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Rick Warren's Prayer to ISA

On February 23 the Orange County Register broke a story concerning Rick Warren Builds Bridge to Muslims. Since then, several sent me Warren's own Pastor's response where he categorically denied any overall truth associated with most of the content of the article. Warren's wranglings over Jim Hinch, the reporter's, statements included Hinch's comments that Warren and evangelical Christians were attempting to work with Muslims (and mosques) in Southern California to "heal divisions", and the wording implying Warren "acknowledging that Christians and Muslims worship the same God."

Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries further explained the semantics of the use of words such as "same God" and "one God" from his 25 years of experience in the field of Comparative Religion, and clarified other issues mentioned in the Register's story in his excellent blog after a personal conversation where Jim Hinch defends the accuracy of his reporting.

The question remains, why wont Rick Warren, and/or Saddleback, or other powers that be allow full disclosure of the theological document at the centre of this controversy? The document , as Hinch reported, was unveiled as part of an effort to build bridges of friendship and cooperation at the King's Way Outreach last December, 2011, at a dinner at Saddleback Church, attended by 300 of its members and representatives from Southern California's Muslim community. Part of the understanding for the evening was Warren's agreement to promise that neither side, Muslim nor Christian, would evangelise each other.

While controversy over the accuracy of the content of the Register's story makes for a convenient smoke screen, more important issues shouldn't get overlooked. Eric Barger, in his article for www.olivetreeviews.org reminds us that Warren's latest outreach to Muslims is consistent with his past endeavors and "his part of the 2007 paper "A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You" which is based on the premise that we all (Christian and Muslim) worship the same God." Barger wonders, if Warren wants to distance himself from the idea that Islam and Christianity both worship the same deity, why not demand that his name be removed from the 2007 "A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You"?

Our Islam Rising DVD addresses the Muslim agenda to infiltrate all aspects of American society in order to bring Ummah (world domination) and subjugation under Islam's Divine Law, Sharia. It is fascinating to see how aggressively Muslim activists are working to influence American Law, American Education and now the Christian Church in America to embrace their religion and "same god" yet continue, under the directives of the Koran, to view the Christian and Jew as infidels. Around the world, violent terror campaigns continue against Christians as Muslims continue with their Koran's directive to "eradicate" Christianity.

Pastor Rick Warren reminds me of a chameleon, a creature that changes its appearance to blend in with the environment in order to deceive its predators (or the unsuspecting) for the sake of its own safety and propagation. Embedded within the agenda of The Emerging Church is the desire to gather and organise Christians, and people of all faiths, to come together (work together, worship together) and unify for the well-being of a peaceful new world order. To learn more about Emerging new spirituality view our four hour, 5 part series Wide is the Gate Vol 1.

Pastor Joe Schimmel writes, "Rick Warren's prayer to the Muslim god Allah, in the name of the false prophet Isa, was first and foremost an affront to the one true God who gave His only begotten Son for the sins of the world. God will not permit the worship of any other gods beside Him, and He forbids us from using the names of other gods in our prayers or worship: "Now concerning everything which I have said to you, be on your guard; and do not mention the name of other gods, nor let them be heard from your mouth." –Exodus 23:13


Rick Warren's Ecumenical Idolatry!
by Joe Schimmel
Did Rick Warren Pray to Allah in the Name of a Muslim Prophet? - READ




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