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Sharia Law and Polygamy: Polygamy and American Muslims

Polygamy and American Muslims

Islam does not place much value on personal faith, but demands surrender to the political rule of the [Muslim’s] Sharia.(1 – see footnotes below to link to source in Caryl’s shop)

The Bible teaches the gospel’s Word is of no profit if not mixed with faith. (Heb. 4: 2), and Jesus placed His spiritual law above that of world politics:” My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:35-36)

Sharia degrades non-Muslims to a lower class and denies equal access to the law because their testimony is not valid against a Muslim (2 )

The foundation of American democracy based on Thomas Jefferson’s phrase in the Declaration of Independence states, "All men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

Polygamy has become one of Islam’s most effective weapons for Holy War, providing Islam with a disproportionate numerical advantage. (3)

The Bible commands against polygamy. “Neither shall he multiply wives for himself, lest his heart turn away [from God]”. (Deut 17:17). Judges 7 illustrates God’s opinion regarding numerical advantage and quantity in numbers. He decreases the numbers of soldiers in Gideon’s army to show His strength alone, not human effort, is worthy of our boast. (Ps 34:2) “All the workers of iniquity boast in themselves”. (Ps 94:4)



Polygamy amongst Muslims in America is increasing as the Muslim population grows and the “jihad of polygamy” succeeds in targeting American women. In an interview in our DVD ISLAM RISING  an American convert to Islam, Cati tells her personal story of how she was recruited for marriage to a Muslim through the jihad of polygamy. He said to her, “if we can’t take America by force, we will take it by marriage!” She saw first hand “many American women” who were marrying Muslim men who didn’t confess to their other wives until after the wedding! According to her, the increase of polygamous relationships in continues despite its illegal status. America

Cati explains Islam’s program of Da’wah which demands that Muslims actively recruit converts. One method is on American school campuses where Arab Muslim men meet students and lure them into marriage with the promise of financial help for school costs and more.  She said she was an innocent victim like so many others across the nation who have no idea about Islam’s agenda to “take America by marriage” and it’s intentions for global ummah (world domination of Sharia) , its treatment of women, children, marriage, multiple wives, or about the loss of personal freedom when converting to Islam. 

Muslims who come to America and enjoy its liberty and freedom believe their faith/law to be superior to the American culture and America who they know as “the great Satan”.  Islam’s prime target through terrorism and intimidation is known as holy “jihad” war and a technique to be used to force all to bow to Islam’s Sharia.

Quran believing Muslims must take every opportunity to further Islam’s goal to dominate the world with Shari which may involve the “jihad of deception”. The Quran permits deception which apologists argue is not lying per se, but types of acceptable deception to bring about ultimate submission or subversion deceptively called peace. Thus the deception employed towards potential American wives while their husbands may be already married is apparently valid to bring about the constitutional Sharia.

Two opposing legal systems vying for position in America were recently brought to court in my local neighborhood in Southern California. A Muslim, Muhummed, whose birth name is Richard Boddie, faces seven life prison terms if he is convicted of all the charges leveled at him, none of which address his plural marriages. Political multi-cultural correctness demands his jury to disregard Boddie’s polygamous marriages and only deal with the question of whether he did anything that constitutes abuse or torture to his three wives and nineteen children some of whom he had padlocked in his garage without bathroom facilities and food.

Because Boddie’s faith/law permits him multiple wives, the beating of them, slavery of his children and sex with any of the young girls, Boddie considered himself “innocent” and “protected by His Prophet’s teachings” and chose not to be tried under American Law and was permitted his request,  to serve “as his own lawyer for more than two years… until August 2007, when another judge appointed the public defender….who declared a conflict and Morreale (Muhummed’s Defense attorney) was assigned the case in September 2007.” Still ongoing!

Such legal lunacy practiced in the West would not even be considered in Muslim countries where Sharia Law dictates a Christian, or any non-Muslim, to be a “dhimmi” and subjugated as second class citizen under Islamic control. As such the dhimmi would be guilty for not submitting to Islam and as an enemy of Islam the Quran teaches he can be killed, slayed, enslaved, beleaguered and mutilated by cutting off limbs.  In Arab countries no grace, mercy or partiality would permit a  dhimmi to serve as his own lawyer, nor would the Judeo-Christian attributes of human rights and social justice be present as these qualities belong to only the Bible’s God Who is a “just judge.” ( Ps 7:11)

The ongoing saga produced by 7th century barbaric Arab culture continues in the California court hearings as the jury hears how Muhummed Boddie shared a ranch-style home within a gated community with his plural wives and children aged 8 months to 25 years. Two of the wives and certain children between ages 3 – 6 were forced to live under humiliating and inhumane circumstances in an unheated, padlocked garage without access to a bathroom and deprived of food. Yet 55-year-old Boddie, by the American liberty granted him was allowed to argue for his Muslim polygamy. Peter Hammond writes, “physical violence against one’s wife, far from being a crime punishable by law, remains divinely ordained and practically advised (Surah 38:44 and Surah 4:15)” and "Islamic councils in Western countries specify how to beat one’s wife.”

 After one of Boddie’s wives sneaked a letter to a local post office clerk detailing atrocious abuse Californian authorities came in to investigate. A doctor’s examination reported, “many of the children… were suffering from malnutrition…prolonged starvation…were beaten and forced to stand in a corner all night as punishment for stealing bread….many were deprived of food for several days as punishment.” According to court records, the children were found to be well below normal weight and height for their ages due to “prolonged starvation”.

That the perpetrator of a cruel religious practice is given an equal voice in American courts is the sad beginning of Sharia infiltration into American society. Had his cruel behavior been directed towards animals no doubt public outcry would crescendo, yet the Biblical protection granted women, wives, widows and children is sadly absent with the advance of the Quran into western society and the teachings of Prophet Muhammed who is being elevated as equal to the Bible’s God of Mercy, Justice and human dignity.

In November 2003, at a press conference in England with Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Bush made the shocking remark that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. According to WorldNet daily, Christian leaders expressed dismay: saying, 'He is commander in chief, not theologian in chief'.

The Apologetics Index writes: “The god of Islam, Allah, is most definitely not the God of the Bible. Allah is presented in the Koran as an autocratic ruler who is aloof and arbitrary (Sura 5:40). Allah is unknowable whereas the God of the Bible is knowable (2 Timothy 1:12). Allah is impersonal, unlike the personal God the Scriptures reveal (1 Peter 5:6-7). Allah is unitarian (Sura 4:48) whereas the God of the Bible is trinitarian (2 Corinthians 13:14). Here is what the Koran says about the God of the Bible (Sura 4:171): “Believe in Allah and say not ‘Trinity.’ Cease! It is better for you! Allah is only One God. Far is it removed from his transcendent majesty that he should have a son.”

Allah is capricious ( Sura 2:284), whereas the true God is trustworthy. And Allah is never anywhere presented as a god of love — which is the essence of the nature of the true God (1 John 4:7-16).



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