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ISLAM RISING: A Call To One World Ummah (Domination)


BRONZE AWARD Best Documentary

 "Islam Rising is one of the most succinct and well-argued presentations of the threat of Islam and its moral and social failures"
Dr Ted Baeher, movieguide.org


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  • Dawah: The Duty To Conquer
  • Ideaology, Sharia & Jihad
  • The Sword Of Terrorism
  • The Mosque:Its Many Faces


Over three years in the making this powerful DVD is packed with hours of hard-hitting information from former Muslims and experts in Islam: a professor, an apologist, a missionary to Muslims, three ex-terrorists, a journalist who survived Palestinian terror tactics, the daughter of a shahid (martyr) and a victim of holy “jihad” war of polygamy who converted to Islam and has returned to freedom in Christ.

Each of these authors has first-hand experience of the atrocities of Quranic teaching and ideology of constitutional Sharia. (Islamic religious and political law based on its holy books, the Quran and Hadith). Those interviewed offer personal insights into myriad aspects of Islam, give shocking facts and tell of their own, oft times heart-wrenching experiences involving Islam.

Topics include:

  • Islam’s global agenda to secure all nations under its only religious law - Sharia. Islam means submission, surrender or subjugation..
  • The Arabic word for peace is “Salaam” in this sense Islam claims to be a “religion of peace” with only those countries (Dar-al-Islam) who have submitted to Islamic law (the Sharia). In reality Muslims see themselves as a “peace making force” who must use argument, intrigue, commerce, threats, terrorism, warfare and  every means possible to overthrow all Western and Christian influence worldwide who they believe themselves to be at war with (Dar-al-Harb), who are without the right to exist unless they come under the House of “peace” Islam.
  • All Muslims must unite to establish by force a worldwide government which follows the rule of the Calipha (successors to Prophet Muhammad).

VARIOUS METHODS of takeover include:

  • Jihad “Holy War” the heart of Islam’s theology, the sixth pillar and according to Muhammad, the second most important deed in Islam mentioned in over 109 verses in the Quaran. There are eight categories of Jihad
  • Da’wah – the missionary movement of Islam to make converts and spread Islam through schools and universities, social services, politics, activist cell groups, cultural centers, prisons, hospitals, multiple marriages and more
  • Building mosques for the teaching of the superiortiy of  Islam and spread of its message through terror and intimidation. In Arab nations, non-muslim places of worship and churches are destroyed and their repair is illegal.
  • Installing Sharia which includes slavery and the dehumanization of women and children which takes place in many Muslim countries today and is spreading to Europe and USA.

From The Back Cover...

This fast moving presentation powerfully unravels the complexity of Islam as not only a forceful Political Constitution, but an overall, engulfing legal, economic, military, dietary, social and religious system of life.

Four forty-minute (approx) programs reveal Islam's founder and prophet Muhammad, his teachings, Islam's 1400 year blood-thirsty history, Islam's contemporary threat and growing impact in the West, and its plan for world domination - Ummah.

Renowned authors, authorities on Islam, and former Muslim terrorists, Kamal Saleem, Walid Shoebat and Zachariah Anani present eye-opening information. Three women: former Muslim and Author Nonie Darwish, Arah journalist and Author Brigitte Gabriel, and former convert to Islam, Author W.L.Cati, convey their rich and sobering perspectives.

Lecturers and Authors Dr. Ron Carlson, Dr. William Wagner and Dr. Peter Hammond explain the Qur'an's teachings on holy "jihad" war, abuse of women, children and "infidels", polygamy, slavery and cruel and barbaric requirements towards Jews, Christians and all who will not submit to allah, Islam's moon god.

In a 25-minute BONUS program Kamal Saleem, raised a terrorist from childhood, tells his remarkable story from promoting Islam to becoming an Ambassador for Jesus Christ - AND W.L. Cati, Author of "Married to Muhammed" tells of her 14 years in Islam in USA feeling like "a foreigner in my own home" until one day she read the Bible and her life was changed.



  • A Former Muslim Terrorist Tells His Story.
  • Mrs. Alabama: From Radical Islam To Christ - For 14 years W.L Cati was married to a Muslim in USA feeling like, "a foreigner in my own home", until one day she read the Bible and her life was changed!



Caryl Productions eye-opening 4 Part series includes informative interviews from experts on Islam. Leading authority, Dr. Peter Hammond is one such leading authority and author of Slavery, Terrorism and Islam with real life experiences and urgent and vital insights concerning Islam:

"Congratulations on an excellent production!  Islam Rising is a most well produced, powerful, effective and relevant resource to educate people on the reality of Islam, and to enlist them in the cause in doing something positive about it. It informs, inspires and challenges to involvement.  Well done! to all involved in every aspect of this production".
Dr. Peter Hammond, Frontline Mission.  

"i have watched this video in its entirety and i highly recommend it to everyone. Produced by renowned authors and authorities on Islam from an academic perspective. They have experienced Islam first -hand ie former Muslim terrorists reveal the TRUTH. Buy this dvd -- lend it out to your friends -- spread the message -- unless you too want to be be-headed!"

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$19.95 ORDER ISLAM RISING | also available in the Europe Shop

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