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Q&A Dr. Issam Nemeh MORE SNAKE OIL REMEDIES off Rick Warren’s recommendations

February 2011

Continuing on from the previous article......

Q - Can you tell me what you know about Dr. Nemeh as being promoted by Dr Oz?

The spiritual confusion mounts since Rick Warren’s endorsement of Dr. Oz as his friend and “world-renowned expert” who, with Warren and two other doctors involved in occult healing methods, designed Warren’s “Daniel Plan” - the 52 week “health and Wellness Plan”. With Warren’s approval Oz, and all those connected with Oz’s “alternative” health-care are being given opportunity to boast Biblically taboo “signs and wonders” that will WOW their audience just as Jesus Christ predicted they would. (Matt.24:24) 

Dr. Issam Nemeh, is a trained anethesiologist and treats his patients with a high tech electrical form of acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on the idea of holistic health that mind, body and spirit may be treated by outside forces in the spirit world. It’s rooted in traditional Chinese medicine but much like Hinduism’s mystical thought, acupuncture’s “life energy” is thought to culminate in “points”, “channels”, “meridians” etc., that can be manipulated and stimulated by needles at specific energy “arousal” centers similar to Hinduism’s “chakras” (psychic centres). Such a practise is part of “hidden” or occult medicine which Dr. Nemeh believes in. He who calls himself a “faith-healer” and has “prayed over tens of thousands....in the last two decades”. Dr. Oz has had Nemeh on his TV show along with those who’ve experienced his miraculous cures.

Nemeh’s religious affiliation is Roman Catholicism and he calls himself devout and truly believes his gifts are from God and the Holy Spirit but in these days of spiritual deception such claims must be tested against what the Bible teaches about God and His Spirit and not what a religious denomination teaches. The question is, is Roman Catholicism based on the Bible?. As a former “devout” Roman Catholic myself I am painfully aware that Roman Catholicism’s “God” and the numerous dead saints I prayed to continually, are not to be confused with the God of the Bible.

Roman Catholic “prayers” and other rituals like saying the Rosary, crossing oneself with the sign of the cross, attending Mass, walking the Stations of the Cross (Emergent churches call it “Labyrinth Walking”), devoted adoration on the “Presence” of the Eucharist (the consecrated Host/“presence of God” placed on the Roman Catholic alter in a Monstrance/receptacle) etc., are not based on “The Faith” (Luke 18:8) required in the Bible that Jesus said wouldn’t be evident when He returned.

While a practising Roman Catholic I didn’t KNOW that what I was doing was rooted in paganism. I believed I was obediently involved in “Christian” principles not a “contemplative spirituality” based on Eastern Mystical methodology, which sadly today has become part of the Romanized Emerging Church. Unawares I was being drawn into another path away from Biblical Christianity to a different Jesus, a different Spirit and a different gospel (2 Cor. 11:4).

What changed my understanding? Someone led me through the Biblical requirement of confession, explained that I was a sinner in need of God’s Salvation and that Jesus Christ was the only Saviour. Faith in Him was the bottom line requirement, submission to Him was the path to His Peace and growth through feeding on His Word, the Bible, the inspired Word of God was the ONLY remedy to everlasting life, health and welfare.

In John 15:4-8 Jesus explains in order to glorify His Father, (an essential part of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit) we must abide in Jesus Who abides in the Father, that we cannot accomplish anything without being in Jesus alone, and we must live by the life in His Word or be cast into the fire and burned. Jesus Christ, raised by God is the only name for salvation and the only Way of reconciliation to God. Roman Catholicism is not based on the Authority of the Word of Jesus Christ. I know. I wasn’t taught the importance of faith in the full council of the The Holy Scripture, but told that the Roman Catholic church was my salvation. That, didn’t come with the complete assurance I have since learned comes from faith in Christ. Roman Catholicism taught the assurance of being “a Christian” was in the knowledge that I was born into and baptised into the Roman Catholic Church with its creeds and dogmas.

Dr. Nemeh’s Mission Statement says, “Path To Faith is an organization dedicated to bringing people close to God by experiencing his love and his power that heals us both physically and spiritually. We serve the community by offering a variety of healing services open to all people, regardless of personal beliefs.”  

Biblical healing cannot be given to “all people, regardless of personal beliefs”. Biblical healing can only come through faith in Jesus Christ and such faith encourages obedience to Biblical precepts. “People of any personal beliefs” is part of Roman Catholic ecumenical teaching and opposed to Biblical teaching. Ecumenicalism teaches that all faiths are equal, all paths lead to God, and so on. Wisdom grounded in a Biblical worldview is needed to discern what Dr. Nemeh is offering those he heals. He believes they are being drawn “close to God by “experiencing” his love and power. The Bible says that’s not true. Jesus says, “I am the Way and the Truth” (John 14:6). No other Way can draw us close to God, not even an experience, only God’s Salvation in faith, and understanding and knowing what Jesus Christ has done. Nemeh’s drawing of “people, regardless of personal beliefs” is a satanic attempt to bypass Biblical healing. Nemah may mean well and not realise he’s being used by the spirit world but that’s what’s taking place.  

