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The Bible and Polygamy

A look at Polygamy in Mormonism and Islam

Understandably a wife will resent degradation which excludes devoted love by her one husband for her only, and humiliation which justifies physical lust for other women when he’s married to her, which is why Bible believing Christians reject polygamy as does their Judeo-Christian God. In the Bible God warned his people not to turn to the ways of surrounding nations or for their king to “multiply wives for himself, (Deut.17:14) yet, in disobedience, both kings David and Solomon took other wives resulting in severe personal and national repercussions. 

In another Bible narrative Abraham, father to the Christian and the Jew, and claimed also by the Muslim,  was a man renowned for his heights of faith. But, he erred  from trusting in God's promise to him when he took a second wife becasuse he beleived his first wife Sarah was to old to bear him children. Due to  their lack of trust  in God's timing they took matters into their own hands.  Sarah suggested according to the pagan custom of the day, that her husband take her Egyptian servant girl Hagar, which he did. Sarah’s Egyptian maid bore Abraham a son, Ishmael, bringing much anxiety to both wives, Abraham and, as predicted in the Bible to the surrounding nations then and now. 

After Hagar ran away from the insults of  Sarah, into the desert, an Angel not only encouraged the heartbroken Hagar but gave her a prediction and warning that her offspring would “be a wild man” and at enmity with everyone. “His hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him.” (Gen 16:11-13) 

Certainly the warring aggression and terrorism of Islam’s wild side has not only effected Israel as prophesied but also the world at large has experienced its enmity for the last fourteen hundred years, and a hard lesson is learned about disobedience and a polygamous relationship. 

The Lord Jesus reminded his audience that, "Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery;” (Matt 19: 8-9). 

While Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, claimed that Allah sent him to confirm the teachings of the Lord Jesus, Islam’s holy book the Quran, shows that not to be true in many instances particularly in those teachings relating to marriage, polygamy and divorce. In Islam, divorce can be given by a mere, three time repeated verbal pronouncement over any minor incident. Allah authorized “temporary” marriages “for three nights” (or more) after which the husband could desert the wife with no financial obligation, care or inheritance towards offspring.


Marriage is indeed so highly esteemed by God that it’s likened to the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Bride to be, the Church: those “born again in spirit” through belief in Jesus’ and His redemptive work on the cross (Eph 5: 30-33. Rev 21:9.John 3: 6-7).

Care for the family and widows was Jesus’ last loving act towards the mother He left behind who He lovingly put into the care of His disciple (John 19: 26-27).  Jesus' atttude towards children was kindly too. He likens the Kingdom of God to the attitude of little children who wanted to come to Him to be touched. He warned his disciples not to forbid little children from coming to Him, a sober warning to our humanist, secular educational system which forbids children to "come to Jesus". (Luke 18: 15-17)

Honor towards and maintainance of good families, and the upholding of healthy parental relationships towards each other and their children is an important theme in the Bible which the practise of polygamy completely erodes.


But the unbiblical teaching of polygamy and the practice of plural marriages has been adopted today by tens of thousands of so-called “Christians” in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), a polygamous sect of Mormonism. Founder, Joseph Smith, a self professed  so-called prophet of God, proclaimed polygamy to be an everlasting covenant from God himself. His successor Brigham Young continued the teaching as “doctrine” for exaltation and the only way women could have salvation. 

Polygamy is still enshrined in Mormon “scripture” Doctrine and Covenants 132 and according to late LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie’s book Mormon Doctrine, “the holy practice will commence again after the Second Coming and the ushering in of the millennium.” 

Mainstream Mormons, in disobedience to their founder’s teaching, yet in compliance to the law of the land, attempt to distance themselves from the polygamists they call “fundamentalists” who are after all only those who wish to remain faithful and true to their prophet Joseph Smith’s ruling on plural marriage. The “fundamentalists” argue they are the true “church” and those who don’t follow their leader’s teachings are apostate. 

The devastating fruit of the anti-Biblical “gospel” of the Mormon founder’s teaching was recently headline news when a polygamist compound in Texas was raided and 468 children were taken from the Yearning for Zion Ranch. In one of the largest child protection cases in US history, young girls admitted there was “no age too young to be married and they wanted to have as many babies as they could.” Some in the group became pregnant as young as 13. (ABC News Law and Justice Unit. San Angelo, Texas, April 18. 2008. Never too young to marry, sect girls say. Scott Michels.) 

The nephew of FLD Prophet Warren Jeffs, Brent Jeffs, told ABC’s John Quinones, of the “misery and heartache of sexual abuse” he personally encountered. He said he was a victim of rape and molestation at the hands of his uncle and told of the control of the women and the children “all by fear”. 

For heartbreaking stories about betrayal, molestation and polygamy watch the DVD Lifting the Veil of Polygamy which takes an honest and serious look into the practice of polygamy amongst tens of thousands of Joseph Smith’s followers across North America to this day.

Many in this emotionally charged DVD give personal testimony of how their broken lives and hearts were healed only through the remedy of the love of Jesus Christ. Former Muslims give their testimonies of healing in our Fall 2008 DVD ISLAM RISING: A Call To One World Ummah.

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