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Beverly Hills, The Sultan of Brunei, America and Sharia

Bad bedfellows: The Sultan of Brunei, America and Sharia
May 9 2014 teapartynation.com

Until recently, most Americans had never heard of Brunei.JAY-LENO

Brunei is an oil rich nation in the pacific. It is a former part of the British Empire and thanks to its oil money, it now is able to reach well beyond its borders with investment.But now, Brunei has done something that is absolutely outrageous. Americans are speaking up but much more needs to be done.

What has Brunei done and more importantly, what must America do?

Brunei has implemented Islamic law.

Islamic law, that legal system that requires adulterers and homosexuals to be stoned. It also requires that Muslims who convert to Christianity be executed. It also provides for cruel and unusual punishments, such as amputation of limbs.

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