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Rose O, via YouTube, July 2014: Commenting on the DVD YOGA UNCOILED : From East to West: This was a LIFE CHANGING DVD. I learned so much. It's well organized and keeps you watching until the end! Wonderful information. Thank you for making it!

Keith M, Feb 2014: Commenting on the DVD Exposing Christian Palestinianism: I wanted to thank you for your DVD on Christian Palestinianism. It was very well made and provided information that is not often discussed. Your commentary and the interviews from your guests was excellent. Thanks again and I am eagerly awaiting your next 'Wide is the Gate' production.

MK, Oct 2013: (Caryl was interviewed by STANDUPFORTHETRUTH.COM on the topic of HALLOWEEN - LISTEN TO SHOW / HALLOWEEN FOCUS): Thank you for addressing the topic of Halloween. I also want to say thank you to your guest Caryl Matrisciana, whom the Lord continues to use in my life as a trusted resource. Her boldness for truth has been an example which continues to encourage me to take the things that I glean from, continue to grown from, and especially the utter darkness that I've come out from, and understand that regardless of the opposition that comes from even within Christendom,... I am accountable for what I learn, and to share it however the Lord leads. With that said, I desperately need prayer to press on.Thank you Mike and Amy for your discernment ministry it is greatly appreciated. God bless you.

Pam F, Nov 2013 via facebook"Caryl Productions is a great resource for learning about the harmful & dangerous influences and effects of the Hollywood culture in both our own lives, our children's & our culture as a whole. In her DVD-"Wide is the Gate" Caryl examines & addresses the true intent, deceptions & dangers of becoming rooted and caught up in the Emergent/Contemplative Prayer/Kingdom Now/Purpose Driven/Christian Yoga-Eastern Mysticism movements that are taking America by storm. If you are interested in learning more...take a look & hopefully, a listen. Things are not what they seem..."

Peggy, Oct 2013 via facebook: "I hope everyone post this website! The woman who began it, Caryl Matrisciana, grew up in India & saw first hand what Hinduism is all about. She became a Christian as an adult & started writing & talking about the dangers of the New Age movement & how people were beginning to accept many teachings including Christians!!! She has much to share."

Judy L, Mar 2013: Commenting on the DVD Supernatural Powers: "Having been delivered from the occult, I encourage all to check into this. Search your heart and seek your deliverance from the chains of the paranormal. Only Jesus can set you free ~ The BLOOD of JESUS ~"

J in PA, Jan 2013: Commenting on the article The Right Direction? Wow...that pdf file was GREAT....I went to so many links and videos...Thank you, Caryl...We are being slowly cooked here in our retirement community with this stuff...They have a lady doing contemplative prayer...the chaplain is pushing the labyrinth...I am hoping that my friend Marcia Montenegro will speak here in May...but the chaplain has asked her not to mention some things because they might offend...We'll see what happens.

Kathy F, Jan 2013: Commenting on the Video Church of Tares Purpose Driven, Seeker-Sensitive, Church Growth & New World Order (click to view) "Great newsletter and loved this video...
Church of the Tares...Everyone who names the name of Christ needs to watch this...Thank you for your hard work and Commitment serving our Precious LORD...and KING Jesus Christ..TRUTH...Know the truth and the Truth will set you free..God's WORD is TRUTH...Bless you prayers and love are with you...Thank you !!!"

Ron, Jan 2013: Commenting on the article Jesus Culture and Judah Smith to Join Piper, Moore, Chan and Others at Giglio's Passion 2013 (click to view)  Dear Caryl, Thank you for this wonderful article on warning the young people of these deceptive religious teachers. May God bless you richly for your obedience and love for the holy word of God. Is there no end to the false teachers in today's world? I have never heard of these people before, except John Piper of MN, so I have more names to file away in my memory of false teachers. Whenever I see the word "awakening" connected to religion or Christianity, I know it is tied to eastern religion such as Hindu, etc who are thinking they can find God within and cause themselves to be elevated higher in their religious experiences, to then become a God. Pathetic. They have abandoned the word of God and gone whoring after other false gods. If preachers or teachers are not teaching salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, I have no time for them.
Thank you again for your ministry.

