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Reflections of a Flowerpower- PeaceNik to Pure Peace

Reflections of a Flowerpower



It was with three of my lady-friends when our conversation turned to our next get together, and on whose birthday shall we meet to celebrate? “I’m the youngest”, I said with total confidence when they immediately replied, indignantly, with hurling corrections - “NO! you’re not, you’re to be 69 this March!” - I quickly retorted, “NO”, you’ve got the numbers wrong, I’m only 67, to be 68 next month!” Midst hearty chastising laughter, I was dazed and amazed to concede I was WRONG - not only WRONG - but in my mental glitch and false assumption, I’d not only defrauded myself of wrong numbers but completely LOST A WHOLE YEAR in the process!

In my befuddlement I wondered how could this be? Of course my sweet friends consoled me that I’d had a nasty, near-fatal bike accident over a year ago that had almost knocked out my brains, followed by the horrible announcement last May that I terminal cancer, no wonder I’d lost my senses! Well WHATEVER the cause - I find myself suddenly not only a year older, but in a month I’m to be TWO years older than I thought I was at the beginning of this year! And to make matters more surprising I’m to be the BIG 7-OH-OH next year! YES, this is the last year of my 60s! Where did the time go? And how did I get so lost?

The 1960’s was an era of “lostness” for me! It was a marvellous roller coaster decade with lots of “foundness” and lots of “lostness”! I returned from India where I was born, the land I’d called home for almost 20 years, to relocate to England, my mother’s birthplace. After a few months of living at home with my parents in the countryside of Hampshire, and also by the seaside, I moved to life in several apartments, over the next few years, in the bustling capital of London. Newly out of Art College and my apprenticeship in several favourably acclaimed advertising agencies in India, I began my UK eclectic future. First, I was a painter for a tapestry business in Knightsbridge. Later I joined a firm in Shepherd’s Bush affiliated with the BBC, where I learned to be an animation designer. I also worked for Harper's and Vogue fashion magazines headquartered in Victoria, being exposed to the excitement of high fashion and photography. Eventually I founded my own graphic art business in Chelsea. During this time, I simultaneously, also enjoyed working in the movies as both a graphic designer and actress, and dabbled in a modelling career, which brought me to the USA - Florida - where, among other experiences, I enjoyed numerous visits to the nearby Bahamas.

What a world of excitement and many firsts opened up for me while in America: rock concerts, initiation into drugs, paganism, hinduism, the occult, astrology, political activism into the “Peace Movement”, with its tentacles into pacifism, which led me into vegetarianism, environmentalism, and many philosophies entrenched in psychology, et al. During these few years of expanding my consciousness and experiencing new spiritual transformation, my life followed incredibly high “highs” and many dark “lows”. My search for love and meaning, and my “free spirit” drew me into numerous relationships and sadly, sexual promiscuity. An entanglement of emotional liaisons all begged the question, “what’s the purpose of life?” “Where is it all heading?

Torn between the bursting fullness of life and the desperate emptiness of no fulfilment got me wondering about eternal perspectives: answers through the practise of yoga absorbed me into the philosophy of reincarnation. The cruel cycle of karma (which teaches that you reap what you sow from past actions, even if you don’t actually know what you sowed in past lives, you reap the consequences which haunt you in this life) had me frustrated at the realisation that all the good I did in this life couldn’t undo what I’d apparently done in past lives. Gandhi expressed it to be a hopeless philosophy of endless circles of life and death with no solution! Trying to find satisfactory answers in opinions and philosophies had me whirling in dervish-like confusion between ecstasy and morbid gloom for about a decade.

During the almost mid-1970’s, the Lord Jesus Christ graciously led my life into circumstances that opened my eyes to the Fullness of His Significance, and to the revelation of His costly work on the Cross for me personally. I was in Chicago when He set me free from the bondage of complication to the simplicity of a life of trusting in His Truth. Through acknowledging my pitiful state (repentance of my sins), He filled me with the knowledge of His love for me. No more searching for love, the meaning of life, or looking for acceptance in the wrong places! Faith in His forgiveness towards me, purchased through the shedding of His blood for me at Calvary, set me free! What a relief!

