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Angels and Todd Bentley

Since completion of my September’s e-letter shocking news disrupted a large segment of Christendom thus I felt it important to address some concerns although they deviate slightly from my main subject.

The tragic events in Todd Bentley’s life should sober up the entire Christian body to the urgent need to guard the good deposit (2 Ti 1:11-14) and always “test the spirits” as Scripture instructs.

Under deceptive and wrong spiritual teaching GODTV (which ricocheted Bentley’s fame through prime time programming to over 200 nations and carried Lakeland meetings live for 100 consecutive nights) told people that any criticism of Bentley was "demonic" and that “listeners” of “criticism of Bentley…could lose their healings ”.

Prophetic Movement leaders also warned Bentley’s followers NOT to test his teachings, healings and experiences. Leader, Rick Joyner (Morning Star Ministries) said all who test the “outpouring” or “move of God” must be “driven out” from the church.

Teachers who say to “test” is “negative” or “thwarting” the work of God and His Spirit, oppose Scriptural mandates which command to “test yourself” (2Cor 13:5), “test all things” (1Th 5:21) and “every spirit” (1Jhn 4:1). Therefore as believers in the authority of Scripture we need to obey its commands and not fear men with contradictory opinions.

Another concern is Christendom’s need to promote celebrity status with its self-centered ambition and vain conceit. Such practice comes against the very nature of God in the attitude of Christ Who considered others better than Himself and took the nature of a humble servant. (Phl 2:3-11)

Thousands saw Bentley on GODTV’s televised “commissioning” ceremony being lifted up in pomp and arrogance by spiritual fathers who laid hands on Bentley, organized by “apostle” Peter Wagner, augmented by Pastor Che Ahn and others.

Paul warns Timothy (1Ti 5:22) not to “ lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.” Laying on of hands is not the issue, nor the hopes of spiritual mentors holding Bentley to an accountability to Scripture, but sadly the haste in raising up Bentley to a position of leadership in the huge Charismatic Movement was the tragedy. Not checking his visitations of angels and “experiences” while he “explored heavenly realms” against Bible teaching is a sad commentary on naive Christian leadership.


Angel Emma appeared to Bob Jones , one of the Kansas City Prophets and visited Bentley in the impersonation of the now dead Kathryn Kuhlman (the deceased miracle healer whose gravesite Benny Hinn goes to for “anointing” power. Contacting the dead is forbidden in the Bible yet Bentley explains his times with Emma without any reproof from his mentors.  Emma appeared as “gliding…22 years old….beautiful….brilliant light and colors…. but old at the same time….wears a long white dress and floats about the floor” etc. But messengers from God in the form of female angels is not Scriptural.

The only “female” angels are mentioned in Zechariah 5 as a metaphor for carrying wickedness to Babylon and associated with uncleanness and the apostate Babylonic Church. The two women have wings of a stork, a metaphor for an unclean carrier long associated with pagan mythology. Clearly the females are part of the system and spirits that will rise to rebuild Babylon.

In my award-winning DVD, Supernatural Powers: The Battle Between Good and Evil the history of angels is explained from the Bible: the ministry of God’s messengers in contrast to the destructive work of fallen angels who many times appear as “angels of light” (2 Cor.13:15) but are “deceiving" spirits with “doctrines of demons” (1Ti 6:1).

Other controversial red flags about Todd Bentley have been ignored perhaps because they’re culturally accepted and have now crept into the Church unawares.


I received many letters enquiring about the wearing of tattoos because Todd Bentley is covered with tattoos, many of which he admitted he got after he accepted Jesus Christ.

Markings and piercings of the body are connected to pagan rituals without a doubt, and many who had these for cosmetic reasons, or whatever, before they were Christians have often been led to repent by the Holy Spirit when they come to believe in Jesus as their personal Savior.

