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Dedicated Muslim born shoots 43 US soldiers in world's largest military base in Texas...

A devoted Muslim Army Officer guns down 43 Americans in the worst mass murder on American soil at army base Fort Hood,Texas, killing 13, leaving 31 wounded, including himself. Major Nidal Malik Hasan has made several controversial statements over the past several years that indicate he is sympathetic to suicide bombers and supportive of Islamist terrorists. When will political correctness wake up and rid America's Armed Forces of Muslims who are serious about harming American soldiers who bravely defend America at home and selflessly fight for freedom overseas? (see shooter not dead clip) Major Nidal Malik Hasan fervently obeyed his holy book and faith, the same Qu'ran and faith President Obama praises and glorifies. The Qu'ran demands that Muslims kill infidels (non Muslims) and Hasan was strongly inspired by his Islamic beliefs to be a Muslim first and an American second.

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