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Canada - The Latest on Polygamy in the Muslim Community

Canada: The Latest on Polygamy in the Muslim Community

1) Canada is being targeted for Ummah – Islam’s greater political agenda, and

2) an attempt for Sharia by stealth and

3) collection of social benefits for polygamist wives (similar to UK’s recent change of British Law)

Imam Aly Hindy of the Toronto Salahuddin Islamic Centre blatantly continues to break Canadian Law and has officiated or “blessed” more than 30 polygamous marriages to men he knew were already married to more wives. The Imam, religious political leader who guides prayer in the mosque, brazenly declares his strategy to uphold Islam’s Sharia while breaking Canadian law and is using his political/religious position to openly challenge Canada’s Liberal Government to “dare stop him” as he attempts, through polygamy, to legitimize Sharia in “Canadian society as a whole”.

Under Canada’s Criminal Code, polygamy was deemed a crime in 1892. Those who enter into, reside in, or officiate a polygamous union can be charged with a criminal offence and faces up to five years in prison

But, admits Imam Hindy, "Polygamy is happening in Toronto; It's not common, but it's happening" and he’s unashamedly involved. Click on link to listen to his audacity with radio host John Oakley (AM640Toronot) as he vies for his religious freedoms. Hindy was not apologetic and argued that freedom of religion in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms trumped prohibitions against polygamous marriages.

Further excerpts taken from Canada's National Post (click here) include Imam Hindy saying, “If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.”

During John Oakley’s radio show the Imam attacked a Muslim caller accusing him of not being “a true Muslim” because he questioned Hindy's Islamic stand that “polygamy is a foundational pillar of Islam that grows out of Sharia Law.” And of course Imam Hindy is ideologically correct based on Islam’s Quran.

But Canadian Muslim apologist Anver Emon, a specialist in Islamic law at the University of Toronto, in typical Islamic deception, attempts to manipulate the fundamentally correct and absolutist Quranic teachings being practiced by Imam Hindy. The Muslim caller to Oakley’s radio show attempted the same spirit of manipulation but in this case to twist Quranic teaching to accommodate “moderate” Canadian-based Islam. Some muslims living in the West are walking the fence in their attempts to remain true to Quranic teaching and attempt to obey western law. Others like the Imams, stand firm in open challenge towards western law in order to overthrow it to Sharia.

Many Mormons face the same dilemma. Those who wish to remain Mormon, but obey American Law, must  make a stand to disobey Mormon teaching on polygamy. Yet the faithful who wish to stay true to Mormon teaching are marginalized as Fundamentalists because they practise polygamy endorsed by their Founder and Prophet, Joseph Smith. To non fundamentalists, the law of the land prevails above their Mormon religion. Some western Muslims are attempting to reform Islam to accommodate themselves in their western environment but must then be considered disobedient to Sharia and all its conquering credes stand for.

Apologist Anver Emon applies the Muslim’s “jihad of deception” - Quranic permission to distort truth for the greater acceptance of Islam - as he attempts to “look for ways to find common ground conceptually” and “shared concepts across both traditions” of Anglo-Canadian law and Islamic Sharia. Sorry to point out Emon, there is no “shared concept” between Bible based marriage (foundational to Anglo-Canadian Law) and Sharia's polygamy! Any examples in the Bible of men who partook in polygamy, such as Samuel’s father, Elkanah, show nothing but “severe provocation” due to their disobedience, and “misery” between their wives as they rivaled to produce children. (1 Samuel 1)

As the West's political and religious leaders debate the issues to concede to Sharia’s seventh century Arabian culture, and as Muslims attempt to overthrow the Western civilization which gives them the rich freedoms to live the lives they ran away from in Arab Muslim countries, many hundreds of Muslim women in the West suffer hardship as they become victims to their husbands polygamy.

Sharia in Arab nations does not permit women rights in marriage, rights over children, rights to own or inherit property (even if the property belonged to the woman's family before marriage). Indeed, under Sharia women may not give testimony against a man because it is taught  their brains are worth half of a man's, and hell, it is said,  is full of women. Muslim women in the west may at least attempt to be protected by the laws of the west if they so choose it, and choose a civility that escapes them should they succumb to the bondage of Sharia.

A recent tragedy involving Imam Hindy and his “blessings” of polygamy is the story of Safa Rigby, a Toronto mother of five children , who discovered her husband of 14 years  has two more wives who Hindy, knowing her husband was married to Safa, married him to two others and counseled him “to keep the marriage a secret from Ms. Rigby as long as possible”.

Traumatised Safa, who cried for  six days straight, lost her appetite, ignored the kids, and had to start taking antidepressants, said, her husband “simply found an imam willing to break a Canadian law, in exchange for upholding an Islamic one….what I couldn’t understand was how such a thing could happen in Toronto, my hometown, where polygamy is supposed to be illegal.”

Another betrayed wife, 28-year-old Mississauga mother of two, decided to stay married for the kids sake although “it was a horrible thought to think of your husband with another woman. “

For the past two years, Safa Rigby has been forced to endure the lonely path of her broken marriage. Polygamous marriages are shrouded in secrecy, women are embarrassed to speak about their situations, they have few supports in place, and are often forced to deal with it alone. She says, “You are ashamed. You feel like you are the reason behind it. I stopped socializing, interacting. I became withdrawn. People’s first impression is that if a man marries again, it’s because of the failing of the first wife.

To help other victims of polygamous marriages, Safa is writing a blog offering support to those who’ve suffered betrayal as she has, a benefit not permitted in Arab Muslim countriesand one she hopes will help those in the west. She says although, “no one wants to talk about it, we’re going to have to start having that conversation.” 

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