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May 21-wrong prediction AGAIN!

Help, I’ve Been Left Behind, What do I do now?

For some, Saturday May 21, 2011 was just an ordinary day, a day believers either served the Lord Jesus Christ, or a day they frittered away on the things of this world. For others, this was supposed to be the Big Day. Homecoming didn’t happen. But that does not mean it won’t.
Actually, Jesus said He was coming in a day when no one would think He would. It will be an ordinary day. So, let us not worry about when it is. If you are ready, (suitcases will not fly), there is no way you can miss the bus. So get busy doing the Lord’s business till He comes back.
As far as Harold Camping’s date setting with May 21st being the “end of the world” or the end of the world system, (he was as wrong with his May 21st 2011 prediction as he was in 1994), the Bible indicates that the wrap up of earth and its inhabitants is a process that will happen in stages.
Evil men and seducers will wax (grow) worse and worse, getting more violent and fierce against God and His people. There will also be a great falling away among believers. (Both of these are in full swing right now).
Churches and church leaders believed to be Christians, will pursue doctrines and agendas of their own, under the guise of social justice, unity, ecumenism, and PEACE that are not from God. The primary color of that gospel is green and not red. It calls for the preservation of earth and the preparation of earth for the return of the King. Do not be fooled.
These are pretexts for setting up a religious order climaxing in an enthroning of the anti-christ, who will come to “save”the world from itself. (Of course, his workings are after the lawless one who is also about to be revealed, but not until the Restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is taken out-of-the-way, (See 2 Thess. 2: 7).
The Gospel of God is a gospel of grace and forgiveness. God is a God of mercy, but He will not be bribed or mocked.
What a man does will be required of him. Rewriting the gospel, adding and subtracting from it, is not okay with Him. One of the most important things you could do for yourself and your family in these “last days” is READ YOUR BIBLE for yourself.
Read a real and correct Bible translation. I’m not being nit-picky, but some of the newer versions, especially paraphrases, do not give an accurate interpretation of the true gospel and if you do not know the real, how will you ever spot the counterfeit?
There are also counterfeit Christians and counterfeit clergy, people who are not servants of the Most High God. These are treacherous days. Only the Word of God as He gave it and intended it to be made known, is able to free us and keep us in God’s Truth, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was given to believers in Jesus Christ, sealed in believers, indwells believer to lead into all truth, and keep that truth, in the midst of an onslaught of demonic confusion.
A few more stages in the ending of earth will include Israel being fooled or intimidated into making a treaty of peace with the antichrist. This little deal will start the clock ticking on the last Seven Years, also known as the Tribulation. Half way through the Tribulation, Israel will realize they have been set up when they see the “abomination of desolation” (the antichrist offering a wrong sacrifice) in the temple.
At that point all Hell will break out and there will be conversions en mass to Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, the Promised Messiah.  Two witnesses will pop up in Israel and at least 144,000 will get saved and begin to preach to the rest. They will do this for 2 years and then be murdered. They will remain dead for 3 days for the whole world to witness and there will be great rejoicing and partying, (even sending presents to one another,  all will be so happy). But these 2 witnesses were left laying where they had been killed, so they come back to life and will be resurrected.

Meanwhile, in heaven, a wedding is going on and those believers who made the first resurrection, (the rapture) will become the “Bride of Christ” in a special marriage ceremony.  After the feast, the Bride will mount horses and Jesus will Ride his white horse back to earth in time to intervene in the Battle of Armageddon to turn the tide and give Israel the victory.
The forces of darkness, including the Beast, the antichrist and Satan will be chained up for 1000 years. Jesus Christ will set up His government in Jerusalem and rule there for 1000 years. Those who did not make the Rapture, but refused the Mark of the Beast will rejoin the rest of the resurrected and rule with Christ.
At the end of the 1000 year reign, (during which time people are still being born on earth, and those alive will continue to live longer), the Devil will be unchained for a season, and astoundingly manage to tempt and deceive those who have not ever met him.

WOW! What an ending. Can you believe Satan will still have the power and audacity to still find some “takers” who will come up against the Lord of Hosts despite being in a perfect environment with a Perfect Judge able to maintain perfection during His 1000 year reign. But in His love He still offers free choice to the end, but in the end his judgement will be swift. Jesus will slay all rebel rousers merely with the breath of His Mouth and throw the Devil and his gang of reprobates into everlasting punishment, cast into the lake of fire which was prepared for him (Matt25:41) and those who reject God, never to be heard from again. THEN, Jesus will roll up the existing heavens and earth and recreate a new Heaven and Earth where all who trust in Him will live happily eternally forever after!!!

THIS IS THE VERY SHORT VERSION OF THE END. Read it for yourself in the King James, New King James, or Amplified Bibles. There may be some other Bible translations that are appropriate, but I’m not willing to guess as which ones they are.

Written by Margy Cole, Life Recovery Inc. 


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