Nahum, Dec 2012: Hello Mrs Matrisciana. First of all i would like to say God Blessss you for your video productions, they are a real blessing and the information is invaluable and very needed in this day. Continue to fight the good fight because you are changing lives and shedding light on important end time issues.

Alex C, Nov 2012: Hi Caryl, I wanted to say you've been a mentor of mine for quite sometime now. I have all of your latest films and most of the earlier releases through Jeremiah Films. Your contribution to the Christian film industry is so incredible, i've yet to collect each and every one of them. Your intellect-wisdom in Christ is so ever inspiring! In these days that we are living, with all the apostasy that's going on within the church; the multitude of pastors that have gone astray from biblical Christianity, it's become more appropriate then ever that we should proceed with caution about who exactly we're being inspired by. It has always been so encouraging to see your beacon of light shining through so brightly and prevailing above it all! Your guidance and preservation of the word of God in Jesus' name, is indeed very much appreciated. And, I only look forward in the completion of everything that you do...God bless!

Sister Crystal, Sep 2012: Commenting on the article: Q&A: Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen & Benny Hinn - False Teachers? (click to view): Shalom and thank you so much for the information ‼
i do not listen to or follow any of these ministers mentioned , also many others like Rick Warren, Rick Joyner, Rodney Howard Browne , John Arnott, all of those ministers of the Faith Prosperity teachings .... and others ‼ God bless you and keep you and the Ministers laboring in the Love of the TRUTH and for The Cause of Christ in the earth today ♥ Amen

Sue & Skip, Sep 2012: Caryl, We became familiar with your teachings at Jan Markell's conferences, and got your DVD "Yoga Uncoiled: From East To West". I never liked yoga, and never was interested in practicing it myself. Now I believe the Spirit was protecting me. Your DVD helped me understand why. It helped me keep yoga out of my classroom at school, despite much pressure to bring it in.
We also go to a church which is "Bible believing", but I got into a heated discussion/argument about yoga at a women's Bible study, and shared the DVD with some of the women. Several of them told me they'd changed their mind after seeing it. I gave it to our pastor, too. Well, it turns out there was an Indian family in our church who wanted to bring yoga into the church. The pastor sat down with them and they watched the DVD together. They agreed after watching it that it raised questions in their mind about the spiritual goodness of yoga. I can really see how God used so many people and your DVD to prevent Satan getting this inroad into our church. May Jesus bless you and your work. God used you to protect us, my students and our church members. Thank you so much! Sue and Skip

Gretchen, Sept 2012: Your India book (Out of India: A True Story about the New Age Movement) abruptly brought me to new levels of awareness. Watched Volume 2 of Wide Is The Gate: The Emerging New Christianity series and what our dear pastor warned us about in 1965 is upon us in full bore. Thank you,

Sharon N, Sept 2012: I just finished watching the video series "Truth - Falling to Peaces". It was excellent. I've also watched "Wide is the Gate 1 & 2". They were excellent also. I am looking forward for the third video in this series to come out. I'm shocked at the number of people I know who are falling for the new-age movement philosophies that are boldly being presented in the churches. People that I thought would know better. I realize now that there has been a slow conditioning to this thinking over a long period of time. Plus, biblical teaching took a back seat to pyschology in the guise of biblical teaching. Quite a shock. Thank you for being faithful and doing this.

Rachel, YouTube, July 2012: caryltv is such a wonderful site and videos showing the current condition of the world and the church. This is the best site I have found for christian info. Caryl is the best film maker I know. So nice to have her speak to the church, very professional.

Linda, MN, July 2012: Caryl, i wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for all you have done, and continue to do!!! My friend and I have shared your DVD on Yoga with others, and after asking my husband to please watch it with a good attitude, his eyes were opened. So much so that he was able to pass it along to our pastor's wife, who I found out had been taking yoga stretching classes for a long time!!!
We will hopefully get a good response from our pastor and his wife, if they have discernment ( which I am praying for, but has been lacking with his choice of doing Celebrate Recovery this spring/summer at our church....boo!!!), when we get the DVD back this Sunday.
God bless you, and may you be strengthened as you continue to bring forth His truth!!
a fan in MN.

