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Cancer and Pain Management


After my April diagnosis of my breast cancer spreading to my liver, and been given a perhaps three months to live diagnosis, needless to say I was shocked! My initial reaction was disappointment that the trial medication was not working to it’s fullest in me. It was given a 20-month limit and I have only been taking it for a year.  But I needed to remember the bright side and gift of life from the Life-Giver Himself, my six month to live verdict was extended to five extra months. Now another death-curse which jolted me. However, my oncologist suggested a stronger cancer trial medication which has extended life on others from 6 months to twelve. It does have devastating side-effects that come with burning blisters, canker sores and painful openings in my mouth, gums and lips.

During the three weeks I’ve been taking these new meds I’ve had to rethink and confess my initial reaction of disappointment and shock. Nothing shocks God Who knew from the beginning about the cancer in my body, it’s development, and the faith it’s encouraged in me and many of you, my faithful prayer warriors! I needed to regroup and depend on His Promises that have given me much joy these past weeks. Promises that His Loving Thoughts towards me are more than the grains of sand on all the beaches all over the world! That He never leaves me even when I’m in the deepest of pain. I was comforted and reassured to know He is with me through it all just as He’d been with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they were bound and hurled into the fiery furnace. (Daniel 3: 19-27) The fire was heated up seven times higher yet the three young men endured but the soldiers who cast them into the incinerator were killed by the intense heat of the flames. After Nebuchadnezzar saw the Lord was in the midst of our three heroes, he released them, and all dignitaries present  witnessed the miracle. The fiery trial had no power over Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, not an hair of their head was singed, nor their coats changed, nor was the smell of fire on them. The Lord has blessed me with joy, and reminded me that joy in Him, His capabilities, dependance on Him alone is my strength. He has the hairs of my head  numbered and the days of my life, in this I must trust, not doctor’s verdicts, cancer medications, supplements, diets or exercise. He keeps reminding me to returning to my first love and complete trust in only Him. With that as my first priority,  I’m happy to now let you know what I’ve been doing thus far in response to so many who want to know my protocol!

I’ve been diligent for almost a year now with my change of diet from acid to alkaline. My vegan diet is almost completely vegan although I do treat myself on special occasions to two organic eggs, and perhaps a small amount of salmon and chicken once a month! I’ve mostly stuck to fresh vegetables with masses of supplements which change depending on how my body is reacting to whatever. I am continually researching and take advice from many of you who send me informative cancer articles and alternative updates. Thank you so much for keeping me informed with up to the minute data and sending me complimentary natural powders and capsules, and more! Many have generously sent donations and perfectly wonderful handmade gifts that cheer me no end - thank you!

My exercise regime, by God’s Grace is a daily one! I play tennis 3 mornings a week and have just started Summer Season League tennis matches some weekends! It’s great fun and I can keep quite energetic on the courts!  My personal trainer keeps me intensely fit twice a week making me lift and pull on weights, strenuous stretches, sit up, pull ups, and more - I LOVE the challenge of it all! My energy level is good considering I no longer take afternoon naps but do tend to go to bed early, sometimes as early as 8pm!

I’m thrilled to report my aches and pains are diminishing week by week. Thank you for your continual prayers uplifting my battered and beaten body to the Lord Who is faithfully healing  me of so much. The toll of the bike accident left me with damaged nerves down my left  side but with continual exercise, therapy and immune system builders my nerves are returning bit by bit. The most incredible discovery I tried three months ago has, I’m happy to report at time of writing, entirely healed the most excruciating pain I’ve been experiencing for well over a year since the bike accident in Sept 2014. A friend suggested I try the non-drug pain management system of Smart Relief Tens Therapy by IcyHot. It’s an electrode pad which transmits pain-relieving stimulation through up to 63 intensity levels. The device is programmed to provide a 30-minute treatment session and automatically shuts off at the end of each session but I restarted it and some nights had to going  continuously throughout the night. It runs on a CR 2032-3-volt lithium battery. Batteries are easy to purchase off the internet and relatively inexpensive. I purchased my Tens Therapy at Rite-Aid for less than $40 with a battery included. I’ve been using it regularly, day and night for 2-3 months and my nerve pain has ceased completely. I feel many nerves have been regenerated.

I recently experience a completely new approach treatment to my back and nerve issues. I haven't visited my regular chiropractor for any type of adjustment since my bike accident last September, and due to my cancer spreading in my bones she wouldn’t do any dynamic bone adjustments which I completely understood. But knowing my vertebrae were misaligned has kept me in much unnecessary pain for way too long. At last, through another friend, Dr. Phil Convertino was recommended to me as a Doctor of Chiropractic with a difference. His expertise in being an Athlete Trainer I found particularly interesting due to my interest in athletic wellness generally. He  works locally from Canyon Lake, California. To learn more of his treatment you can visit his website www.chirolaser.net. I had an initial, intensely detailed appointment that lasted almost three hours and he was very thorough in working on each of vertebrae. He was able to access the exact angles of nerve interference in various areas in my body discovering several past injuries and being able to gently manipulate my bones and nerves into proper alignment through merely finger and thumb pressure. I had a second follow up last week and am delighted to say all my adjustments have stuck so far, and my nerves are functioning well and all my pain is gone!

I love the promise in Psalm 130:7 that says, “Let Israel hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is mercy”. Indeed His Mercy is my joy!

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