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Homosexual Marriage

Tragic  times indeed as seen by the Supreme Court’s recent decision where justices are overstepping their bounds. instead of interpreting the law, they’re rewriting it! The Constitution protects religious liberty. Marriage between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation was a  command given by Creator God at His creation of man and woman confirmed in Biblical texts. Now every state in America is being forced to permit homosexual marriage - the sexual union of man to man, woman to woman, which may ultimately develop to the embrace of pedaphelia, polygamous marriages, alongside a plethora of other combinations that baulks against Biblical and traditional marriage!


In one, across the board decision the function of the natural family has been attacked and God’s greatest blessing to mankind to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28) undermined. Children, whom Jesus Christ elevated and set as an example for adults to emulate in order to “enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” will now potentially be exposed to sexual abuse and other grave endangerments. In Matthew chapter 18, Jesus called a child to Himself and stood him in the midst of a crowd saying, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted (turned) and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, (at the time children had to put the interest of others before their own because they had no rights), Whoever then humbles himself as this child, (forfeits personal rights to obey God’s Will) he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven….”


Vulnerable children who flourish best under the protection of natural families will now be exposed to same sex marriage partners which deliberately deprives the fundamental value of children of their God-given right of a mother and father family unit. The greatest Book of Wisdom, The Bible, our Creator God’s own Word, states that He created marriage for a man and a woman who were created by God and blessed with a reproductive system to produce children, a privilege same sex marriages are incapable of naturally fulfilling.


The dangers and destructive elements of many homosexual acts are often life shortening. Ample evidence supports that homosexual behavior results in a variety of life threatening sickness and sexually transmitted diseases(STD), introducing not only devastating physical illness but also emotional, psychological and spiritual harm.


My heart grieves for those who’ve deliberately chosen to leave God’s natural design for them.  I am particularly saddened because I personally know those amongst my own family and many friends who I love and have ongoing  friendships with. Many  years ago, persuaded by the deep loss of a dear friend who died of AIDS, I produced a couple of movies on homosexuality,  the dangers of its lifestyle, AIDS etc., and in the films discussed the havoc of sexual diseases to adults and children. At that time, I personally witnessed the tragedy of dying homosexuals who I interviewed. They spoke candidly, and with sadness, tears and regrets,  about  their lifestyle choices and the agonizing pain they were enduring due to STDs they were suffering owing to their sodomy and lusts. Some of them ultimately repented of their sins connected to homosexuallity and explained the ensuing experiences of peace and  joy from their Lord’s forgiveness, and their emotions of freedom they knew in Jesus Christ Who they acknowledged paid for their sins on the cross. They were amazingly grateful for the assurance of spending eternal life with their Saviour!


Science claims evidence, which is not supported by fact, that people are born “homosexual”, yet such would make God a liar as He made Man and woman to reproduce and multiply for His purposes. Sexual perversion and promiscuity are a moral choice whether the choice be from one claiming to be homosexual or hetrosexual. Such behaviour may include fornication, adultery, effeminate behaviour or any other type of self centered selfishness as listed in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 6: 9). Sadly none of those practising such “unrighteous” “ shall inherit the kingdom of God.”  But, God’s good news of Grace in His New Covenant since Jesus Christ shed His blood on the cross for  sinners states that  while “the wages of sin is death, (eternal separation from God) the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6: 22-23)


Surprisingly, while media propaganda promotes that over 10% of the population have homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, bi-sexual, etc., inclinations, including those who “don’t know” referred to as “gender fluid”, etc., in reality perhaps less than 2-3% of society chooses this lifestyle referred to in mainline media as “gay”. The “gay” life mocks the Biblical model designed by God for His man and wife model to live in a happy and peaceful relationship within themselves and with their Creator God, and these lifestyle choices steal God’s perfect environment for innocent children to be raised in a mother and father family unit.


Even evolution, the theory of the survival of the fittest, flies in the face of homosexuality because all life created by God whether in nature, animals or humans is designed to reproduce which homosexual behaviour is incapable of. (Check our resources amongst various wonderfully filmed DVDs on Creationism and informative teaching in both books and DVDs on evolution and creationism  Also must reading is one of my earlier classic books I wrote with Roger Oakland, The Evolution Conspiracy.)

Homosexuality, due to its predatory nature, opens dark and ominous floodgates to depraved and perverse abuses to innocent children and youth trapping them in the emotional atrocities of deceit as seen in the NAMBLA organisation, (North American Boy Love Association). (Must viewing DVD for parents and teenagers, a newly added title, an “oldie but goodie” I was involved in producing over 2 decades ago, a powerful presentation of the one sure-fire method of avoiding AIDS. A dying AIDS Patient said, “A young life is far too great to throw away on one sexual experience or a drug high….” -  No Second Chance -  In the films I produced, mentioned earlier, which sadly are out of print today, throughout my research and interviews I was shaken by the depths of the sordid aspects of homosexual sexual perversion. I thought I’d seen or knew of most spiritual darkness having grown up in India for the first almost 20 years of my life. (Read my autobiography, Out of India)  where I witnessed or knew of some perverse sexual practises, but, during my investigative research into the homosexual agenda I was led to some gut-wrenching discoveries.