Ron and Rochelle, July 2012: Dear Caryl, We have received your DVD (Wide is the Gate, #2) and the accompanying DVD and are going through them as a family. Thank you so much for your adherence to the truth of God's truth. Your most recent e-mail where you quote a lengthy article by Andrew D. Robinson regarding the error of amillenialism is FANTASTIC! We can't thank you enough for sending it (as it happens) right on the heels of two e-mails from the Christian Research Institute and Hank Hannagraff which promote the replacement theology of the reformed church. Hank was trying to persuade us of this doctrine by referencing the plight of the Christian Palestinians. He feels that we should be more loyal to them than to unregenerate Israel. My husband and I believe that if a Palestinian is truly born again and believes God's Word, he will believe Bible prophecy including the truth that God gave the Jewish people the land of Israel and will make no claim to it himself regarding Palestinian nationhood. Any Arab person who genuninely comes to Christ out of the false religion of Islam should be so grateful to be saved that they should be willing to move out of Palestine rather than to be used as pawns by Muslims and reformed Christians alike at Israel's expense. The apostle Paul said that "all Israel will be saved" at the time of the end when they come to "look upon Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son." What a glorious day that will be. We are praying that Benjamin Netanyahu will be alive for this great event since we admire his courage and friendship to America (even though the present administration has betrayed this friendship).
(We are really disappointed in Hank and assume that he has been influenced by close friends--so-called intellectuals--who hold the amillenial view. When I finish this e-mail to you, we're going to send Hank one.)

Again we loved the article by Andrew Robinson. What a pick-me-up! (We are going to read it as a family tonight.)
We love you and the ministry which God has entrusted to you. In Christian love, Ron and Rochelle
P.S. Ron says to tell you that he loves your clarity and conciseness. It is healing to the soul to listen to a Christian who knows God's Word and explains it so well.

Jeanne, July 2012 - Thank you so much for your continued work in the area of defending and boldly proclaiming true Christian doctrine! It really helps all of us bible believing Christians sort through all the "gobble gook" out there!

Deanna O, June 2012 - "This woman is awesome! Her knowledge about The Bible and Christ and TRUE Christianity will lead you down the right path. I, too, was into Yoga and didn't see the 'negatives' until Christ opened my eyes to what I was opening my soul to! Read her story and watch her dvds.... you will be amazed at what you didn't realize about certain paths you were headed down! God placed this woman in my life in answer to a prayer! Check her out! You too will be blessed.... and hopefully.... saved! Pay attention to the times we live in.... that is a directive from God himself! Read your Bible, pray for wisdom and believe! Faith + Nothing.... that is all God demands from us in order that we may obtain Salvation! Read: John 11:25 and John 14:1-6 and then move on from there! "

Craig D, June 2012 - Hey I saw you in the documentary programme "gods of the new age", with Dave Hunt and Johanna Michaelsen. Interesting stuff, I've always been a bit skeptical about Eastern Mysticism, but that documentary really put this into perspective thanks. Keep up the good work and may God bless you in Jesus' name, Amen! :)

Customer, April 2012 - A commenting on book:Out Of India: A True Story About The New Age Movement - "I already have a copy of this book, but buying one for a gift. It's very helpful and enlightening to me, as I have a daughter who's bought into the "NEW AGE" propaganda. It's tragic...all the deception that's in the world. My daughter even went to church (& Christian School for a few years). But, when she went to secular university, I lost her. She lives like a hippie in Austin and won't speak to me. So, Caryl's book helped me understand what can happen. I greatly appreciate Caryl's Ministry Work"