Dr. Nemeh justifies his methodology and believes his acupuncture and faith-healing to be “scientific” fact. He promotes his medical occultism as science just as Hindu Gurus and Godmen before him did as in the case of Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation (TM) fame in the 60’s. Deepak Chopra, MMY’s former devotee, continues to promote Hinduism’s holistic “Ayurvedic” medicine and Yoga as scientific fact today. The designers of Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan do the same, but eastern spiritual “health” alternatives are not able to be scientifically proven because the spiritual realm cannot be measured scientifically. Just because it works, it heals and it feels right does not make it Biblically appropriate! In fact we need to watch out for what “feels right” according to our “senses”!

Eve got seduced in the Garden of Eden because she used her senses (Gen.3:6) to override her faith and obedience in what God Knows to be right. She got seduced into allowing her senses to dictate what “seemed” right. Only God’s Authority is Righteous and Perfect. He has given us entrance to Himself through Jesus, and gave us His example when His Word was made flesh (John 1:14) and dwelt amongst us in the “fullness of grace and Truth”. Eve, in her sinless state, had the privilege of daily communication with the fullness of grace and Truth (God Himself) but instead chose the deception of her own wisdom within her own senses. That was the downfall of man since which time we’ve inherited her sinful nature. No personal attempts to get back to God through our own merits, deeds, good works etc will unite us to “experience” the closeness of God. Adam and Eve attempted to “sew” through their own efforts to get back into fellowship (Gen.3:7) with God but instead they were removed from His Presence (verses 23-24). Satan attempts to bypass the judgment of God and can give anyone who chooses his deception “an experience”, but that is his lying nature to keep one away from Jesus’ True Healing. Dr. Nemeh is being sadly used and thousands of Roman Catholics continue to be deceived by the devil’s wiles.

As more Christians turn away from the Bible’s method of testing spiritual counterfeits and are lured to partake in anything and everything that is opposed to the standards of our Biblical God, snake oil doctors with their shamanic remedies will become more enticingly received. Rick Warren has opened a can of snakes with his introduction of Dr. Daniel Amen (who practises Kirtan Kriya Yoga (Yogi Bhajan’s 3H Tantric yoga) and advocates Trans. Med. while in the same breath saying a Christian can’t practise Yoga - methinks he speaks with forked tongue), and Dr. Mark Hyman advocates holistic medicine and Tibetan Meditation, while Dr. Oz promotes Japanese Reiki Healing and Trans.Med. and recently Hypnosis. Now Dr. Oz’s protege, Dr. Nemeh introduces his seductive Romanized occult health option.

The spiritual dangers of involvement in these healings will be horrendous because participation in the spiritual practises of other nations is prohibited by our Creator God (Deut.18). He seeks that people follow Him only and His tenets and do not go after the so-called benefits of lying spirits of other philosophies. The source of power behind charlatan faith-healing will destroy those who supposedly benefit and have astounding miracles to prove otherwise. Ultimately, unless they confess they got deceived, and confess their participation in what God hates, they will end up eternally in the same place, the everlasting fire that was specifically prepared for the devil and his angels. (Matt.25:41) This hellish place was not designed for humankind who do have an option to confess their sin, but was specifically made for the devil and his angels. All who chose to follow Satan’s delusion choosing to reject Jesus Christ and His Truth, judge themselves away from everlasting life. (Jn.12:48)

The first time I heard of Dr. Issam Nemeh was about six years ago through The Berean Call Ministry of Dave Hunt. An article from the Religious News, April 15 2005 was discussed on the radio about “Essam Namae” and his work reaching thousands in churches and meeting halls where he heals people through what he perceives to be “The” Spirit but sadly his healing is from “Other” spirits.

Any connection with a so-called god which veers around Biblical faith based on the True Jesus Christ comes with dangers as connection is made with other “gods” described in the Bible as fallen spirits. These beings are connected to their leader, Lucifer aka Satan and were spirit beings who chose to follow Satan when he rebelled against God (Eze.28). They chose to believe in him when he dared to tell his Creator God that he was "like the most high" (Is.14). Jesus warned in Matt 24. that false teachers filled with this type of rebellion would manifest themselves with lying signs and wonders, and sadly Dr.Nemeh is one such "false" teacher in the sense that he IS bringing genuine healing, but it comes through his contact with fallen spirits. The power behind them comes from their leader, the snake, who in Hinduism is known as Kundalini/snake power, who Jesus called the father of lies (Jn.8:44).

Dr. Nemeh says: “I’m not the energy source, but we are a part of the all, and when we have the right state of mind then God does connect us together and he does communicate things to me, I could feel things happening within the body of those who I’m praying for. I am not disconnected.”

Dr. Nemeh: “It’s Mind Over Matter”

Dr. Nemeh: “You don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to have faith, you can be an Atheist, what matters is we were talking before about one very important principle, the love that we have. Because the heart of God himself is Love. No you don’t have to have any faith to be healed.”

Jesus said, “When the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, [even] the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me:” ( John 15:26 ).


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