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Canadian Apricot kernels: cancer cure?

Summer’s here, another new month and more new beginnings! New blossoms on trees laid bare by winter are now showing off myriads of new colors. A recent birthday celebration, a first for my grandson Asher, brings new meaning to “new”! How fast times flies by as I watch him now walk with new baby steps, and chew on food with his three new teeth, and chatter with new sounds only he comprehends!

Another most exciting new happening happened in Florida at the recent wedding of my second-born son to his glamorous and radiant bride in a stunning wedding ceremony officiated by me! A first, an honor and a blessed event! I’m thrilled to share my new awareness of the newness of life with you and a remedy concerning apricot kernels. This past year and even longer, many of you have generously encouraged me with your kind accolades, prayers and advice for cancer remedies.

Sometime ago I received a free gift, anonymously, of Canadian extreme bitter apricot kernels and separately from Karin, a friend in Sweden, advice about apricot kernels from her and her father. I attach our back and forth correspondence regarding these seeds in case any of you want to know more. She also sent interesting info on a cancer clinic in Mexico - here's my reply:

Dear Karin Thank you for your kind thoughts and faithful prayers I appreciate the Tijuana, Mexico Cancer Clinic info you sent me and of course the info about the apricot kernels. I've been told before about their beneficial properties and value in fighting off cancer and have heard some cancer patients with my type of spreading metastasis, deemed stage 4 cancer, take 30-40 apricot kernels daily. Please thank your dad for giving me additional tips about drinking plenty of water as I increase the apricot kernel dosage.

(At the end of this note I've included an update and history of my cancer for you and your dad's interest - thanks for your concern). At present I am in Toronto, Canada for a big family gathering and wedding and wanted you and your dad to know of a wonderful God incident that touched my life yesterday. This is a season of weddings for me. I'm en-route from Florida where I recently performed my son's wedding which was such a happy, joyous occasion, and a huge blessing from our Loving Father, which I much appreciated!


Yesterday, I ran out of my supply of Xtreme Bitter Apricot Kernels and felt impressed to purchase more but noticed no local shops carried them so I went online to

www.ourfathersfarm.com to order them only to realize, after shipping delays etc, my daily cancer regime would suffer! Anyway,I reasoned, I could go without the apricot kernels for the next remaining ten days I'm here, the waiting wouldn't be too bad a detriment to my health, and I'd have them waiting for me in California on my return June 7th! BUT, NOT TO BE..... on checking online, www.ourfathersfarm.com,

I noticed these kernels come from a location only several miles from where I'm staying here in Canada! As it was nice weatherwise and seemed a pleasant day to take a country drive, my cousin Gordon and I left for a leisurely outing to Our Father's Farm, out of the city, through gorgeous lush green countryside. After some delays, due to getting lost because of insufficient signposting, our short drive turned into a marathon, but happily the convenience of cell phones and GPS service in the middle of what seemed to be NO PLACE, found us soon at a small farm house tucked away in the middle of huge trees, surrounded by much greenery and a profusion of English Cottage style colorful flowers! What a picture of tranquility! There it was, Our Father's Farm headquartered midst blossoming apricot trees, some of which I'm sure have been responsible in providing me, these past many months, with nature’s remedy to curb my cancer growth!! Some months ago, a kind, generous donor sent me a complimentary pound bag of these apricot kernels with prayers and get well wishes! With gratitude I've been daily consuming the wee dry kernels (well soaked in water the night before) with my morning potion of supplements and powders and natural herbs etc! After yesterday's adventure in the countryside I'll be able to continue my health regime today with no delays due to shipping! We walked into the welcoming farm cottage, up some stone steps into a friendly atmosphere surrounded with natural remedies. There were herbs growing in soil-filled planters on one of the counter tops, and books and literature exposing cancer and informing on cancer remedies neatly stacked in a cabinet, and on other surfaces there were Bible Tracts, and of course, displayed on other shelves, what I'd come for, packages of Extreme Bitter Apricot Kernels.

A helpful assistant named Abby, asked how I'd heard of the apricot kernels and I told her my story wondering if perhaps the owners, who lived here on the farm, might have sent me the complimentary gift? She'd check later when they returned. She asked about my cancer diagnosis and hearing of my recent doom and gloom prognosis, I've supposedly got only another few weeks of life, she asked if she could pray for me! What followed was the sweetest prayer, with my cousin Gordon and Abby and I, holding hands across the counter, united in a prayer request to our God of all healing and Giver of Life! We left the little farmhouse refreshed with His Spirit of Joy and Praise and my packet of apricot kernels which I look forward to enjoying this morning - 30 of them fresh off the farm!

Sometime ago when visiting USA from Sweden, Karin wrote,
Dearest Caryl, We continue lifting you up in prayers! A friend of mine here in Georgia gave me a DVD-series to watch from the The Truth About Cancer…They aired it online last fall, but I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes as I was traveling. She bought the DVD’s that I just started to watch – they are long – so I'm watching little at a time… In any way, at the end of the first episode they are mentioning about a clinic in Mexico…
The Truth About Cancer is also linking to it on their website:

Perhaps you have already heard about this – but sending it just in case… since it’s been “brought to my attention”… We love you and pray for God’s healing and His Comforting Hands to continue keeping you in His Peace through this fiery trial About the apricot seeds, you should always start with small doses and then increase... here's info from The Truth about Cancer – in the “Comment field”:
https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/apr... Dr. Veronique (@dr_veronique) says It is recommended that you gradually introduce these potent seeds to your diet. Introducing them too fast can make you nausea … Start with 1 per hour, gradually increasing. A good rule of thumb is about 1 apricot kernel for every 10 pounds of body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, then you would consume 15… For serious health issues, some have taken 25 – 40 per day.
A Reply on April 6, 2016 at 1:04 PM asks- I am just wondering… I saw a video of jason vale, eating the seeds, and he ate them all at once. I weigh 120. so I have been having 12 seeds every morning (all at once – no side effects) is it better to spread them out. (I recently added in a 2nd dose – and will have another 12 seeds in the evening.) Dr. V, do you know if there is anything that counteracts the seeds effectiveness? (such as, paw paw, or boswellia.. etc.?) ( I have breast cancer stage 3)Dr. Veronique Desaulniers replies April 11, 2016 at 6:39 PM… Some people have used as many as 40-50 per day without any effects. I am not aware of any other products that should be avoided with the seeds. Karin added - My dad & mom cares and prays for you too ; My father wanted me to ask how many apricot kernels do you take each day? He says that you should increase the dosage up to 30-40 kernels each day – just make sure to drink lots of water! With love, Karin

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