our times. I have gone through and built a review for teaching from the wide is the gate vol 1 video and would like to do a series in our church starting after the first of the year with the video providing we can get your permission to do so. Thanks for your consideration and God bless.

Agnieszka, Dec 2011: Hello Caryl Matrisciana, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope God's love, joy and peace be upon you and your family. I also wanted to say that I enjoyed watching Wide Is The Gate and I am looking forward to Part II. All the best for the New Year!

Alan, Dec 2011: I recently purchased a copy of Wide Is The Gate and am once again blown away by your God-given ability to compact so much into 40 minute segments. I would like to know whether or not I would need a license and/or permission to arrange public screenings of these programs?

I'm based in the city of Port Elizabeth and would like to promote screenings of the DVD to believers and unsaved alike. We have a very strong New Age movement in the area and they are gaining a lot of ground so I'd like to offer some resistance. The screenings would naturally be FREE and I would use the opportunity to promote other complimentary resources such as books, DVD's, websites...

My plan is to invite folk to view the programs at a neutral venue, after which we then open the floor for a 20-30 minute Q&A session. Each series will then run a 6 week course with the final session focusing on a Back-2-Biblical-Basics theme.

Liz, Dec 2011: We have been so blessed by Carol's DVD's and want to share it with everyone. We just finished our first Wide is the Gate series bible study and it was fantastic! We plan to give some of these away (as Christmas gifts) and continue showing them to those who are open to learning. We want to share it with the youth as well. We met Carol at the Learn to Discern conference in Mission this past May and purchased Wide is the Gate there. We have been through it 4 times now and get something new every time! We were a group of 3 from the island and spoke with her about our concerns for the church we were attending. We have all since left (60ish people have left because of the church denomination (Presbyterian) straying from the absolute truth of God's Word) and the majority meet as a home church waiting God's leading. God is so good.May God continue to bless your ministry!

Pastor David. (SPAIN). Dec 2011 : Dear Caryl, Greetings from an Evangelical pastor in Spain. I recently received your DVD "Wide is the Gate" and our church will be watching it in our Bible Study for the next 5 Wednesday evenings. I must say that I agree with your stance & message 110%. I thought you might appreciate some constructive feedback on the series. (I've only seen parts 1, 4 +5 so far).

My overall impression was that the series was excellent, but could have been improved a little. I think you could have made it even more hard-hitting by allowing the false teachers you were discussing to speak for themselves, by using video clips of their heresies & deviant practices. EG you showed a picture of Todd Bentley but nothing was actually said about him and we heard nothing from his own lips, neither saw any evidence of his false prophecies. We did see a little of Benny Hinn, with one good clip of people falling over but surely there are clips of HUNDREDS falling?. The second clip was very mild--not much was going on compared with what COULD have been shown!
Some of the more infamous clips of Brownsville (with that pastor's wife blonde wife jerking uncontrollably with what looked like a release of Kundalini energy) would have really brought home what is going on.
The interviewed guest "Talking Heads" were all eloquent and articulate, but I felt there was a lot of repetition. Editing that a little, in favour of showing more examples of the problems the Church is facing, would have greatly improved the DVDs.

(Opponents of your message could justifiably charge you with not allowing those you oppose to say anything at all! Your DVD would be far more powerful it we could hear the heresies you condemn "from the horse's mouth"!)

I only write this to stimulate you as you prepare volume 2. May the Lord bless your ministry and strengthen your hands. Be encouraged; you are doing a very necessary task.

Pastor Patrick Hadley (MyFather's House Ministries) - Nov 2011: "watched your Wide is the Gate DVD; outstanding".

Sarah Leslie (Discernment-Ministries.org) Nov 2011: Read Review HERE

Mary - Nov 2011: giving Bible Study to groups based on WIDE IS THE GATE I have appreciated the videos I have seen from your productions - well-presented, clear, and sufficiently thorough to ensure that the viewer isn't left with a justifiable question about either the truth-value of the information, or its relevance. Our two groups are mostly strong Christians who are actively sharing the gospel of Christ, and longing to be more effective in both communication and defence of the faith. However, that is not reflective of the majority of those among whom we worship, as reflected in the fact of exactly 3 people from my church who have participated in the (free) apologetics groups offered the past three years or so, and none of whom attended the cult information evenings my co-teacher and I offered two years ago this October, except the person with the key to the building doors! A notice went out to no fewer than 20 churches for the latter, including several where one of us was known personally to either leadership or active members; our largest attendance of three nights was about 8 people!

I always encourage my students, as well as anyone who attends an event I may host to avail themselves of the resources offered by trustworthy ministries, among which is your own. The feedback is generally positive; when a man, an elder in our congregation who only attended a showing of a video on New Age Medicine because we didn't have someone to unlock and lock the doors, responded to what he saw with a very sober, "I never knew those things," I believe we've made a dent in ignorance, which is what allows the influence to be so great and rapid.

I haven't found the professing church very receptive to the facts regarding the New Age Movement, but they are slightly more so if it comes from someone they consider 'authoritative'; a 'name' as it were. Many thanks for making Wide is The Gate available for showing to our groups.