Ron, Mar 2012 -  commenting on article - A Review of The Hunger Games: Caryl, I never heard about this book or movie until this weekend. Big box office smash. Obviously, this is demonic inspired teachings on killing and murder. This is an introduction to murder, and desensitizing to murder for those who never thought about murdering -. It will cause a lot of discussion among young people who know nothing about life or death, or eternal life, or eternal death. I predict that teens will eventually play these "games" themselves, and then when they become bored with playing games, they will dare one another to actually kill other teens in order to mimic the movie they are all so crazy about. The police and parents will cover up the deaths and make excuses for dead teens, not wanting to admit that the "good kids" would never murder each other. The teens are feeding themselves filth and death, desensitizing themselves to accept these demonic taught movies. Sow filth, reap filth. Sow murder in your mind, reap murder in your mind. Come Lord Jesus.

Hanny, Mar 2012 -  commenting on article - A Review of The Hunger Games: Dear Caryl, Thank you for the info about the hunger games, I also noticed that young girls who read this, are kind of getting under a spell, they want to read nothing else, They cannot wait for new clips and the movie to come out. In fact I believe the writer called Collins is a Witch. And the story is the display of satanic (illumi natie) rituals. It is a dangerous influence on our childeren. And we, schould pray these spells of of our childeren. so please warn the people for these books. Shalom, Shalom.

Jeanne, Mar 2012 -  commenting on article - A Review of The Hunger Games: Thank you so much for sounding the alarm about this deceptive movie, it seems that satan continues to pull out all the stops, and any time some 'christians' don't seem to be up in arms about your 'warnings', it has much to say about the 'End Times'.

When I'm being told about 'worse case scenarios', and letting people have a 'dialogue' to point out various forms of violence all around us, by not focusing on one in particular it makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise up.

In the mean while, PLEASE "keep it coming", there are those of us who appreciate what you're letting the Lord do through you to help His people, it means more than you can realize. Take care and God bless.

Cherry, Mar 2012 - commenting on article -A Review of The Hunger Games: This only serves to confirm that God did not give our children to someone else to train up! Because so many are unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to raise up and train their own children, the children are left to the discernment (or lack thereof) of others. I truly wish that all parents would watch the documentary Indoctrinated. If you send your children somewhere else for training, don't be so surprised at what others consider to be training?

Sadly, and all too often, because the children have had exposure to such material, those not allowed to participate develop resentment toward their parents. It becomes the, "Joe's parents think it's okay and he gets to do it!" The war of the enemy has now entered the home, as the children's hearts belong to so many, but not their parents.

We should never be shocked to find that most all such institutions for the training of children have been infiltrated by the enemy.

I do appreciate what you do and have shared your materials with many. I pray the Lord will continue to guide you in ways to lead others to His saving truth.

Ron S, Mar 2012 - commenting on article - Q&A:Warhammer Games: Paul says in Phillipians 4:8 Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are just, if there be any virture, if there be any praise, think on these things. So if the subject is not wholesome, Christians should not involve themselves, in any way with this garbage. Thank you Caryl, for your stand for righteousness and for keeping the believer seperate from worldly temptations, and tricks.

YouTube viewer, Feb 2012 - commenting on Wide Is The Gate Vol. 2 Trailer: Im glad I got out of that alluring trap.. very seductive.

Karen, Jan 2012 - Dear Caryl, Thank you so much for sending me this Newsletter! How shocking to read the full report about The Mormon agenda for America! We became acquainted with the basic doctrines of their religion when we lived in Boise, Idaho for 13 years and were aware of the great strength of their people in that area. But, these deeper doctrines of their agenda are just shocking! Thanks, Blessings to you all, Karen.

Richard M (Newsletter Unsubscriber) Jan 2012 - I was offended by what you said about Mitt Romney. I suppose it has been alright that Rev. Jeremiah Wright's nemesis, and Obama's Islamic connection is less of a threat! This Romney message goes too, too far.

Lorraine P, Jan 2012 - Dearest Caryl - So many thanks to you for your timely and excellent articles. About an hour before I received your email, I had emailed Lighthouse Trails seeking info on Mormonism, Mitt Romney and also some contorversy regarding Ravi Zacharias and Mormonism.

