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What Is Missional Church?

Sarah Leslie of Herescope is a leading expert on the tactics being used to bring the Church body into a global system for one world management. I recently interviewed Sarah for Volume TWO of WIDE IS THE GATE which will be released in Summer of 2012. In her following answer to this week's question you'll glimpse into her brilliance and expertise as she gives a brief description on Missional methodology. Her wealth of information gives important insight into ways Emergent leaders are making inroads into the church and exploiting naive and vulnerable Christians with their insidious political and corporate agendas to bring about a global, one world take over.

Q:What is a Missional Church? My church is going Missional, our Pastor has the congregation thinking it is a good thing. I have read a little on the subject but cannot really find the true meaning of it. What is your take on this? Is it a good thing?

A:Sarah Leslie writes: MISSIONAL is one of those new buzzwords that was coined by the Fuller Theological Seminary teachers. It has to do with the Social Gospel, although its leaders will deny that.

Dr. Martin Erdmann, who is part of Discernment Research Group, wrote a book called BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH which is an incredible history of the rise of the Social Gospel movement in the Protestant churches during the first fifty years of the previous century.

The social gospel was primarily a project of the liberal denominations. But in the 1970s, after the first Lausanne mission conference, the social gospel began to be subtly incorporated into evangelical doctrine. It was a step-by-step process of slowly altering traditional doctrines about the Gospel of Salvation to turn it into this Gospel of the Kingdom. Dr.Erdmann makes the riveting case that the original Social Gospel was the concoction of the Rhodes Roundtable, which became the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which means that this is a New World Order agenda. He had access to obscure files while he was in the Isles studying for one of his doctorates, and the research in his book is astounding.

In a nutshell, the new Social Gospel is the belief that the surrounding COMMUNITY is part of the CHURCH, and that the church is supposed to be in charge of that community -- either through influence, political action, social action, community service, acts of charity, serving on boards and commissions, and receiving government faith-based monies for community development projects. This has very little to do with the Gospel of Salvation, but instead seeks to change institutions, and change lives via psycho-social processes, changing worldviews, and changing economic structures.

You will run across the word "transformation" which is the buzzword for altering community structures. When you pick up your copy of Marilyn Ferguson's THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY you will notice how she used the term "transformation" in the same way, and advocated that the New Agers do precisely this same thing!

Many, many books have been written about this "missional" agenda-- most of them have come out of Jossey-Bass, which is the publishing arm of Leadership Network. Eric Swanson is one of the big advocates of this and I will be publishing a book review on one of his books soon. He has publicly repudiated the Gospel of Salvation, by the way, which is an incredible admission.

The case could be made that this Social Gospel agenda is also linked to the New Age agenda to transform communities through community action, changing economic structures, and even mystically changing the "atmosphere" over a given region. The old Harmonic Convergence agenda concocted by Jose Arguelles (with the 2012 date, too, by the way).

This Social Gospel is also what Rick Warren is doing in Rwanda -- creating the first "Purpose-Driven nation". The church becomes an arm of the state, or vice versa. Furthermore, Rick Warren's "partners" include Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical giants, who have a vested interest in exploiting Rwanda for their own profit-making motives. I refer you to the book THY WILL BE DONE, which is about Nelson Rockefeller, the CIA, his Standard Oil Company and the Wycliffe Bible translators, who all networked the 3-legged stool to each one's profit and gain in South America.

Also, there was a BBC production about 12 years ago in the late 1990s about Cecil Rhodes which ran on Masterpiece Theatre, which documented how he worked the missionaries in Rhodesia to further his diamond profits, while he was also a governmental leader -- the 3-legged stool. There is a terrible scene in this film where a humble missionary who had compromised with Rhodes suddenly realizes how he was betrayed and this betrayal killed his parishioners.

If we think about this rationally and biblically, the ultimate end-time harlot church is actually going to be in charge of the world's economic system, and this is precisely where this 7 mountains agenda is headed. The 7 mountains are the "spheres" of various aspects of CULTURE/SOCIETY that the church thinks it needs to be overseeing, in charge of, governing and ruling, and influencing. Furthermore, Peter Drucker's 3-legged stool is the same concept, but boiled down to the 3 sectors of "society" -- he believed the church should be merging with the corporate (business, economy) and with the State. Any merger of church/state is horrific enough, but never before in the history of mankind have we had a church/corporate merger unless one goes back to some of the business institutions (guilds, e.g.) that were totally controlled by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages.





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