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I want to compliment Brenda Nickel on her outstanding articles on Calvinism and on her irenic spirit in writing them.

I have often found that Calvinists are consumed with pride over their "election." And they often express that pride in a most un-Christ like way when defending their position.

Brenda is a breath of fresh air.
In Jesus,
Dave Reagan

Lamb & Lion Ministries

God's character is of utmost importance as we head toward the final days. False teachings will be everywhere. Once I know my Bible and the character of God, false doctrines will then be easily exposed. Brenda is an expert on the false doctrine of Calvinism since she has been on both sides of the fence. The good news is that by studying her Bible and understanding God's character, she has found the truth! Listen to her very closely as she will give the truths and untruths of Calvinism.



David R, Lion & Lamb ministries, Sept 2012: Commenting on the article Q&A: Can Preterists be Saved? "Great article about Preterism. It is, without a doubt, the nuttiest interpretation of Bible prophecy that can be found.
And it is not at all confined to Calvinists. Some of its strongest supporters can be found among the non-instrumental Churches of Christ which are vehemently Amillennial and staunchly anti-Calvinist."

Jeph, Aug 2012:
While I am studying on the errors of Calvinism, I came across with you site especially reading the testimony of Brenda. Wow, how good to read some of your posts here which are informative and a blessing also. Just a request if it's possible. If you have books on Calvinism, I appreciate it. Bookstores do not sell books like that. I am a pastor here in the Philippines.

Suzanne K,
April 2012: Caryl, I absolutely love the free Calvinism refutation you have available on your website, the 278 page download. It is brilliantly put together. I refer to it constantly as I feel I am always in a battle with the heresy of Calvinism. Is there a way to purchase it as a booklet?
Thank you so much for being brave enough to expose the heresy of Calvinism and Augustine in your upcoming part 2 of Wide is the Gate. I think Calvinism has infiltrated every church in America to some degree. UGH
Also, I don't see a way to support your ministry. Is there a link? God bless you always,

Feb 2012: in response to the article Q&A: Are Calvinists Heading Back to Rome?
Bill H - Brenda, You hit it on the head! Good article. Particularly this quote "Yet Calvinists accuse non-Calvinists of being Roman Catholic when exercising the choice to believe from the heart, calling personal faith a work. Any "working" for salvation is considered to be "Catholic" by Reformed Calvinists."

That's exactly what this guy on YouTube, who I've been in a long discussion about Calvinism with has said...he said I was a Roman Catholic without all the bells and whistles....

Here's his post... "Arminianism and the Arminian god are both false. They are made up traditions of men. The R.C.C. CHANGED the teachings of scripture to allow man to control God. This was one reason for the reformation. You and Adrian Rogers are Roman Catholics just without all the bells and whistles......It's the wide road that leads to destruction."

Janice B
Great! wonderful, well-written article! Thanks for this.

Dec 2011: Deborah
- Hi there, My name is Deborah I run the website discerningtheworld.com, I came across your fantastic article "The Calvinism of Rick Warren " and would just like to let you know that I have re posted it on my website with all working links and noted your website as the source of the article for people to check out. I have read your articles on Calvinism and they are great! I too contend for the faith and fight Calvinism on my website. I allow comments on my blog and receive many comments by Calvinists which I answer accordingly. Anyhow, thank you for all your hard work, it is so very very appreciated! Debs



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