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Emergents, Obama and Ramadan

2009 Ramadan, the Muslim's month long fast, gives Obama and Emergent-Church leaders opportunity to further global unity and suggest, in Obama's own words that Islam advances "justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings." Click on these links to watch shocking injustice, barbaric behavior with no tolerance or dignity towards human lives, harming innocent children.

During the next couple of weeks left of Ramadan, we'll be contrasting Obama's claims on his Ramadan internet video message with the reality of what Islam stands for supported by shocking footage of Muslim behavior here in America with honor killings and the tragic story of Rifqa Bary's terror and abroad in Gaza's Mass Muslim marriage - 450 grooms wed girls under ten and in Sudan with horrible Islamic child abuse and slavery.

Ramadan, the 3rd Pillar of Islam comprises a full month of fasting (but Muslims may eat and drink from sunset to sunrise each day). Since the Clinton Administration, The White House has been serving the Eid Fatar (Id al Fitr) celebration dinner when, on the last festive night (after sundown), Muslims break their month-long fast.

This year, Obama welcomed Ramadan to Muslims worldwide and encouraged them with his "unyielding" support for a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Jerusalem Post. Aug 22.2009. Obama addresses Muslims on Ramadan. Hilary Leila Krieger   http://www.jpost.com/) In America, "The Muslim Public Affairs Council welcomed Obama's Ramadan message to Muslims worldwide, and extended its own wishes for a peaceful and blessed month" and "The Washington-based American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee used the opportunity to back a call for help changing the US Treasury's strictures on donations to Muslim charities, a traditional component of Ramadan observance." (The treasury has imposed certain regulations in an effort to restrict financial "charity" which may advance terrorist organizations!)

More next week about Obama's pro-Muslim anti-Jewish negotiations for Israel, and the massive "Day of Islamic Unity" gathering by American Muslims who plan to converge on Capitol Hill, Sept. 25th, the first Friday prayer day after Ramadan. See Islam Rising DVD which explains using the spirit world, through Friday prayer day, in fighting for the spread of Islam through "holy war" Jihad of the Spirits (surah 46: 29-33 and 72: 1-15 and Hadith Vol.1 chapter 43), supported by footage showing excited, yelling Muslims in mosques worldwide, screaming hatred against the infidels (Christians/non-believers) and Jews, The Great Satan (America) and The Little Satan (Israel).

Despite Islam's aggressive teaching of hatred against America and Christianity Obama's internet video message sent blessings to Muslims worldwide from the American people. He said, "On behalf of the American people including Muslim communities in all 50 states, I want to extend best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world..." With awareness, because he was raised a Muslim, he explained the meaning of Ramadan and its celebration of the revelation of the Quran (Islam's Sacred text) given to "prophet" Muhammad. He emphasized Ramadan as a time to "reflect wisdom and guidance that comes with faith, and the responsibility that human beings have to one another and to God. He recognized Ramadan as a festive time, time of intense devotion, reflection, fasting, prayers at night, listening to the Quran, etc taking place during the course of the month. "These rituals", he said, "remind us of the principles that we hold in common and Islam's role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings...."

As witnessed in the links above, pedophilia, child abuse, slavery and the cruelty of honor killing exists in the Muslim world toady, proving there to be no commonality, contrary to Obama's insistance, between America's Judeo-Christian foundations that support basic human rights, and those of Islam's Quran which deny "justice, progress, tolerance and dignity of all human beings" as western civilization understands those terms. Western law has no "commonality" with the Quran that promotes terrorism, mutilation and execution, "crucifixion, or the cutting off of the hands and feet from opposite sides" (Surah 5:36) and penalty taxation "jizya" (Surah 9:5 also 2: 193) for those who won't submit to and resist Islam.

In his Ramadan message, Obama claims himself to be a Christian and explains the Ramadan fast as being equal to the fasting of other faiths (in other words his so-called Christianity. But, the Christian is not compelled as the Muslim is, to participate in fasting which Islam considers a "pillar" of faith and a means to his salvation. A Bible believing Christian's salvation is rooted in redemption for sins as purchased through Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary but the Quran denies the possibility of an atoning death, declaring three times that on Judgement Day, "none can bear the sins of another!" Yet, in contradiction, according to the testimony of former terrorists the Muslim martyr's first drop of blood is said to guarantee entrance to paradise to 70 of his or her family members.

