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New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

Q: Hi Caryl
A few years ago, at a mega church I was attending was hosting Global Awakening with Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Leif Hetland and Doug Addison. I paid to attend as everyone else was expected to do for the seminar/conference. I just couldn't get 'into' what they were preaching and though, I am deaf, I had an interpreter that tried to convey what she would hear in sign language. There was a struggle for her to keep up with what they were teaching and it was a struggle for me understanding what they were teaching.

I've been noticing other churches in my area have embraced Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Doug and Leif and was wondering if this is a movement and do you know if what they are teaching is tainted, deception or mixture of New Age and Christianity?

In the hype of the seminar/conference I bought quite a few books from them and eventually threw some out and gave others to second hand christian book stores. I couldn't get into the books and remember what I was reading.

Can you confirm any of this with me?

What is also interesting is this...the friends I did have at that time no longer are in contact with me. Thank you for having transcribed messages from your programs. They are so helpful to me to read it.

blessings, Andrea

A: Thanks Andrea for your letter of concern about these New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and Prophetic Movement teachers. As you suspected, they are teaching Biblical error and are part of a growing apostasy which originated in Charismatic Pentecostal churches. These men and women are itinerant travelling teachers, self-proclaimed prophets and often referred to as "God's anointed". While purporting to be Christians, many promote anti-Biblical teachings taken from gnostic, eastern mystical and New Age sources, renaming their error with Biblical terminology and setting themselves up above accountability to the Word of God.

We are commanded in Scripture, (1 John 4:1) "not to believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world." You have done that which Paul commended in Acts 17, saying the Bereans were more fair and noble minded than the Thessalonians because the Bereans searched the Scriptures daily to see if all Paul was teaching was Scriptural. And in so doing, they were open-minded to receiving truth readily. It is disheartening that those of us standing for Biblical discernment are at times demonized, even to the point of name-calling. Many do not test their teachings against the Word of God, rather they accuse us of having a "Jezebel spirit" or "Judas spirit" or call us Pharisees.

Jesus warned of false teachers coming in His name (Matt 24) who will persuade many to depart from the authentic Biblical faith, by leaning on personal experiences and feelings. These sensualities can mislead and seduce the Christian away from relying on the Word of God and placing their faith in the grace of God. Instead, millions of Christians are being seduced to look inward and trust counterfeit revelations as if they were from the Holy Spirit , when they are messages from unholy and lying spirits.

All four of the people you list are currently teachers at the "Apostolic Network of Global Awakening" in the Global School of Supernatural Ministry (GSSM). This is one of many "schools of the supernatural" that are cropping up all over within the NAR, teaching prophetic gifts, inner healing, spiritual destiny, deliverance, and even impartations. These teachers present their teachings, books, etc. (which are promoted through the NAR's Elijah List, a daily email newsletter) at heavily marketed conferences and multisensory concerts all around the world. The Global Awakening is affiliated with the Wagner Leadership Institute. (Founded in 1998 by C. Peter Wagner, founder of NAR.) Wagner Leadership Institute classes are also held at the Global Awakening/School of Supernatural in Pennsylvania. These and many more topics will be covered amply in our upcoming last in the series of WIDE IS THE GATE: The New Emerging Christianity VOLUME 3.

Global Awakening's ministry was founded by Randy Clark in 1994 after his involvement with the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Revival. According to the website for the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, with goals of "revival" and under a "unified vision," they intend to "advance the Kingdom of God on the Earth" which is part of NAR's dominionist agenda to build the Kingdom of God on Earth for His Coming. According to their vision statement: "God said Randy was to be a Fire Lighter, Vision Caster, and Bridge Builder. And many within the Apostolic Network will help Randy carry out this mandate."

You are correct in saying that the NAR conferences, books and experiences you encountered are tainted and a mixture of New Age and Christianity. One look at their website www.globalawakening.com could easily be viewed as a New Age site by any New Ager. Having been one myself, the similarities are shocking. If one's eschatology (theology concerning the happenings of the end times) as Christians is not based on sound Biblical teachings then Christians can fall into error about the final days before Jesus Christ will return to earth for His thousand year reign, and many, due to bad eschatology may be misled by today's growing Dominionist movement. Many Christians believe in Kingdom Now or Dominionist theology, that they must create a perfected church which will rule a man-made utopian world in order for Christ to return. In contrast, Jesus Christ taught that times will wax worse and worse before His Coming (things will not improve) and there'll be a falling away from Biblical faith (not a revival). Isaiah says Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace and only on His arrival will He bring peace and safety and His Kingdom to earth.

Doug Addison is a prominent international conference speaker and author, and a prophetic dream interpreter who has visions of angels. Leif Hetland (from Norway) is founder of Global Mission Awareness and has been mentioned on Elijah List 9 times in just a few months. He is often seen with other NAR appointed "apostles and prophets" such as James Goll, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker and David Wagner. Leif will be at Great Grace DC 2012, subtitled "God's Power to Shift America into her Divine Destiny". Some consider him to be an "Ambassador of Love and Spiritual Father to an Apostolic Network of churches, ministries and missionaries." He believes in "impartation" and says "you teach what you know, but reproduce who you are!"

Impartation is not a Biblical practice, but rather an occult technique when a "spiritual master", or so called "god-anointed man", touches another and "transfers" what in New Age, Hindu, Eastern Gnostic Mysticism is called an "energy". But in Biblical context, "energy" is actually equivalent to a demon, fallen angel, minster of unrighteousness, etc. These unbiblical impartations, which are really transfers of lying demons, bring with them ecstatic experiences and feelings of tears, joy, peace, love, stillness and other emotional feelings, that make the receiver think well of these spirits, yet Scripture warns these are lying signs and wonders from "deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1).

The bottom line is, Jesus Christ our Lord commissioned His followers to disciple all people from all nations to learn what He taught His disciples, not attempt to christianise nations or usher in His rule. If a Christian's eschatology is skewed in any way, even to the extent of believing that the Church has replaced Israel here on earth today (aka as Replacement theology) , then Christians put emphasis in wrong places. Our focus should be on the good news of Jesus Christ dying in our place for the forgiveness of our sins that we may be reconciled to God for all eternity. This following NAR promotion for their October 2012 conference (click here or see below) places emphasis on wrong teaching and error filled eschatology which sadly will lead many into trusting in signs and wonders rather than in obedience to preaching the Gospel.


If God leads of course miracles are achieved, if God leads of course He opens doors of opportunity to tell about what Jesus Christ did on the cross for sinners. Jesus Christ warned that a wicked and adulterous generation would be seeking signs and wonders and that would be a sign of His soon coming. We as Christians should avoid "kingdom" preaching and teachers who pursue miracles (signs and wonders) with an end goal of dominionism. Many NAR teachings prey on the desires of Christians who want to please God and respond to His calling, but they may be manipulated through guilt to be involved in a number of holy and righteous looking "performances" to usher in what they think is Christ's kingdom and not even realise they're being used by Satan's end-time agenda.


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