Bob-Oct 2011:I just watched Wide is the Gate 1 and was blown away by the quality of the presentation and the depth of the content. I am really looking forward to getting #2 because that hits right at the problems I'm facing in my church right now.

Robyn-Oct 2011:G-d bless and keep you for the amazing work you do in proclaiming the truth. My dear friend and I look forward to holding a group study with Volume I, and look greatly forward to Volume II as well. Thanks and G-d bless! Robyn

Lauren V, Sep 2011: Greetings, We are situated in South Africa, in Port Elizabeth, and have a congregational church, St Marks. We have been aware of the deceiption in churches and warn about it. We would like to get permission to show the DVD Wide is the Gate at a public venue in order to get this message out. View our website at www.stmarks.org.za

Rusty-Sep 2011: Volume One of Wide is the Gate is as usual a GREAT JOB, FULL OF EYE OPENING INFORMATION. I ESPECIALLY LIKE PART 2. Keep doing the Lord's work in these last days. IT IS SO NEEDED! Let no one say,"MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.' Rusty

Maria: THANK YOU ! I just purchased "Wide is the Gate Vol 1" AWESOME! So many questions I had were answered with such clarity & transparency. I can't wait for Vol 2.

Tom B: I have a home Bible study group of 18 people that meets in my home every two weeks. Recently we have been studying your new DVD :Wide is the Gate". I would like you to know I think it is wonderful! Several in the group had never heard of many of the deviations from orthodox; but after watching your production they accepted the information and were determined to learn more. Only one woman got mad about some of the errors you pointed out. 
Kentucky, where I live is in the Bible Belt, and is fertile territory for Reiki Masters. There are several training schools I know about, turning out large numbers of students in Kentucky. I talked with three in my little town.
I want to thank and encourage you! You are having a much needed impact on Christians.The Preachers,with a few rare exceptions, certainly are not teaching them. God bless you,

Jackie Alnor - Apostasy Alert: I'm thrilled about Caryl Marisciana's latest documentary, "Wide is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity" and the opportunity to share Part One of the five part series with those attending the fourth annual "Women on the Watch" conference in Sept 2011.

Caryl has done a masterful job in linking the troubling trends towards experiential religion in the church today, with the invasion of Eastern mysticism popularized in the turbulent 1960s. She shows how the occult vision of a coming new world religion by esoteric cult leaders like Alice Bailey in the early 1900s, has caught on in evangelical circles today under the guise of a new spirituality.

"Wide is the Gate" features some of the most discerning Christians teachers in our time, sounding the warning against the modernized methods of seducing spirits who have influenced mega-churches that are trying to redefine Christianity to be culturally relevant.

This documentary shines the light of Scripture upon the demonic nature of popular ideas in the church such as contemplative prayer, labyrinths, ecumenical alliances, and other seductive unbiblical quests for wisdom.

My prayer is that this DVD will get into the hands of believers everywhere, since I'm convinced that every Christian has been or will be exposed to the ideas of this "counterfeit church" in the near future. Knowing in advance the source of these new ideas will be a preventative medicine against this pandemic of spiritual poison.

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them" - Eph. 5:11

Jan Markell. Olive Tree Ministries: What a work of art ! We finished watching all 5 parts this morning. Where do you come up with all those hundreds of clips? It's fast-moving and everyone is so articulate. I have to say volume 2 looks even more important...not that Volume 1 isn't! I was saying amen to every topic you will cover in Volume 2. I believe your film is part of a final warning to the church. Sadly, none of us have a forum other than the remnant and the few who are searching for truth and who are open to what we have to say. The rest of the church will continue to mock us and throw tomatoes. We will pledge a certain amount for Volume 2.
From Caryl Productions, thanks Jan Markell and Ministry, and others, for any donations, pledges and encouragement to progress with Volume 2 which will be released 2012 God Willing!

John Wicklund, Board Member Olive Tree Ministries: We've watched the first two hours - perhaps Caryl's masterpiece. Her years of watching this develop come out so clearly and passionately. Outstanding presenters and clips. We watched the rest and it gets better as it moves on......

Ted & Betty B: The last 3 parts explaining the history of the New Age Movement and how the Church has come to where it is today were such eye-openers. The DVD production is really well done and it's packed with good information. Johanna Michaelsen came across in a very genuine way but all those interviewed were excellent. It's incredible to see the power teachers like Rick Warren, and others calling themselves Christians, even Evangelicals, are having over their congregations, many of whom don't know their Bibles. The Scripture should be the Christian's yardstick but it's sad that many don't have the Bible as their guide and sadly can't test false teachings and teachers against what the Bible says. It's amazing to see the "falling away" happening right before our eyes as the Bible predicted. We're looking forward to Volume Two!

Dr Stan Monteith - Radio Show Host: A great new DVD uncovering what 's going on and leading people to destruction: dark spiritual forces that are infiltrating our churches - a wonderful production, this is the best one Caryl has made! Caryl does a good job connecting the dots from Norman Vincent Peale, to Robert Schuller to Rick Warren and emphasises the power of the media and Eastern Mysticism promoted by Oprah Winfrey - an excellent tool that covers every aspect of how these spritual ideas have changed our attitude in society - a very, very important DVD - 200 minutes of well worth while viewing....

