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MUSLIMS MARCH for Britain to be Islamic State


Traditionally October 31st (and weeks before, culminating in November 5th, Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night) is occasion to celebrate the pagan and satanic holiday of Halloween (when paganism's New Year festivities are enjoyed by Trick or Treating, dressing up in costumes, lighting bonfires and gathering around the cauldron) but this Saturday, Oct. 31st another supposedly unrelated event will take place as Muslims attempt to revolutionize Britain under Islam's Shari'ah Law to become an Islamic State.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims living in the British Isles have been asked by the extremist Islam4UK "to cause a complete upheaval of the British ruling system, its members and legislature, and demand the full implementation of Shari'ah in Britain". They "plan to take the heart of the capital" by marching in a "spectacular procession" ... from the Houses of Parliament, through Downing Street to Trafalgar Square.

Islam4UK claims Muslim communities in Britain believe their practice of Shari'a Law has "brought forth a culture and system that is not only superior to the British way of life but also a shining example of what true subservience to almighty Allah..." is all about. They claim that "British Society has suffered extensively from the oppression of democracy and man made law" which they describe as "the depravity of the British culture". They say Muslims in Britain have had enough of "freedom and enough of liberalism" and that its time "for the sovereignty to return to Almighty Allah" (Islam's moon god). Islam4UK states in its advertising campaign for MARCH 4 SHARIA  that "its time for authority to be handed to the Muslims and to let the people of Britain know that Islam and the Shari'ah is coming to them very, very soon."

Click here to learn more about Islam's Shari'ah Law which is a forceful political constitution and overall engulfing legal,economic, military, dietary, social and religious system of life.

Islam4UK boasts a success in recent months of "a series of Islamic Roadshows that provided a real answer (submission to Shari'ah) to the problems faced by the British community" when over 16 different locations were targeted by a proselytising "Dawah-duty to conquer" campaign that persuaded 70 to "embrace" Islam (Islam means "to submit"). Islam4UK claims this "embrace" in reality a coerced submission "reinforces the dire need for Shari'ah in contemporary Britain."

Islam's method of proselytizing is hypocritical and audacious when practised in Western society as seen in the current case of 17 yr. old Rifqa Bary, a young Muslim teenager from Ohio who converted 4 years ago to faith in Jesus Christ. When her mosque discovered she abandoned Islam, they pressured her parents to deal with Rifqa who fled for her life to Florida. If a Muslim disavows Islam to "embrace" Christianity the Koran (and Hadith) teach this person is an "apostate" to be punished by "honor killing". Shari'ah demands such murder for the sake of Allah's honor.

Using the freedom of democracy, Muslims in Britain are marching for Shari'ah to be implemented and the freedoms of non-Muslims to be curtailed. Using the freedom of democracy in America, Muslims are placing Rifqa's young life at risk (and that of any Muslim "apostate") while protecting the Muslims right to dawah (subjugate non-Muslims to Islam). Many westerners ignore the Muslim's strict allegiance to Shari'ah and the religious duty of murder Muslims MUST perform when one of their own abandon Islam and "embrace" any part of western culture. In the last few years at least 20 "honor killings" have taken place in Canada and USA, many more in Britain, and the U.N. estimates 5,000 take place annually worldwide.

Jan Markell's recent newsletter pulled information from Frontpagemag.com which reported on the dangers surrounding young Rifqa. Commentator Pamela Geller, asked another "apostate" about Riqa's dilemma and that person responded, "She will die. She has gone too far. Islam has to take a stand for this because it is a shame. Rifqa has brought a shame for their religion and for their society." Jan Markell comments, "These kinds of cases pit Sharia Law against the rule of law in America....This is the manifestation of Sharia Law at its worst. It is Muslims slaughtering their own for being too Westernized, dressing improperly, or rejecting Islam.

The Florida court sent Rifqa back to Ohio where she's in grave danger especially from the Muslim organisation - CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Please read this and get involved. Your immediate call to action could save Rifqa's life.

In the Bible we're told Abraham, the patriarch of Muslims, Jews and Christians, had relations with his wife's Egyptian maid (on his wife Sarah's instructions) who bore Abraham a son, Ishmael. God predicted of Ishmael, "he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he will dwell in the presence of all his brothers." (Gen 16:12-14).

The 4,000 year old prophecy foretelling contention between Arabs and their ethnic Islamic groupings is being accelerated in modern Muslim politics as forced Islamic immigration into western culture increases tensions between factions like the "progressive British Muslims" and extremists such as Islam4UK. Melanie Phillips further expounds in "A Less than United Front" (spectator.co.uk) and the mounting inner bickering for counter demonstrations for the upcoming march on London.

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