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Wide Is The Gate As A Study Tool


Many of you are using the Wide Is The Gate Series as a study tool, the following testimonies show how it is being used.....

Hi Caryl,
I just wanted to update you briefly on our video study using Wide is the Gate. The first segment (The Counterfeit Church) was shown last week and 25 people attended. Our church has about 60 people attending every Sunday. Yesterday we showed the 2nd segment (Biblical Christianity) and 35 people attended. Our discussion after watching the video lasted for about 55 minutes and was incredible. There is a lot of information coming fast and so our discussion time is really important to help people digest all of what is said. Many people are having their eyes opened, some are being challenged, and I believe it is effectively helping more of our people find conviction that God's Word is the truth. Before the main session each week we show the previous weeks episode so people are able to see it again or for the first time if they missed it (about 15 people showed up yesterday for the repeat). I record our discussions which are going to be made available on our FB page and sermon archive page.

Thank you for your work. You are helping me to present EFC to the Lord Jesus Christ as a pure virgin, blameless, and without stain. May the Lord strengthen you as you continue to serve Him and all those of the faith.
Pastor J Smith, June 2012


WIDE IS THE GATE The Emerging New Christianity VOLUME 1 | VOLUME 2

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