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Q&A: Yoga Is Hinduism

Q:Though, of course, your understanding of Hinduism as evil is to be denounced, enjoyed your understanding that Yoga is Hinduism. This is a much needed message. Many concerned Hindus are very upset about the modern phony yoga business.

A: Thank you Swami Param for acknowledging that Yoga and Hinduism are synonymous. Many understanding Hindus and Bible believers have no argument with this fact but many people who call themselves Christians are not necessarily believers in the Bible, or even believe that the Scriptures are breathed by the inspiration of our Creator God through His Holy Spirit to 40 distinct and different authors in 66 separate books written over approximately 1600 years. (The 39 Old Testament books were written from 1500 to 400 BC, and the 27 New testament books were written approximately from 40 - 90 AD). Also interestingly, the original Old Testament was written mainly in Hebrew, with some Aramaic, while the original New Testament was written in common Greek. Realising the diversity of the authors, their backgrounds, their language and culture, only goes to prove the profound accuracy of the prophecies in God's Word. Many of the prophecies spanning hundreds of years, sometimes written hundreds of years apart, and always well before the prophecy was fulfilled, culminates into one of the most amazing books of extraordinary facts in the world. But even with that depth of accuracy pointing to the wonder of the prophetically accurate Creator God, millions of Christians don't know their God or His Word. In a letter in the Bible that the Apostle Paul wrote to his friend Timothy, he confirmed that, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

While you take affront at my calling the source behind Hinduism, the serpent (Kundalini), "evil", the source of the wickedness of the serpent is what the Creator God calls evil. Out of respect for His opinion, Bible believing Christians must also agree with God's Word. Through His Prophet Isaiah God says, "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" (Isaiah 5:20)

I hope you'll take a moment to read through the entrance of evil into God's perfectly created world to grasp an understanding of the wickedness of the serpent's evil wisdom. As I'm sure you realise with your background in Hinduism many in India (and Hinduism) believe in the existence of a supernatural world, but many in the western world don't agree that a supernatural world exists. While those in Hindu philosophy view the supernatural in different terms to Bible believing Christians, the point is both believe the supernatural exists. While many in the western world may believe in the supernatural they don't concur with a Biblical worldview regarding the supernatural powers and principalities created by God, therefore there is much confusion with the various conflicting philosophies of men, religions and even so-called Christian Church traditions that don't all agree with what's written in the Bible.

I understand that from your worldview you'd not view Hinduism as "evil" or bad, however the God Who created the universe and all in it, clearly teaches in His Word that there are obedient (good) and disobedient (evil/wicked) supernatural beings. Both have powers we as humans can't comprehend. The good stay obedient to their Creator God and are His Ministers to do His bidding. Those that fell away into believing in their authority above that of the Authority of God exist to do the bidding of naive humans who fall prey to their powers of wickedness, and unwittingly satisfy their propensity for evil beyond our finite understanding.

The Creator God warns in the Bible that tapping into the source of those "fallen angels" is dangerous to the well-being of humankind and says that these "fallen spirits" promise benefits but are liars, destroyers, murderers, like prowling lions (predators), deceivers and seducers. It is this source that I was referring to as evil. Many in all religions be it Hinduism, those calling themselves Christians, or those from other world systems, who place their hopes in this dangerous realm will come to harm because they are being deceived by lying spirits and their signs and wonders (whether these be experiences from within the mind through yoga disciplines or externally through physical "miracles" such as in the case of the manifestations of Guru Sai Baba and/or other mystics, even so-called Christian "faith healers").

The Creator God explains through His Word (the Bible) that when He created everything at the beginning, including all supernatural powers and principalities, everything was "good". It wasn't until a rebellion took place in the heavenlies with one of the "enlightened" ones, the beautiful angel of light, Lucifer that evil, aka the mystery of iniquity, entered God's perfect creation. Lucifer (who later presented himself as a magnificent and beautiful serpent) managed to convince (deceive, seduce) a third of the angelic realm that they could all be "like" the Most High Creator God. His devotees believed Lucifer's iniquity (lies). In their submission to Lucifer's seduction they fell into arrogance, and in their pride, waged war against their Creator defying His Authority.

