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Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen & Benny Hinn - False teachers?

Q: I'm having major problems convincing someone that the majority of the teachers on TBN ( "Christian TV") have a lot of faulty theology behind their teachings. I'd like to know if you will be explaining the problems behind the teachings of three people in particular in your upcoming Volume 3 of Wide is the Gate. (I already have volumes 1 and 2).The teachers are:
Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn

The argument that comes against me when I point these people to information on the web is that the info is outdated and these people have changed. Especially, Joyce Meyer, they claim she has even changed some of her books in their second reprints.

Thanks, Tom

A: Hello Tom

In Vol 3 we'll be explaining the error of Word Faith (Joyce Meyer's) teachings.... Osteen's teachings were already addressed in Vol 1 under psychology and eastern philosophy. Benny Hinn's Pentecostalism will be part of the focus of Vol 3 which throws light on the new charismatic/pentecostal heresy of today found in the New Apostolic Reformation and Prophetic movement.

Even if Joyce Meyer changes her comments in future reprints of some of her books the problem is her foundational theology is based in error and is anti-Biblical. While many of her teachings may borrow from Scripture she also borrows from psychology's claims and other occult ideas.

Joyce's Word Faith teachings place faith in one's own faith which is misplaced. The Bible teaches we must ONLY place our trust and faith in the gospel, the Person of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His Will for our life.

Some of Meyer's teachings are similar to many in the charismatic and pentecostal movement who rely on beliefs that mankind can accomplish whatsoever he wills, teaching if one places enough faith in one's own endeavors, one's own systems of praying, one's own techniques, rituals (no matter how Christianized they may appear), that the practitioner can have whatever desired claim. This is error and based in occult shamanism (witch-doctoring and witchcraft).

The foundation of the teachings of witchcraft and Satanism claim the ability to manipulate supernatural powers (demons) at one's own bidding. The Bible teaches NOT to communicate with the supernatural because they are lying spirits of their father the devil (John 8:44) and spread their seducing doctrines of demons (1 Tim.4:1).

Also Jesus Christ taught us to die to self, self will, and live to "Thy Will be done" (Matt. 26:42). In other words, submit to God's healing if He so chooses, God's miracles when He so chooses, God's intervention in whatsoever we want so that our desire becomes His Desire. This type of reliance on God is what God calls obedience and walking in His Spirit, and allowing Him to move as He wishes and not as I demand.

Benny Hinn's teachings are rooted in the Latter Rain cult teachings that among other claims, teach that the saved are Manifest Sons of God: at salvation a person becomes a "little god" - one's own authority. This is gross error and rooted in gnostic concepts and eastern mysticism that says there is divinity within each of us: a higher potential to do and have whatever one desires, that a power resides within for a person to tap into. This error is synonymous with the teachings of Joyce Meyer who is a Word Faith

Joel Osteen's teachings are a combination of philosophies mainly taken from psychology, and self-help gimmickry such as motivational hype (addressed in Volume 1). The idea is that a person is born innately good and powerful, and must just know how to "center in" to the experience of being able to achieve whatever is wanted for self improvement. These concepts are also part and parcel of the previously mentioned false teachers. The Bible teaches there is no good within us, that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked (Jer.17:9)

The only life improvement that exists is that we can be redeemed from the domain of darkness and eternal separation from God through the work of God Himself, Who became flesh and dwelt amongst us in the Person of His Begotten Son. Only Jesus Christ, through His finished work on the cross, can set us free from sin if we choose to accept His Free Gift of Salvation, and repent of our sins, and accept our need for a Savior. Faith placed in Jesus Christ promises to take us from condemnation and guilt into His Kingdom of freedom and eternal Life.

At which point, Jesus Christ says we are "born again" (John 3) and promises that we have the potential of life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Word Faith teachings, psychology, motivational hype, calling down demons to do any bidding are not part of the Biblical life of a Born-Again person who should place himself/herself under the headship of Jesus Christ Who is the Head of His mystical Body (Eph. 5:23), and we Born-Again believers are members of His Body, the True Church.

Much of today's syncretism is a deceptive problem within the church as most wrong teachings have a smattering of many heresies combined with Christian terminology, and uses the umbrella of Christianity to cover themselves while giving themselves a type of credibility by misusing the name of Jesus Christ.

However as Paul warns in 2 Cor. 11: 2-4 these false teachers, prophets, et al are being duped by a different spirit giving another gospel, coming in the name and power of a different Jesus. And further down in verses 13 - 15 Paul calls them out as ministers of Satan who forward error and are pretenders.

Other ministries who have well researched many of the teachings of the false teachers you mention are Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer - check out this trailer

Also I recommend the extensive and brilliant research in Sarah Lesley's Blog at Herescope http://herescope.blogspot.com/



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