Carole H c/o Jan Markell, OliveTreeViews.org, Jan 2012 - Thank you for all you do. I have just completed Out of India and will be giving a copy to a catholic coworker that thinks we need to do centering prayer at the beginning of our work day. Also copies to several other coworkers who have come to me with inquiries as a result of this. I did answer them using the biblical truths I know many of which I have heard on your broadcasts.

Carole P, Jan 2012 - Thank you so much for the excellent article about "Have Heart." We must not base our beliefs on emotions and wishing! Your ministry is much appreciated.

Cindy B, Jan 2012: Thank you for your ministry. Your book, "Out of India" was excellent. So informative. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!

John G, Dec 2011: Thank You so very much for all You do! I am sharing your web-site with all my people! Keep up the good work! God bless!

bagonz00 - YouTube, Dec 2011: Wow Caryl: I love how the Lord has send you to open our eyes in regards to yoga...I was blind but now i see. You are so detail in your teachings.. Thank you and God Bless.

Brenda, Oct 2011: Outstanding article on ZUMBA, YOGA & MARTIAL ARTSl!! Very, very clear! Loved it!!

Oct 2011: Dear Caryl, I want to thank you once again...having watched and loaned your DVD "Yoga Uncoiled " which has benefitted my family and many others more than you'll know. I just finished watching the second TV program you did with David Reagan on yoga and want to tell you that the LORD just keeps giving you more and more spiritual insights that are blessing believers who have ears to hear...And blessing me as I learn more about this lie spawned in the garden. Please pray that we can continue to minister to people who are ensnared in this deception by letting them know what the Scriptures teach about this and by loaning them your DVD which has effected those who have watched it and kept others from participating in this demonic discipline. i.e. (500 middle school students) who were going to begin practicing yoga in their gym class in a number of schools where this teacher teaches. Praise the LORD that the teacher was averted by someone who was in our Bible study because we had did a study on yoga and had watched your DVD. Even as I write it is on loan. May the LORD continue to bless you with His abounding grace, mercy, peace and joy in the LORD Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. P.S. "Wide Is The Gate" is excellent- condensed with not just information but with spiritual insight. Pete & Margaret

Oct 2011: Thank you for coming to MN for Jan Markell's conference. We are very fortunate to have you sharing your knowledge of false teachings, and false religions to us, and doing the ministry to the church of Jesus Christ. Ron

Oct 2011: Your recent interviews with DAVID REAGAN on CHRIST IN PROPHECY have been airing almost every day for the past two weeks . Excellent interviews, Caryl ! Really . You have a great gift for making multi-layered subject matter exciting and palatable . And you brought out the very best in David Reagan, too . I've never seen him quite so inspired ! Wendell

May 2011 : God's blessings to you. I so appreciate your newsletters. I had been a Calvanist for maybe ten years, but this past year I no longer am and no longer believe in election for some. I have such peace about it. Thank you for these wonderful articles. Carolyn

April 2011 - Steve L: Hello Ms. Caryl, I heard you recently on Dr Stan Montieth's radio show speaking primarly about Rick Warren, it was an amazing show full of insightful truth and it is refreshing to know there are committed, fearless Christians out there willing to speak Biblical truth and discern and call out falsehood! I thank God for people of your faith and caliber. I was intrigued by your brief comments about the message translation which is unfortunately being used here from pulpits in supposedly Biblical, spirit-filled churches. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this subject as a friend of mine and I are interested in exposing this blasphemy to the powers that be here in Phoenix. God bless you and your vital work!

Jan 2011: Dear Caryl, I just listened to your broadcast with The Nutrimedical Report on Jan. 13th. Thank you for covering the subject! It's so encouraging to hear these concerns being voiced so that God's people may discern. Thank You! Sincerely, Jessica

May 2010: Dear Caryl, I just printed out your latest newsletter article and wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and the other ministries who work tirelessly to educate on Biblical truths and the dangerous teachings...inside and outside of the churches. Just wanted to encourage you to keep contending for The Faith! God Bless,Tricia





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