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Hollywood's Plans To Glamorize Islam

November 2009

Attempting to glorify Islam further by using the entertainment industry, Muslim dollars are in the throws of financing a film about the life of Muhammad, the self proclaimed prophet of Islam. Muslim scholars will be involved in the pro-Muslim propaganda that'll champions Islam as a religion of peace and claims its God is the same God of the Bible, and the same God of Judeo-Christianity which is simply not true. Islam is not a religion of peace as the Qu'ran and Hadith shows, its deity is the moon god as boasted by the crescent moon emblazoned on every dome roofed mosque across the world.

Praying Christians have power to curtail the advancement of this Hollywood presentation - please be encouraged to pray against its production. Your prayers were victorious in impeding the success of Islam's March to overtake Washington DC - only 3000 attended when 50,000 Muslims were expected. Your prayers hindered the march on London last week. This proposed film may well shrivel into oblivion through your victorious prayers.


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