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Counterfeit Spirituality Pt.1: A "New" Christianity Goes Global

Pt.1: A "New" Christianity Goes Global

March 2010

These days "change" is dominating nearly every facet of life.  Daily we are bombarded with major shifts in government, education, business, and even in the sphere of religion.  A new paradigm is emerging that promises a brighter future for humanity, but will this new worldview make good on its anticipated hope?  To meet the demands of an ever changing culture and promote an ancient dream for the brotherhood of mankind, the very fabric of society is being reinvented to "harmonize" the global community.  Consider the following quote by Dr. Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard University, given during a 1973 seminar on childhood education and ask yourself what better way to "change" society than to accuse the status quo of being defective?

"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill, because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural Being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you teachers to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future." 1

Global citizens must be conditioned to give full allegiance to the world community rather than to God, family and country.  All values in life must be reinvented, including those of religious groups who, in the eyes of the progressives, present the biggest obstacles to human and global advancement.  Since the Christian faith community tenaciously clings to the Bible's Creator God and His precepts as defined in scriptures, it is reasonable to expect believers in Christ to be targets for "change." 

Global agitators hope to neutralize the Judeo Christian ethos for a universal spirituality. This counterfeit spirituality, which has been afoot for centuries, is now saturating the nations and setting the stage for the final showdown in world history.  What kind of global kingdom is being prepared and who will rule over it?  While hoping to unite mankind in "peace and safety," can this coming kingdom of man really resolve the world's ills?

Converging Sectors

Today's political leaders are deliberately striding, if not racing toward integrating global political, economic and social structures to usher this utopian society for mankind. Since the world yearns to end war, hunger, disease and social injustices, some predict the absence of these ills will propel mankind into an era of higher human consciousness the occult mystics called the Age of Aquarius.  Ancient pagan prophesies claim the year 2012 will be a turning point in human history, which rulers in our day seem anxious to make a self-fulfilling reality.  The Bible warns of a coming man-made kingdom where the whole earth will not only be under the authority of a global leader, but trade will require his mark on the right hand or forehead and anyone who refuses to worship him will be put to death. 

Coincidently, these same three sectors of politics, business and religion were also the model for global unity envisioned by Peter Drucker, who in the 1950's created the concept of analysis of management giving rise to modern globe-spanning corporations. Eventually disillusioned by capitalism and greed, Drucker's philosophy merged his organizational skills with quasi-spiritual inspirations which are being embraced within today's ongoing, emerging, Emergent /Church Growth Movement.  It is no coincidence that the Emergent / Purpose Driven system uses the same "three legged stool" model to integrate the many Christian denominations and world religions into the new paradigm for global citizenship. 

As the Emergent movement matures, the previously hidden agenda becomes increasingly clear.  Concurrent and intertwined with its genesis, was the rise to prominence of Rick Warren through his blockbuster book, "The Purpose Driven Life."  His methods of streamlining churches, based not only on Peter Drucker's systems management theories but also on Robert Schuller's church growth techniques, have completely refashioned the visible church, including the evangelical Church, and gone beyond the borders of America. 

The Church Makeover

As of 2006, Rick Warren had trained over 400,000 churches worldwide. The Purpose Driven methods, for organizing churches, lead through a series of steps that eventually turn pastors into "change agents"2 who are unwittingly trained to further a hidden social and global agenda. Downplaying the role of doctrine and prophecy, Warren instead prefers the discovery of one's "purpose" for the sake of serving experiences.3 Purpose Driven pastors coach their churches to rally around mission statements; change their church name to be inclusive and non-threatening to seekers; perhaps bind members under layers of covenants; disciple congregants through small groups led by lay leaders; turn small groups into non judgmental dialectics (verbalizing opinions with group tolerance); assess spiritual gifts for the sake of plugging members into service opportunities; and identify and oust resisters.  Software is even available to churches for the sake of tracking its members. 4 

Consider the following quote by Paul Proctor, summarizing the tactics of Rick Warren and the dynamics of the Purpose Driven methods;

"What Rick Warren was doing in Syria is what he's been doing all along here in America and around the world with dialectic church-withholding inconvenient truths about sin and the call to repentance for the sake of Results and Relationships. Going soft on sinners is his specialty! That's how you "build bridges," exponentially grow churches and dialectically achieve "unity in diversity" - by putting absolutes aside and dialoguing differences away until everyone's conscience is seared and conviction vanishes in the ambiguity of religious relativism." 5

Going Global

Once church membership swelled and the Purpose Driven model had been largely implemented, Rick Warren intended to leverage6 and mobilize this massive ground force of Purpose Driven cell groups for global action through his P.E.A.C.E. initiative, which is interestingly similar to the U.N. Millennial Development Goals.7  Rick Warren is no stranger to the global political arena since he is a member of the Council for Foreign Relations, has addressed the United Nations, UNESCO, the World Economic Forum, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and is considered by many to be "America's Pastor."  In his inaugural prayer for President Barack Obama, Rick Warren prayed to the one who changed his life, Yeshua (of the Jews), Isa (the Muslim conception of Jesus), Jesus (Spanish pronunciation signifying the Catholics) and Jesus (of the Bible).8  Praying in the name of these various perceptions of Jesus reveals an ecumenical worldview.  Therefore, it is not surprising to find Rick Warren aligning himself with the politically and socially minded who overlook religious boundaries and downplay the truths of scripture. 

The average Christian assumes Warren and other Emergents are true shepherds and therefore accept their writings and quotes with charity and love. Since statements from these men contain a mixture of truth and error, the undiscerning can easily be led astray, for evil cannot stand alone but must be disguised with truth. Unable to comprehend confusing statements, the sheep assume these leaders are speaking from within the framework of Christian belief, and try to make sense of their confusing statements by giving these men the benefit of the doubt. Should these "movers and shakers" be granted such latitude? Under their religious veneer, lurks serious error that if not recognized, can enlist Christians in working for the global agenda. 


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