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Obama's Ramadan, Sharia-Law and 50,000 Muslims will gather on Capitol Hill

In this issue we remember the tragic events of 9/11 when 8 years ago 3000 innocent civilians were murdered in a terrorist attack by 19 Sharia-Law abiding Muslim hijackers who flew jets into the World Trade Center in New York. While all Muslims may not be terrorists, almost all terrorists worldwide are Muslims and part of the 1.3 billion brotherhood who venerate Sharia as taught in the Quran (and Hadith) which demands Holy "Jihad" War against "infidels" (non-Muslims).

In the words of former Muslim Ibn Warraq, ‘Mankind is divided into two groups, Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslims are…the umma who possess territories in Dar al-Islam, the Land of Islam where the edicts of Islam [Sharia Law] are fully promulgated. The non-Muslims are the Harbi, people of the Dar al-Harb, the Land of Warfare, any country belonging to the infidels that has not been subdued by Islam but that, nonetheless, is destined to pass into Islamic jurisdiction, either by conversion or by war (Harb). All acts of war are permitted in the Dar al-Harb’.

The devastation of being soft on Sharia will bring an end to America as designed by the Founding Fathers. Check what Europe's tolerance towards Sharia (Holy Jihad War through Islamic immigration ) has done for Europe to today - it's almost a Muslim continent!

Obama's fraternization with Sharia abiding Muslims in America caused him to celebrate Ramadan at the White House. In his Ramadan speech he spoke highly of American Muslims reinforcing that Islam and its Sharia ideology "remind us of the principles that we hold in common" with America's ideology of democracy and freedom. This type of bold face lying is permissible within Islam, as explained by Peter Hammond in the jihad of deception and the jihad of verbal combat. Obama needs to be brought to accountability and answer the question Just who is this guy, Obama?

Brigette Gabriel, one of the authorities interviewed in the DVD Islam Rising: A Call to One World Ummah (domination) is founder of the grassroots lobby, Act for America (ACT) and has posted a must-see you-tube explaining that both Wall Street and Al Quaida seem in favor of Sharia banking known as Sharia Islamic Finance and Islamic Banking. Sharia is not merely the religion of Islam but Islam's inseparable political arm that  seeks to force church and state to become one and force the whole world to submit to Islamic Sharia. In a shocking 6 minute presentation we learn of certain banking institutions such as City Bank, DowJones, HSBC, UBS, MasterCard and Visa promoting Sharia banking and that AIG (since Dec. 08) has been offering "socially accepted" Sharia insurance in America. In Feb. 09 apparently Al Quaida urged Germany to avoid a deeper recession, give up western capitalism, convert to Sharia banking and live by Sharia principles. what will Sharia banking mean to America? At present  27 Islamic "charities", who the US government warns are sponsors of terror, exist in the US, and instead of separating America from Islamic danger rooted within America, USA's President Obama is cozying up to Islam's Sharia.

Sharia courts have already been established in Britain but HERE IN AMERICA one was legalised in Texas since 2007. Pressure continues for Sharia courts in New Jersey, Minnesota and California. Sharia supports "honor killing" which is based in Quranic teachings (Yusufali 4:5) and says if a woman disobeys her husband she must be killed. An honor killing was performed in Buffalo , NY in February this year when a so called moderate beheaded his wife for divorcing him. Muslims attempted him tried under Sharia and not American law which deemed him guilty of murder. I reported on the two high school girls murdered last year by their father in Texas who "honor killed" them for becoming too American. The shocking litmus test for Sharia's honor killing to be allowed here in USA is being played out at present with the Rifqa Bary case of a 17 yr old former Muslim(now considered an "apostate" for converting to Christianity. Bary is under child protection in Florida, terrified for her life but lawyers acting for Bary's parents want her returned to them and their Ohio Mosque where Bary fears honor killing will be attempted here or in Sri Lanka: both were threatened. Bary's lawyer Stemberger said, “The primary issue in this case is the clear and present danger that is presented by the Bary family’s participation in a mosque associated with extremist Islamic elements and according to her affidavit, filed with the memorandum."

In the 35-page filing, Stemberger notes the Bary family are “devoted members and followers of the leaders” of the Noore Center in Ohio.
The memorandum offers “extensive documentation establishing ties” with “terrorist groups and the extreme danger this presents to the minor.” (see “Investigation and Intelligence Memorandum”).

Knowing of the dire dangers of installing Sharia into American democracy why is a massive Islamic outdoor Mosque service with 50,000 Muslims being permitted, on the first Friday after Ramadan (September 25th) on Capitol Hill for their Jummah Service (the weekly Friday Prayer gathering in Mosques around the world)? And why is "The Call to Prayer" (which Obama, in his autobiography, called the "sweetest sound") being permitted over loud-speakers (typical of Mosques in all Arab countries) to ricochet off the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other great edifices that surround Capitol Hill?  According to the Qu'ran, Muslims are not only men and women but also spirits who fight for the spread of Islam (Surah 46:29-33 and 72: 1-15). In this Jihad of Spirits it is believed the Muslim fights on Muhammad's behalf both in his life and after his death (Hadith Vol.1 chapter 43). September 25th will be the calling down of the spirit world just as is done in Mosques worldwide to fight against the Great Satan (America) and the lesser (Israel).

Incredibly, at the Dearborn, Michigan Mosque, (a Shi'a mosque, the largest in the US), one can actually hear the "call to prayer" publicly over a loud speaker where church bells (or any religious soundings) are not permitted to be louder. Dearborn has the largest single concentration of Arab Muslims in North America and one can see store signs and billboards written in Arabic. September 25th's Jummah will take place on the site where US presidents are traditionally inaugurated and is billed as a "Day of Islamic Unity" and of which the website boasts "Our Time Has Come......We intend to manifest Islam's majestic spiritual principles revealed by Allah.......likewise, we intend to inspire a new generation of Muslim to work for the greater good of all people." (further reading).

And what is the Muslim in America thinks is for the greater good of  ALL people - SHARIA LAW. You are invited to be involved in working with ACT and hundreds around America in their stand against Sharia in America. (http://www.stopshariahnow.org) Also learn of the threat of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attach on America which could knock out as much as 79% of America's electrical grid.

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