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Conference Comments

What our conference attendees are saying....

 Defenders of the Faith Conference with Caryl Matrisciana & Warren Smith - Northfield, MN July 2012
Brad B -
"Thank you Caryl for coming and speaking. The conference was extremely informative and I appreciate you and Warren taking time to come and speak to us. Looking forward to watching your videos!"

Women's Retreat - April 2010
- Caryl spoke at the Christian Renewal Center, Oregon on the subject of 'Finding Truth in a confusing world'

Attendee response: "Hello, Debbie. I just returned from the women's retreat with Caryl Matriciana. Thank you SO much for letting us know she was speaking nearby. We had a wonderful time together. Sixty women attended. Caryl, even though her voice was compromised from a very recent travel engagement, graciously, faithfully and courageously brought us the Word of God on the topic of the current apostasy and its many ramifications. There was no light or fluffy material to be had, thank God! The Spirit was working in us, touching our hearts, bringing awareness and conviction in areas that we have compromised or been deceived. I was and am so encouraged from this time with Caryl and other kindred-spirit Christian women. I feel strengthened to overcome the opposition in these last days. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to this retreat!!! Diane,"

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Caryl, Thank you again for speaking at the Women's Retreat; we are still getting positive reports from that event. Your honesty and faithfulness to God's Word and your professionalism were so welcome. We pray the Lord will bless you greatly as you continue to stand on HIS truth and HIS WORD! You have been a great blessing to us, Judy & Wes Christian Renewal Center



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