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Muslim Honor killing threat in Ohio

Press Release: August 31, 2009

Putting children first is a bipartisan national policy that mandates legal protection and shelter for minors in harm’s way. It is the way of all civilized nations.
Why do we not apply this policy to the treatment of Arab and Moslem children who are routinely used as shields and props on battle fields; routinely brainwashed to hate; offered as martyrs for suicide missions; killed in the name of a barbaric code of “honor” by relatives including siblings and parents?
Rifqa Bary is a seventeen year old girl who faces danger, abuse and possibly death if she is forced to return to her parents. Her crime under American standards of law? None.  Her disrespect for American law? None. Anti-social behavior as dictated by the mores of our society? None.
Why then does Rifqa Bary fear her parents so that on Thursday September 3rd, a Florida Circuit Judge will decide whether to send her home to her family or be given a haven and freedom?
What do her parents and her mosque and Islam see as her crime and violation of law and social behavior and honor? Her conversion to Christianity four years ago. While her conversion remained secret her parents thrived economically in Columbus, Ohio where they worshipped in a local mosque where sermons offered the strictest interpretation of the Koran.
When the mosque, which has been under suspicion for abetting terrorism deliberately “outed” Rifqa's conversion to her family she was subjected to bruises and death threats and fled from her home. In Florida, an Evangelical church gave her shelter and guidance in filing for restraint.
Initially, the muted media interest in her story deliberately ignored the Islamic faith driven death punishment for apostasy. They chose instead, to smear and defame the church as a “cult” and accused them of brainwashing Rifqa.
Americans for A Safe Israel joins a distinguished list of individuals and organizations and journalists who have come forward in support of the right of Rifqa Bary to seek shelter and protection to practice her faith and enjoy all basic freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.

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