They were cast out of the privilege of being with their Maker. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, told His disciples He saw Lucifer fall like lightning from the sky (Luke 18). However, the obedient angelic realm still continue to reside with their Creator and are considered His Heavenly Host. These obedient Beings cannot be contacted by humankind and only respond to the leadership, commands and Authority of their Creator.

The rebellious legion however do respond to humans when called upon, wittingly or unwittingly through naivety, covetousness, rituals or any appeasements for any self-seeking power, wellness, health, religious satisfaction and a host of other fleshly desires. These fallen spirits who respond appear to do good but their resources are planted in manipulations, seduction and deception. Their source is based in the serpent's pride, rebellion, iniquity and it is this very source God considers to be evil and wickedness.

At some point in history, Lucifer himself was able to seduce and deceive the first perfect humans, Adam and Eve, created in perfection by their Perfect Maker. The first couple fell for Lucifer's seduction and lies when he appeared to them as a serpent offering his wisdom, a counterfeit in opposition to God's. It was at this point, in the Garden of Eden, that they, like Lucifer fell from perfection when they turned to their understanding outside of trust in their Maker. Adam and Eve became sinners, separated for eternity from God, through their own rebellion and succumbing to the ploy of seduction by an evil source.

After they chose to believe the snake's lie, our Loving God Who is the Giver of free will and choice, allowed His created Beings to choose Him or reject His Ways. He is not a tyrant or dictator forcing allegiance. In an act of amazing love He had an amazing Plan of Grace.

Because man was deceived by Lucifer, God gave the deceived a second chance. Lucifer, however and those spirit beings who God created who chose to deliberately rebel against their Maker, were not given a second chance. At an appointed time in history, 2000 years ago, God sent His Only begotten Son, in the Person of Jesus Christ (meaning salvation in Hebrew) to carry the penalty of mankind's sin and its judgement so that those who accept Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross, the offering of His blood for forgiveness of sins, could be reconciled by faith to their Creator. God can't be in fellowship with wickedness, evil or sin as He is Pure Light and Holiness. No variation of shadow (shades of darkness) are in God the Father of Lights. Lucifer however, does have variations in his being, from the deception of appearing as an angel of light to his darkest characteristic, diabolical wickedness and demonic evil. (2 Cor. 11:14)

Hell, an eternity of separation from God, was an abode made for only Lucifer and those who choose to follow him. Also called Satan, he is personified as a snake imbued with snake power and wisdom. His supernatural source has been elevated in Hindu philosophy and understood to be a source of enlightenment, awareness of prideful godhood, and understood to have power to procrastinate death in his doctrine of reincarnation. However, God teaches in the Bible the only way of bypassing death, known as the wages of sin and its penalty, is to place one's faith, belief and trust in Jesus Christ. He is God's Plan for redemption and brings salvation and eternal reconciliation with our Maker.

This Gospel (good news) of eternal life is the power of God for salvation, it is a Gospel of God's Love, eternal cleansing and forgiveness. Forgiveness is not attainable within the teachings of Hinduism. The escape of reincarnation is not possible, even the famous Hindu Swami, Ghandi admitted it was "a hopeless cycle", this samsara wheel of sorrow! Such a message of hopelessness is evil especially as hope resides in the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gives the repentant sinner freedom from the bondage of sin and its consequence of death, restoring eternal separation from God through faith in His Plan.

Another sad message taught in Hinduism is that man is not a sinner only ignorant of his so-called divinity. Lying to oneself that one is without sin and not in need of forgiveness from the only One Who is capable of forgiving sin is indeed an evil message of bondage.
Hopefully, dear Swami Param, you will be open to God's message of love, forgiveness and His Truth in this message of freedom in Jesus Christ, Who said, "I am the Way, The Truth and the Life" (John 14:6). Hinduism offers no such guarantee.



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