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Falling to Peaces  12 Part Series - 3 DVDs - 8 HRS


Our everyday world offers many paths to peace — on an individual level to a

global scale — but although they may feel and sound good, not all paths lead

to the peace they promise. Falling to Peaces is a tool that anyone can use to

be intentional about choosing the right path. It is no coincidence that we are

seeing an explosion of spiritual alternatives in our world — in fact, this was

predicted long ago.

With today's uncertainty, it is important to know what the future holds. There

are many contradictory prophecies and spiritual alternatives — determining

what to believe is like putting together a 10,000 piece puzzle. Falling to

Peaces identifies many pieces of the puzzle and presents the big picture

so that you can make informed decisions. Viewpoints from the Bible and

alternative spirituality are weighed.


  • Is God Behind the World Peace Movement?


  • Would Jesus Preach the Coexist Gospel? 
  • Is the Holy Spirit Part of the Mind/Body/Spirit Fascination?


Falling to Peaces offers a unique format that uses footage of

conversations with everyday people on the street to create healthy discussion

about difficult and often divisive questions. This DVD series weaves together

everyday dialogue, opposing viewpoints, historical background, chalkboard

visuals, and teaching moments to "peace" together each subject. Topics are

presented in a non-threatening, engaging format that is ideal for

participation by a wide audience.

Falling to Peaces can be used for individual or group study.



3 DVDs - 12 PARTS - 40 MINS EACH

Part 1: Coexist Concept

Part 2: Bible: Truth or Fiction

Part 3: Answer to Peace

Part 4: The Fall to Peaces

Part 5: Serpent Energy

Part 6: Wheels of Wisdom

Part 7: Secret within Self

Part 8: Masterful Mimic

Part 9: Counterfeit Light

Part 10: Unholy Fire

Part 11: Passing the Torch

Part 12: Peace or Pandemonium

Approx. 8 hours total

$29.95 ORDER DVD


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Comments on this DVD:

"In today's search for 'spirituality' the DVDs Wide is the Gate and Falling to Peaces are a MUST WATCH for all believers who want to avoid heresies and abide in Truth! I whole heartedly recommend showing these in Bible study groups and prayer groups! We have a group that meets together for Bible study, prayers and fellowship in Sweden. This summer those in the group who could understand English watched Wide is the Gate and were very blessed by its message and stand for Truth! I have recently finished watching Falling to Peaces – I truly enjoyed it all and can't wait to show it to the English-speaking group in Sweden; Dana speaks and reads so clearly and it is SO EASY to understand the message – even for a Swede! I thank our Lord and Savior for these DVDs being available and pray many shall watch and be warned and take heed!"
-Karin Jansson, Swedish sister in Christ Jesus!

"No one has tackled what the world is thinking in the way that Falling To Peaces does. Too often, Christians don't even know how to approach the subject of New Age spirituality, but this DVD not only equips them to do so, but is also a safe and gentle film to hand to someone caught in its grip.
The personal interviews are incredibly powerful. Thanks for clarifying how New Age thinking is permeating so much of society, and is even making inroads into the church! These people must be warned before it's too late. Thank you Dana, for this great resource for the church!"
-Brenda Nickel, author of Teaching Tool on Calvinism

"This is an unbelievable DVD set. Thank you so much for doing this! I have never before been forced to give such careful consideration to "why" I believe God is the answer. I have a better understanding now of God's word and its validity. Thank you also for clearly exposing the lies that surround us in the world today. So much of it I never understood and many people seem too obsessed with being politically correct to actually tell the truth. Thank you for allowing God to use you to work in my life. I pray He will continue. I plan to get more copies for my sister and my daughter. This is worth sharing with as many people as possible.
Thank you again. I wish words could describe the impact this has had on me!
Love in Christ,"
-Amy MacNeil

"I just finished this DVD series & it was powerful. You not only teach what's going on in our world (& sadly the church) but allow God's word to speak for itself. Thank You So Much! I am sharing this with my husband & children, & plan to share it with as many people as God allows. I too feel like that one person who can't make a difference, surrounded by the giants. May God use me too as He sees fit, and to His glory. Your work on this project is truly encouraging & inspiring. To God be the glory! Thank you again & God bless!"
By His Grace,
-Melissa Hunt

"Thank you for your obvious hard work in assembling this collection of information for such a time as this. I watched the whole series straight through, two nights in a row, and I can't wait to share it with family and friends. Clearly the Lord orchestrated your efforts, and those of us who watch and wait for His coming are encouraged by you. God bless you and protect you."
-Constance Glover

"In an easy-to-follow format Falling to Peaces forms a 12-part series which exposes the origins behind much modern thinking which we later discover is not modern at all. First-hand interviews combined with powerful imagery clearly explains where many of our world's common belief systems originate and asks directly what the public believes and why. Rarely will you find such an excellent and well researched presentation offering insight into today's culture that clearly supports the fact that the Word of God is our only hope. Falling To Peaces presents a very necessary message that the church and the world needs to hear."
-Peter Freeland, Freeland Media, UK

"Found this to be an invaluable resource and very well put together. Very thought provoking and eye opening and extremely well researched. 8 hours of research and interviews but broken down in short and easy to digest sections."
-Roxanne A.

"This series really does a great job of "laying out" the options for spiritual life decisions. Multiple views are presented, with much new information, and helpful comparisons are made. I would give this DVD to anyone who is wondering just what difference there is in spiritual paths, ultimately. It would present a great format for discussion in a small group or study. Some images are disturbing to children. My nine-year-old wanted to watch with me, and she was deeply saddened by some of the spiritual blindness she saw for the first time."
-Brian Glover

"If you are not aware of New spirituality it will walk into the church and sit next to you unnoticed. Most of us Christians are clueless! Thank you for consolidating what seems to be hours and years of research and studying, into a clear and urgent message."
-Zelda Krog

"In Jesus' name, I thank U 4 all that U do..."
-SSgt Frank M. Parker USMC (Ret)

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