Roxanne A: i watched wide is the gate practically straight thru.....wow what a powerful tool...i guess now the big question is how long before the next DVD gets released....i cant wait....especially because of the topics that will be covered. thanks and God Bless for all the amazing information your ministry has put out in defending the true gospel.

Johanna Michaelsen, Author: I was profoundly moved by this incredible DVD...the visuals and editing were brilliant! Wide is the Gate represents one last clarion call to an apostate church to turn away from the seducing spirits and doctrines of demons that have lured her from sound doctrine and from the purity and simplicity of devotion to Jesus Christ. May she heed this call while there's still time.

Warren Smith, Author: A tremendous overview of the New Age New Spirituality that has entered the church. I am proud to be a part of this important five part DVD.

Brenda Nickel: I've watched Parts 1-4 of the DVD! Pretty exciting.You did a great job....truly...and had great people to interview! People viewing this DVD should really get the full picture because things were made crystal clear.

Cheri G:  Your DVD "Wide is the Gate" was fantastically well put together...Cannot wait for the next one and to share the current one I have with many people. I am so thankful that you are taking a stand for TRUTH. May God continue to honor and bless your ministry. This is a timely message in the times we are living in. Keep the faith.

Dana M: Guess what I did last night--watched Part 2 WTG/Part 3 this morning...it is fantastic, I can't even believe how great it turned out, especially under such dire circumstances.  What I've seen so far is just wonderful Caryl.  He is so good!  And tonight there are some storms, so everyone is settled in and I'm about to watch the next part, can't wait.  
Continued: Good Morning Caryl... In addition to my comments to you last night, I would like to say..Through teaching Bible studies for the past ten years, I've witnessed first hand the destructive power of the many deceptive and alluring teachings pervading our world from all angles.  I've also talked to many people who have a desire to share the truth with others, but aren't able to adequately articulate a defense in everyday conversation.  It can be difficult to find an appropriate setting to discuss some of these topics in a way that doesn't offend the person you are trying to reach.  The teachings in Wide Is The Gate are presented in such a well thought out, well documented, respectful manner that it has the potential to reach the most adamant skeptic.  You have provided an exceptional tool that makes it possible for anyone to reach others--this has been so needed!   I am so grateful to God for inspiring you to do His work, and I pray that others in turn adjust their theology and become more obedient to His Word.  Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world...I encourage anyone to take part in standing for truth--now we are equipped with a powerful tool.

Pastor Chris Quintana, Calvary Chapel Cyprus: Caryl, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate what you have put together in the film. Most of the church is either involved in apostasy, or completely unaware of the danger at it's door. What I watched is more than important, it is vital that the church be made aware of this demonic infiltration. This film exposes the mass corruption of unbiblical practices, doctrines and theology that do not simply blur the lines, it erases them and merges Christianity with the kingdom of the cults.
From Eastern mystic practices to neo-gnostic "pastors" we see churches embracing and promoting what is nothing short of a full frontal assault on Biblical Christianity. It is yet more evidence what happens when "Christian" churches leave the clear teaching of Scripture and replace it with whatever the prevailing thought is, in the consumer driven church.
May God richly bless you for this labor, and my prayer is that those with an ear will hear what The Spirit is saying through this work.  

Grandma' Jeanne in Pa: I have just watched your great film...Wide is the Gate...excellent. However...in your pamphlet you say that it is much longer than what I have...Mine is four hours long and not the length you mention...I think twelve?? Have I missed something along the way?
NO....Caryl writes in response......Volume One is a 5 Part Series, each program 40 minutes, easy to show as self contained chapters, or as some people have done ALL 200 minutes in one sitting - Get the Pop-corn ready, munch, watch and learn....Volume Two next year will hopefully be about the same in length......wait and see!

Donald M: I love the DVD, and want to make sure I get a 2nd copy sent. Thank You and God Bless You ..What an excellent video !!!!!!!!!!!

Pierce and Jeanne B: Praise God for Sister Caryl Matrisciana, and all the other watchmen who contributed to “Wide is The Gate”. This is a Trumpet that sounds a clear and distinct warning, that we in the Body of Christ do well to take heed to. WOW! there can be no doubt that these are those days The Lord warned us of (Matt.24:24).... It’s time for the Body of Christ to wake up, and “Wide is The Gate” is like a cold uncomfortable shower, Not Pleasant, but very much needed! Let us report for duty, The Lord has given us a beautiful Sword and Armor that cannot fail. Why do we not know and use it for His Glory and our benefit? We thank God so much for this service to Christ’s Body. We pray He uses this DVD to His Glory to rescue many souls......

A Phone caller: BLOWN AWAY! What a clear overview of the transforming taking place within the Church.... a wonderful presentation, but we were saddened about the apostasy now inside the Body of Christ, But the Scriptures are accurate and warn us and have been telling it as it is!




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