However, many Christians who continue these practices on their bodies argue they are no longer under Old Testament Law when they enter into the New Covenant initiated by Jesus Christ. Yes and no! Christians should still hold to Old Testament values and use those Laws as guidelines for righteous living. Adultery, stealing, murdering etc are standards first mentioned in the Old Testament and certainly continued to be emphasized in the New.

But, while no longer obliged to the judgments of the Law because the blood of Jesus Christ was shed to liberate us from its penalty, Paul suggests we do not abuse the Grace of God with presumption when we enter into His New Covenant. At the point of believing in Jesus Christ we become His Body, with many members worldwide, and have been commissioned to be disciples to all nations and continue the teachings that Jesus began with His Disciples. Paul, the last of Christ's disciples continues to teach Jesus' gospel and lead people into repentance for sin and to become reborn through God’s Holy Spirit.

Our bodies then become the new temple of God, not built by human hands as the old temple, but for the glory of God for His Works. Therefore, the argument could be that our bodies are no longer ours but God’s. We would never consider it proper to vandalize another's property with markings and piercings, why then the body of Christ? If it’s for the sake of the flesh, to follow the fads of the world, it remains wrong because we are told to die to the lusts of the flesh. If as many claim, its done as a witnessing tool, then it must be stated, to scar the body with Scriptures to initiate conversation about God is tantamount to the justification of cult members known as the Children of God, who would use their bodies for sex to tell their sex partner of the loving grace of Jesus with the hopes of their unbiblical behavior leading to conversion. Such techniques based on emotional manipulation are not based on Scripture.


Todd Bentley's methods of healing brought red flags to many and once again I encouraged that they measure all things against Scripture. Did Jesus kick those who were sick to administer His Healing? Did Jesus yell? Was He violent or abusive? No, Jesus always used kindness and compassion which was clearly missing in Bentley’s approach to healing. Jesus used healings to point the way to His Father and did all for His Father’s glory.

Lies come from the father of lies who is the ruler of this world. (Jhn 8:41-44, Jhn 16:11) No medical evidence has yet been shown to prove Bentley claims of various healings and as many as 30 resurrections from the dead. Secular news programs which attempted to hold Bentley accountable to medical scrutiny were tossed aside as non-believers in miracles.

I believe in miracles because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8), and so the God of yesteryear can today be involved in the miraculous. But miracles are performed in order to bring God alone glory and we, as Christians, must show Him to be True and Faithful to His Character.

The tragedy of Todd Bentley is not only personal to him but to those in leadership around him . All must repent before God, hundreds of pastors too, for leading thousands of their flock into erroneous unbiblical teachings, disillusionment with Biblical Christianity and despondency through no hope. (Although this masquerade was clearly not of God, He will be blamed by the gentiles, and hurt by undiscerning people).

The body of Christ, more than ever must return to God’s Word for sound doctrine (Titus 2:1) and be faithful to administer correct teaching for the people of God to be fed on healthy food and not junk.

As the fall out continues over grievous news of Bentley’s broken marriage, his separation from his wife, Shonnah, his affairs with other women, and his stepping down from Fresh Fire Ministries, we the Church, called to be Ambassadors to a dying world, must be ready in and out of season for serious questions, be equipped with Biblical answers, (2Ti 4:2) and be open to learn lessons from a Gracious God Who offers us forgiveness in this sinful mess.

Before we continue with my original writing based on my personal observations at the Bentley meeting I attended in LA last month, with its main focus to help believers be on guard against deceptive spiritual “experiences”, and false prophets and teachings Jesus prophesied would take place before He returned, I go to Charisma Magazine’s Editor, Lee Grady and the closing paragraph of his article.

We are weathering an unprecedented season of moral failure and spiritual compromise in our nation today. I urge everyone in the charismatic world to pray for Bentley; his wife, Shonnah; his three young children; Bentley’s ministry staff; and the men and women who serve as his counselors and advisers. Let’s pray that God will turn this embarrassing debacle into an opportunity for miraculous restoration.

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