Having two precious sons of my own, and now being a grandmother of two male grandchildren I’m particularly concerned about the inroads homosexuality is achieving in schools, politics, media, even some churches,  and by society at large. The atrocities captured and spoken about on camera were chilling to say the least. The “hardware” and “tools” used for lustful pleasures and “game playing” that those homosexuals I interviewed admitted sometimes led to death, was shocking, horrifying and beyond imagination. Society at large, is sadly naive about these extremes but homosexuals aren't. They whitewash their perversions and repackage them to society at large who is now inviting their so called “love” under fronts and banners promoting “same sex marriage”,  “civil unions”, “sexual orientations” “gay rights”etc. They aggressively come against those opposing their destructive behaviour, name-calling them in judgmentally inappropriate ways, twisting their concerns as coming from “homophobes”, “intolerant Biblical Christians”,  or “hypocritical haters”, even those who address these issues not coming from a Biblical Christian perspective, who wish to support the traditional definition of marriage to a man and a woman are disrespectfully attacked.


What we are witnessing is God’s foundational morality being challenged and changed to another moral behaviour or rather immoral behaviour. The argument is about sexual morality as approved by God or sexual immorality approved by the homosexual agenda. The latter desires to reinvent “morality” and introduce a new lifestyle choice. Bottom line, it wants to redefine God’s ordained morality of a man and woman relationship to be extended to embrace a man and man or woman and woman relationship demanding they be seen as morally equivalent to God’s ordained heterosexuality!


Today’s redefining of morality, truth and terminology leaves many people confused and facing a barrage of conflicting emotional and spiritual propaganda. So, how are we as Bible believing Christians to react to these societal transformations and worldly morality? Decisions are boiled down to ‘should I follow the narrow, exclusiveness of the “old fashioned” Bible, stand fast in its Truth and belief that God never changes’ (Heb. 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever)? Or ‘should I bend under the politically correct, pressure of humanism?’ Sadly, many churches and christians are caving in under various political and emotional influences that come from subjective reasoning, like they’re not being loving, or being too judgemental, etc., so many choose the path of least resistance.


When I was a child, sodomy was a word that described what today is known as “gay” behaviour. Sodomy was recognised as a destructive act, anti-social and deemed the result of mental disorder. Today “gay” behaviour is celebrated, supported by law, given legal status and politically protected. Any who dare question, debate, argue or criticize the status quo are relegated to name-calling: fundamentalists, bigoted, intolerant, haters, hypocritical Christians and so the list goes on.


The debate in essence becomes man’s argument against God’s Standards set in His Word reflecting His character of His discipline yet His Love and Grace, His judgement yet His potential forgiveness and mercy. His Word should compel Bible believing Christians to LOVE  the sinners as Jesus Christ does yet reject the sin as Jesus Christ does. Mankind however, in redefining morality is redefining sin yet God warns, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)


MP: use anti-terror powers on Christian teachers who say gay marriage is ‘wrong’ - London Telegraph

4 thoughts on “Homosexual Marriage”

  • Kathy Cooper

    I thank the Lord for people like you Caryl! People who constantly are fighting the good fight of faith in order that the truth of Gods Word may be proclaimed throughout the world!! Thank you so Much for all you do, even in the midst of severe trials!! God bless and continue to keep you in His Great love and Mercy which is Never failing!! You are in my prayers. There is such a need for this teaching in the body of Believers! What a treasure you are!!

  • steve mystakidis
    steve mystakidis July 16, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Dear Caryl good to hear from you, what you have written is spot on we agree with you whole heartedly, It is very sad to see people destroy their lives not only for now but all of eternity. We continue to pray for you and family. Congratulations on being a grandmother twice that is lovely. God bless you our dearest sister from Steve and Vicky from Australia

  • Kathleen

    Until we give our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ in utter repentance and accept that He and He alone can pay for our sins, whatever propensity toward evil we have has dominion over us.
    Homosexuality, heterosexual promiscuity of any kind are sins against our own bodies and quickly destroy those who defy the Lord God's design for man and woman.
    The Bible foretells of this, but it is so hard to see this total rebellion against The Most High.
    I am watching anxiously for His coming to catch His own away.

  • Steven Eriksen

    As bad as the Supreme Court decision is, what is all the more disheartening is the realization that from the Stonewall riots in N.Y.C. to the decision was 50 years. Now, NOTHING will restrain them! And none of it will take 50 yrs. to be demanded. Hurry, Lord Jesus!

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