Over the months, many questions were answered by accepting the Bible, His Word, as Inspired Truth. His Words became alive and active and led me as powerfully then as they continue to do each day now. (For more details read my updated autobiography, Out of India: A True Story About The New Age Movement.)

The first two books I ever read by a Christian author, were Hal Lindsey’s National Bestsellers, The Late Great Planet Earth and Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth. (We have a small quantity of the latter in stock) In The Late, Great Planet, Hal exposes the strange world of the supernatural. This book was instrumental in springboarding me into an awareness of the reality of supernatural entities of wickedness and principalities of darkness, and the powerful grip they had on me, and on my own life, through the 60’s. Hal’s insights and Biblical expository helped give me knowledge and understanding of the spiritual darkness in the heavenlies. This knowledge has carried me into my present ministry of exposing darkness.

Late Great Planet was an easy read for me as a new believer and led me through three millenniums of prophetic predictions given by Israel’s prophets. Hal simply explained the already fulfilled prophecies and clearly showed those prophecies yet to be fulfilled. It gave me a hunger for and excitement towards the importance of prophecy which remains with me to this day. It also ignited a passion in me for the nation of Israel and for God’s people, whom He calls the “apple of His eye”.

The book simply explained many unfathomable riches indwelling the mysteries of end-times. Hal explained, with clarity, the distinctions between the second advent, or the second coming of Christ, to rule from Israel, and His Coming in the Rapture, when He takes His Bride, the true believers in the Church Body, to be with Him in heaven during the Tribulation period on earth. Hal also explained such concepts as the mystery of one’s body’s being “changed”, (translated) and concepts of “the dead will be raised imperishable” and those who are alive at the coming of Jesus Christ must have their “mortal put on immortality”! The unfurling of such mysteries satisfied the longings I’d had to have answers to questions about my destiny, my eternal worth and why I had spiritual yearnings. God seemed to breathe His answers into me. Enthusiastically, I was drawn into God’s purpose in His reasons for the “Rapture”. I was awakened to a burning love for the “blessed hope”, a joy that has kept me going forward for more than four decades, encouraging me through times of great suffering and hardships!

I’m so grateful for the early teaching I received through my daily readings of The Word of God, and its Biblical concepts and sound doctrine. All that, over these many years, has given me a solid foundation to buttress against the heresies prevalent in the teachings within the Church today. Millions mock teachings of the Rapture and argue about whether it will happen in the middle of God’s seven-year judgment towards the earth and its rebellious inhabitants, or after it's all over. Confusion runs amok about the appearance of the Anti-Christ, the European dictator in charge of a ten-nation confederacy. The one who align with Arabs, Egyptians, Africans, Russians and eventually 200 million Orientals, who engage in war against Israel, hoping to annihilate the Jewish race. This final battle culminates in a World War 3, horrifying seven-year Tribulation period. Hal explained it so succinctly in Late Great, and even in Satan is Alive and Well, fuelling me, as a young Christian with much clarity about the horrors of this terrifying time of never-before-seen nuclear exchanges. Mercifully, God’s Hand, through it all, remains on any who turn to Him, and believe in Him, and any within His nation, Israel, the land He will eventually descend on and reign from for a thousand years. What a Mighty and Powerful testimony of His unfailing Love for mankind and His Merciful Strength!

This final year of my 60s has me reflecting on the Faithfulness of Jesus Christ: He never left me through my lostness during my hippie, flower-power, peace-child years, when I spoke out passionately against God (albeit unknowingly!) with the same undaunting authority I mentioned in my opening paragraph when I knew that I knew I was an age that I wasn’t!How merciful our Loving God is in the midst of our mistaken knowledge, how Graciously He guides us out of it until we are able to realize our “lostness” and come to our senses through a sound mind that trusts in Him.

In Isaiah 55: 8-9 The Lord says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways…..For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts”.

May the joy of His “blessed hope” fill you throughout 2016.

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