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R.I.P. Two Muslim sisters, Sarah and Amina Said

January 6th 2008

We must not tolerate Islam's barbaric "Honor Killings" in America...

Sisters Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18, both students at Lewisville High School near Dallas, were found dead on Tuesday night riddled with bullets after being shot by their father after he threatened to kill them because they began to date boys and associate with non-Muslims. These girls who just wanted to live a normal life as American high school students, were slaughtered as honor killings, a practice perfectly acceptable under Islamic law. Yaser Abdel Said, the father and murderer, still remains on the loose.

We were outraged this morning, along with many other Americans after hearing about the honor killings of two young girls which occurred in Texas this past week. Outrage does not begin to describe the emotions felt when one hears of this disgusting ancient Islamic practice that took place right here within our own borders, taking the lives of two beautiful children. (see DVD "The New Barbarians: Training Children to kill" and learn about Islam).

We ask all members of the United American Committee to take action after reading about this outrageous, barbaric, and disgusting event by contacting mosques, Islamic centers, and Islamic groups to express your outrage at their silence and at their unwillingness to press for the reform of their ideology to bring them into the 21st century.

Please fight back - contact your local mosque and speak of your disgust at this barbaric behavior.
You can use the following Islamic resource to find a local mosque or Islamic center to express your outrage. Be prepared to receive less than honest responses. Use their resource http://www.islamicfinder.com and enter your zip code.

It is important that we keep the pressure up and let them know that such ancient barbaric ideologies within their beliefs such as honor killings will not be tolerated in the West, and that they must act to reform their beliefs or else they are not welcome here.
For more information visit - http://www.unitedamericancommittee.org 

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