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American Muslims and Polygamy

Islam, Polygamy, Women and Children

The result of Islam’s polygamy in suburban America was recently enough to drive Myra Morton, 48, to shoot her 47yr old bigamist husband, Jereleigh, in the head while he was sleeping in their $1 million house in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

The American couple had converted to Islam about 20 years ago and according to the teachings of their Muslim Prophet Muhammad and his “revelations” (given over a period of 23 years by an angel) Muslims are permitted multiple wives, otherwise known as harems.

The Bible teaches: “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.  (Hebrews 13:4)

American culture, founded on Biblical principles should recognize adultery as wrong because of God’s original purpose for marriage, but the murdered Jereleigh Morton was encouraged by his faith’s teachings to pursue adultery and so looked for and found his second wife, 37yr old Zahra Tourai, on the internet.

Tourai lived in Morocco and in keeping with Muslim tradition, Myra the first wife of over twenty years, traveled to Morocco to “bless the marriage” even though she was upset about her husband’s plans to have children with the younger Tourai.

Myra’s understandable resentment and emotional turmoil grew and her husband allegedly said if she didn’t like it she should get a divorce. Hours before he was to leave for Morocco to visit his second wife, in a ”crime of passion” Myra shot her unfaithful spouse twice and killed him.

Myra now faces five to twenty years in prison (paid for by American taxpayers dollars) for her reaction to Islam’s teaching of polygamy which enforces a moral injustice and dehumanization of women. American courts, rather than champion the Bible based laws they were founded on and defend Biblical marriage - a sole wife and sanctity of the marriage bed – have conceded to humanism, secularism and unsociable multiculturalism (which is sneaking under legal radar claiming all religions are equal therefore deserve equal rights), remaining apathetic to a cruel practice which degrades women and children, and cheapens marriage and family.

Islam’s Prophet experienced jealousy in his harem of at least 16 wives and 2 concubines and here’s how the cold hearted chauvinist dealt with it and his pro-Arab culture based on Sharia imperialism continues. The Hadith (second only in authority to Islam’s holy book, the Quran) records Muhammad’s wives became jealous when he spent a whole month with his Christian slave wife, Mary a Copt (Egyptian Christian), to the exclusion of the others. He received a “revelation” rebuking the jealousy of his wives and put a verse in the Quran “prohibiting his wives from re-marrying after his death.”

The teaching of polygamy and its subsequent destructiveness towards the Biblical tenet to honor women, protect children and live in peaceful harmony, is built-in to the Quran which is entwined in the legal and political foundation of Islam, said to be of divine origin, dictated word by word by Allah (Islam’s crescent “moon” god) and believed impossible to have been invented by mankind. Every word is considered valid for all time. It cannot be reformed and all of it must be taken literally. But there is an aside!

The companion holy source, the Hadith, are direct commandments or narratives of the traditions of the Prophet. Both the Quran and Hadith are governed by an interesting aside called abrogation (annihilation), known as Naskh or Taklif. What this means is that Muhammad’s later messages from Medina where he fled to, put an end to his previous messages from Mecca where he was born, which culminates into the idea that Islam’s God can change its mind and teachings depending on convenience and the whim of circumstances.

In opposition, the Bible has a standard of absolute Truth and remains steadfast to it  based on God’s Faithful character (1 Cor1:9. 10:13). He became a Person of flesh, namely Jesus Christ, and dwelt among us, to show the glory of the One and Only Father full of Truth (John.1:4). The Bible’s God, His Word and His Purposes (Heb. 6:17) remain unchanging. The Son is “the exact representation” of God’s glory (Heb1: 2) Jesus, who is “the Way and the Truth” (John 14:6) and is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Heb.13:8)

According to Peter Hammond, author of  Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, (available in eshop. www.caryltv.com) Muhammad boasted of himself that he had been given the power of forty men especially at times when he had sex with all of his wives and concubines in a single night! While some apologists for Islam justify the intentions of Muhammad’s many “marriages”, the facts remain according to the Hadith, that one of his wives Ayesha, was 6 yrs old when she was “given” to him in marriage and 9 when he consummated it! 

The Quran says a man is permitted up to 4 wives and any amount of temporary marriages “for three nights” or more but Muhammad took numerous more. Modern day Muslim polygamists who have several wives do so in obedience to the example of their Prophet and teachings of Allah (who Muslims believe to be the only true God) who validates the beating of wives, marriage to underage children, and selling and keeping women and children as slaves.

 Prophet Muhammad himself owned many slaves (the names of forty are recorded by Muslim chroniclers) and according to the Quran “female slaves might lawfully be enjoyed by their masters.”


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