Obama's Ramadan interview elevates Islam to a respectability insisting that American Muslims are citizens bent on assimilating into the basic fabric of American culture when at Islam's core there is vehement opposition to assimilation with those unwilling to "acknowledge the religion of truth" (Surah 9:29). Islam in Arabic means submission, surrender or subjugation. The Quran demands "no friendship with Christians and Jews" (Surah 5:54) in fact participation in Jihad (holy conflict) in Allah's cause assures "admittance to paradise" (Vol 1:35 Hadith believed to be inspired next to the Quran). American Muslims are demanding to be governed by Quran's Sharia Law which allows murder of non-muslims (infidels) and barbaric behavior towards women who are said to have half the brain of one man and declared to be "evil". Muslims consider themselves superior to all others, "the best of peoples evolved for mankind" (Surah 3:110), determined to subjugate the world under Ummah domination. Obama's sugarcoated accolades about Muslim organisations involved in community work suggest they support and provide for those outside their community, but as former Muslims and experts explain in the award winning documentary Islam Rising,  any such outreach is solely for the goal of "Dawah" - the duty to conquer (a type of missionary endeavor to secure converts). Any present effective role of a Muslim community that "participates" in the mechanism that under girds American democracy, has only recently begun in order to further the Islamic world religion they long to usher in. Obama's words, when listened to within their Islamized context, reveals his co-operation with Muslims worldwide to enhance Islam's hope for a "caliphate" - political leadership of Ummah - and their claim for an Israel without Jewish presence.

Unifying the world with a religious view isn't exclusive to Islam. Emergent leaders of The Emerging Church Movement who have successfully infiltrated the Evangelical Church at large, believe they too must bring in the Kingdom of God on earth. Ramadan began this year on August 21st at sundown and Brian McLaren, one of the most influential Emergent-Church leaders, decided to "join Muslims in this observance as a God-honoring expression of peace, fellowship, and neighborliness. Each of us will have at least one Muslim friend who will serve as our partner in the fast".

Like Obama, "partnering" with Muslims in "the spirit of peace and fellowship" during Ramadan falls right in line with McLaren's liberal emergent/postmodern theology conforming to his philosophy of "peace" (redefined against Biblical peace). McLaren's social gospel is orchestrating itself alongside other so-called Christian organizations who endeavoring to bring in the Kingdom of God ("God's dreams") to earth, a core tenet of Emergent globalism. The spiritual sentiment in McLaren's partnering with peace, is also recognizable in Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. plan ("God's Dream") in which Warren (founder of the Purpose Driven Movement) labors with representatives of many faiths, including Muslims, for the betterment of "the Kingdom of God" on earth. Warren's social gospel and philosophy not only dovetails with Emergent globalism but has been deeply influenced by the  beliefs of Crystal Cathedral's New Age Pastor Robert Schuller who first introduced the term "God's Dream" in his 1974 book "Your Church Has Real Possibilities". And, as mentioned in my "God's of the New Age" book and dvd of the same title, Schuller drew his occult metaphysics from his mentor Norman Vincent Peale, author of "The Power of Positive Thinking". In turn Peale drew his concepts from occultist Florence Scovel Shinn explains Warren Smith in his latest book "A wonderful Deception" in which Smith examines the intriguing similarities of the "new spirituality" of today's New Age teachings, Emergent and Christian leaders. These beliefs knit together with Oprah and Friends new-age "peace alliance" and mind altering "christ-consciousness" for an evolved better world- a new earth!

But let's face it, no matter how these "differing faiths", "feelings of spirituality" and "emergings" of so-called Christianity blend together to participate in bringing about "God's Dream" and the kingdom of God on earth, whether it be through visualizing (imaging) a new world into reality with Yoga techniques, working together with religio-political plans, redefining philosophical ideas with evolutionary processes (see my book The Evolution Conspiracy), or participating in Ramadan for the sake of so-called peace, Bible prophecies warn that a (false) global utopia will eventually be masterminded by the Father of Lies who'll successfully "deceive the whole world" with the idea that a world leader will bring in "peace and safety" but the outcome will be "sudden destruction".

It seems an unreal scenario that the world with all its various religious differences could ever be united: that people from various faiths and philosophical persuasions could ever work together in the name of one God to bring in His Kingdom, yet here it is emerging before our very eyes. Muslims, Emergents, Evangelicals, mainline denominations and Oprah type New-Agers redefine, outside of Biblical guidelines, a  new global religion of "christ-consciousness", "mystical feelings of essence", "knowing awareness" and other diverse political/philosophical estremes. What spirits, one wonders, are masterminding this world unity? Paul explains them to be lying spirits who seduce amazingly "those who were with us, were like us" (seemingly fellow Christians) but not of us. (1Jn.2:19) and that they are being duped by deception and making millions fall for another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit.

The Muslims are looking for unity to come through their Mahdi, the prophesied redeemer who will come to rule on earth for 7 years before the day Day of Resurrection. The Mahdi will reign alongside a "Jesus" but this Jesus and the 7 year reign are defined in the Bible as the anti-christ (man of lawlessness who impersonates Christ) and the 7 years of tribulation and Judgement of the earth (The Book of Revelation) and against those who will not trust in the Creator God of the Bible and His Salvation through Jesus Christ, the only, and very narrow Way.

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